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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Doughnut


That’s what we’re calling it.

Because, embarrassingly, last night, on the day of my sweet little pickle’s second birthday we (and by me, of course mean I, because, like Hubby likes to tell me, there’s not an I or a U in Mommy; a phrase he likes to bring out to play when he’s attempting to shirk the blame for things that are entirely or at least in part his fault) realized that we were wholly unprepared to celebrate it.

Not because we didn’t know it was coming.

And, certainly not because we didn’t care.

But, because seriously, this kid has already celebrated his birthday once (we had a family party) and he’s slated to celebrate it again (he’s having a “friends” party on Thursday) and I just can’t understand how my only-barely-just-turned-two year old son has squeezed no less than 3 birthday celebrations outta me.

I mean, I celebrate my birthday for a full week, but that’s different.

I’m paying for and organizing mine.

Okay, so maybe I’m not actually doing the paying part (that’s where Hubby comes in handy), but I’m definitely in charge of all levels of birthday party organization for every member of this household, myself included.

So, it’s only fair that I get to celebrate my day of birth with multiple organized events to which friends and family of different levels of association are invited.

Completely understandable.

But, for the technically-only-been-two-for-a-few-short-hours member of the family, it seems a bit excessive, right?

I know it’s my fault, but I’ve not figured out a good way to have only one party that will adequately accommodate the schedules and the social needs of all of our different levels of friends.

So…the two parties.

But, the third party, the one that spontaneously occurred on his actual birth date is the one I wasn’t anticipating.

After dinner when he announced that he was, “WEADY FOR DA CAKE AN DA ICE KEAM NOW!” all I could do was look at Dumb Dad and blink.

To which he responded, “Well, Mommy. Where’s the boy’s cake?”

Thanks for that, Hubby.

But, for throwing me so far under the bus I’ve still not figured out how to crawl out, he got to be the one to drive to Dunkin’ Donuts and get a “super-special-one-of-a-kind-ohmygoodnesscanyoubelieveit-birthday-surprise” for #3.

Luckily, doughnuts just so happen to be one of his top five most favoritest things on the planet, so it worked out perfectly.

He was so overjoyed about the presence of birthday doughnuts that he sang “Happy Birthday” to himself, twice, and he didn’t even seem to notice that no one bothered to give him a birthday gift.

Another failure that is so obviously my fault.

You know, since only I can select, purchase, wrap, and present a quality birthday gift for an I-can’t-believe-he’s-already two year old boy.

I love being needed, but these people (and by people I mean Dumb Dad) are taking it too far!

Next year I will be prepared.

Birthday cake and a gift.

And. I might even throw in a scoop or two of “ICE KEAM”. How ‘bout that?!

So much for Twenty-Ten being the year of the awesome.

Looks like I’m off to a bit of a rough start.


Thanks for all of the sweet birthday wishes for my little man and me yesterday; you guys are so sweet.

And. Don’t forget to enter my H&R Block At Home Giveaway here. It ends Friday!


Maggie S said...

Sounds like a lot of our birthdays and holidays. You always make me think. Thanks.

Caroline said...

That, to me, was hilarious!! I'll keep it in mind for her second birthday.

singedwingangel said...

Ok so I truthfully have it made cause none of my kids are big cakes likers.. Seriously NOT ONE> my littlest one only eats vanilla Ice cream. yeah Ihold such interesting soiree's

Auntie E said...

I like that better than a cake. I usually do not get donuts. that would be a treat for me.
Your link to My blogsite for you.

Kmama said...

That definitely sounds like something I would do!! The donut was a great idea though!

blueviolet said...

Maybe it will be the birthday cake he'll never forget! :)

Shell said...

You did much better than I would have. My boys have had parties on other days beside their birthdays and end up with no cake on their actual day. They think their party day is their birthday anyway.

Alicia said...

awwww that's so cute though!! a donut cake! lol...and i know what you kids party it up all week over here! they're getting used to having like 3 separate parties... this is a bad bad bad habit i have to break! lol hope the little dude had a good night!!

Mira said...

Wow, daddy needs a smack down. And who prepped #3 on the ice cream and cake comes on your birthday after dinner thing? I'm suspecting a #1 or #2. So someone else needs a little smack down. If they're going to prep the kid they need to give you a little warning....great save with the doughnut tho.

Working Mommy said...

Ice Keam is over-rated...I'm sure your little man won't be in therapy for the better part of his adult years because of his birthday'll be over something better than that!!


Jennifer said...

I want a donut.

Sorry. That is all my brain can process today.

Miss Dot said...

Birthday donut? Supreme. The only thing that tops that is a birthday cupcake. Or a T-Rex. But I can understand the limited availability of the latter two. Excellent use of last-minute-ingenuity. Well done, mommy.

4 Lettre Words said...

Ha ha...I thought it was a Krispy Kreme!

I celebrate mine for (at least) a week, too. It's a mother's duty. :o)

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Great idea doing a birthday donut. Honestly, who ends up eating the cake anyhow. That's right - us. Then we're pissed for putting on 5 pounds, which we rationalize as "We had to do it. Didn't want the cake to go to waste!"

My birthday is next week - go Aquarians.

Btw, if you've posted on the Bachelor recently (or even your post a few weeks back), you can link up in my Bachelor Blog Hop. I know more people watch it, so giving a place for them to read all the Bachelor posts in one spot. I think Mama Kat did one, too right?


kys said...

I would be thrilled with a birthday doughnut. It would be better than the big fat nothing that I got. But mine was low-cal. :)

Anonymous said...

Doughnuts are so much better than cake.

Who taught that kid about birthdays anyway? : )

My, kids learn fast what a birthday entails.

Kerry said...

LOL!!!! That's tooo funny. I'm sure it wasn't funny to you while it was happening but it's a great story to share and I'm sure your little one won't hold it against you guys.

Have a great day! :)

Mayhem and Moxie said...

I loved this post, as I am guilty of almost the exact same crime during my son's 4th birthday in December. Honestly, it is almost ridiculous how many times we celebrated.

You are totally blameless in this scenario. And, might I add, you managed a most excellent recovery with the doughnut. :)

Ottavia said...

See Mother's rock...we could up with the best solutions!

Wendy said...

a doughnut sounds like a perfect birthday cake to me!

Anonymous said...

honestly, this is why kids are sooo spoiled now. At this point, when the child asks where the cake is, you tell them that they have to wait until the party when their friends come over. They may be sad for a minute, but they'll forget fast and get over it. Growing up, I was lucky if i got to have one party and have people other than my family invited at all. 2 or 3 parties is just ridiculous. This child is going to think that they can get whatever they want if you don't tell them NO sometimes.

marymac said...

Nifty: You're a douchesurfer. Who the fuck do you think you are telling this mom she is SPOILING her kid because she gave him A GODDAMN DONUT on his BIRTHDAY, for fuckssake? Take your childhood anger to a therapist, but keep it off the cool blog of a really good mom. Commenters are like children, i guess, sometimes we bloggers just have to say NO.

Sunday said...

Well, in my honest opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling your children on their birthday.
After all, Its their birthday...the annual day of carte-blanche-child-spoilage!
Yesterday was my son's 7th birthday and when he woke up I sang him Happy Birthday and his eyes got all wide and he looked at me (this is a big deal!) and said, "Cake, Balloons, Presents, Noise Makers, Party Hats...BIRTHDAY PARTY"
You bet your happy ass I went to the store and bought party hats, noisemakers, and balloons even though I had only planned on giving him a birthday cake and a present.
Its unfortunate that some did not get the big birthday shindig when they were kids...which is all the more reason we want to do it for our kids!

CMPointer said...

Um. Yeah. What @Marymac said AND other than books, I never, ever buy my kids toys, games, or other superfluous crap during the year. That way their birthday and Christmas are abundant but meaningful. And since my 2 kids birthdays' are 15 days apart, that month has always been a birthday month up until a few years ago with multiple parties and cakes. This isn't spoiling. Giving them everything they want anytime they want is spoiling. And, um, a DOUGHNUT is awesome on your birthday. It's NOT SPOILING YOUR CHILD. [I wonder if someone will give me a doughnut for my birthday?]

DiPaola Momma said...

I guess it's "nifty" to judge from behind a computer screen isn't it? We spoil our FOUR kids on their birthday because we save to do that. It's the one day that they can have whatever they want (with in our ability to provide). I personally know Dumb Mom AND her Ninjas and they are ANYTHING but demanding "give me whatever I want" brats.. well Dumb Mom can be a brat but that's sort of her thang. My mother had her first birthday party at age 50.. I gave it to her.. and NOT having one UNTIL then was tough on her. And made her the best indulgent birthday giver EVER!

Lora said...


You know I love you (a little LOL), but I must say that you are over reacting! The lady is just voicing an opinion... and the opinion is a bit of an over reaction as well.

A two year old has no idea what a "birthday" even is.

Case in point... My daughter, when she was 4 - 4 years old mind you - when asked, "how was your birthday?" said, "Great! It's still in the freezer. Wanna see it?"

There are many things that spoil a child - wreck a child - making for a crappy adult that the world has to then put up with. Giving a two-year-old a doughnut on their birthday is just not one of them.

Lora (& of course, Dr. Julia Chicken)

Maniacal said...

I agree with marymac! Get. Life nifty! One day a year we celebrate the miracle of our childrens birth and the joy of their existance. I am suer that she isn't giving doughnuts morning noon and night day in and day out for pete's sake! Too bad your mommy didn't love you.

wahyousmile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wahyousmile said...

hey boy...happy birthday to you

Bad Alice said...

If we moms do overreact a bit to such comments, it’s because there always seems to be someone eager to be self-righteous and deliver pronouncements of doom about our parenting styles. It’s so damn smug. And demoralizing, particularly when the writer of this post is trying to have a bit of fun talking about the conundrums we find ourselves in. If you can’t say something supportive, you can at least extend the blessed courtesy of silence.

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, lots of action here today.

I wasn't really paying attention though. I've been blinded by the DOUGHNUT.

parentingBYdummies said...

Wow! What an exciting day we are having at Casa de Dummies! It's so sweet to see all of you guys coming to my defense on this. The funny thing about it is that Nifty is not a regular reader so she doesn't have all the info to make an informed statement about me or my child rearing practices. One would think that would make her not speak, but you know, everyone's not quite so thoughtful. Anyway, I hate that I feel like I have to explain this now, but the whole point of the post was that I spend a whole butt load of time planning these parties (which are more for the family then they are for him) and forget that the entire thing is really about him. We didn't even buy the kid a gift or give him a cake so I highly doubt that he is gonna be spoiled. But, you never know. I guess allowing my child to share his special day with his grandparents and his friends could cause him to grow up to be a spoiled, know it all, judgy person. I don't know. It seems that even people who are "lucky" to have even one party can grow up that way to. Either way, I'm convinced that my mothering skills leave a lot to be desired and that some of my more questionable practices could one day cause them to seek the comfort of a therapist named Jack Daniels. I highly doubt, though, that my organizing of birthday parties and my providing him with a birthday "cake" because he asked for one will be the ones.

marymac said...

Dr. Chicken, I respectfully stand by my comments (besides, I think my reputation as a vulgar overreactor precede me, and I hold no shame) ;)

No one should eff with a mamabear on baby bear's birthday. Period.

Anonymous said...

I think you just started a new tradition . . . the birthday doughnut!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to your little cutie!

I think Princess Nagger would think I was the BEST MOM EVER if I gave her a doughnut with candles for her birthday. So I think I'll follow your lead and do that in November! ;)

Amethyst Moon said...

Of course, I had to chek this out after the Fragment post! Wow! Some people!
I really want a donut now!

Mrs4444 said...

Our kids have always had a family party (with grandparents) and sometimes also had a friend party. A donut with a candle in it isn't a birthday party; it's simply a mini-celebration to mark the day. Sounds fun, to me :)

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