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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cent Saving Saturday


Is this thing on?

Hello…*bangs on imaginary microphone*

Does no one enjoy saving money?

I mean, I know it’s like 100% more fun to spend it, but, I’m talking about saving money on boring crap (like taxes and food and shelter and stuff) so you can buy stuff you really need (like shoes and handbags and visits to the spa).

Anyway, it’s fine if you don’t want my advice on how to organize your tax papers for your tax man.

I understand, it’s boring.

But, what if I helped you out with a great way to save on your taxes and get them prepared correctly and easily?

You don’t have to listen (but there is a giveaway involved).

You can navigate away now and go read about some juicy celebrity gossip (but there is a giveaway involved) or some fun, kid centered craft activity (BUT THERE IS A GIVEAWAY INVOLVED).

Or you can stick around (for my giveaway) and read a little bit about H&R Block At Home.


It’s H&R Blocks replacement for their former at home tax preparation software, Tax Cut, and it’s a little bit awesome (not that I am recommending you do your own taxes, but…if you already do and feel confident in your skidizzels, then maybe this is for you).

Let me tell you that I am a wee bit biased about this product.

Not because they gave me a copy for free (although they did, just so you know*), but because before, when I was saying I worked for a national tax preparation company for a whole butt load of years, I was talking about them.

Yep, I used to be one of those people at the office with the big green square, so I have to admit that I have a bit of an affinity for this brand of software.

But, my already-attached-opinion aside, I have to admit (go ahead and kick me H&R Block) I have used other at home tax prep programs and I truly do like this one the best.

Here is H&R Block’s take on At Home Deluxe: It “is for taxpayers who own a home or have investments and includes everything taxpayers need to complete their federal and state taxes. In addition to the Basic features, Deluxe offers personalized tax guidance, advanced tools to maximize mortgage interest deductions and assistance on investment income and stock options”.

All true.

Here is Dumb Mom’s take on H&R Block At Home Deluxe:

  • There are tons of little question marks all over the place so if you’re not sure or you’re confused you can click on them and they’ll give you more info.
  • There is a frequently asked questions bar along the side that follows you from screen to screen and changes as a you go. It helps you to remember things you may have forgotten (like your student loan deduction that you really should never forget since you’ll be paying on it for the rest of your life) or clue you in to things you didn’t even know existed.
  • It is really easy to install and use and update. It doesn’t take forever to do so either (unless you have an ancient computer like the desktop over here at Casa de Dummies, and then I’m not sure what’s gonna happen).
  • You can prepare taxes for like 5 different people. So you can let your mother-in-law do her taxes at your house (read you can do them for her since that’s what she really wants anyway, right?). Or, you can use it for your teenage son who worked for the summer so he can get his $110 refund back (and have cash to take that tramp from school who won’t leave him alone out, which means maybe you wanna go ahead and NOT do his taxes).
  • It’s cheap. Okay, it’s not exactly cheap, but it is a good price for the quality and convenience you receive. You can get a copy of the At Home Deluxe version for $39.99 (on Amazon) and it includes a free federal e-file and a state download. Plus, they provide you audit support (in the form of an Enrolled Agent) for the off chance that you find yourself in that situation (although it does happen as Mama B shared with us last week). Not too bad when you consider that Turbo Tax is $49.99 and you have to pay extra for their Audit Defense coverage.

But, here is the absolutely most perfect reason to go with H&R Block At Home…

because you can win one right here on parenting BY dummies!

To enter all you have to do is:

  1. Be a PBD follower (these kinda perks are only available for my most awesome members).
  2. Leave a comment telling me how you normally get your taxes done.

Want Extra entries (1 entry for each activity)?

  1. Become a fan of H&R Block on Facebook. And leave me a comment that you did so I can go check (‘cause I totally will!).
  2. Follow me on Twitter @thenagainphoto.
  3. Tweet this giveaway.

Contest ends at 11:59pm PST on Friday, January 22, 2010, and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on next Saturday’s Cent Saving post.

Easy, no?

Good luck (and don't forget to read my small print)!

*PBD admits it’s Free Disclaimer: In order to provide a reliable review of the product H&R Block provided PBD with a copy of the software to prepare her own taxes with. They did not tell her she had to say they were awesome and no cold, hard cash exchanged hands. They are hooking one of PBD's readers up with a free copy because I told them you guys were awesome, shameless name droppers who appreciate free stuff. Don’t make me a liar people! Oh, and like I said before, if Uncle Sam comes a knockin' don't bother even telling me about it because I'm not getting involved in any kind of government-fraud-like madness. One piece jumsuits have never been my thing, I think it's my short torso...


WebSavvyMom said...

-->My husband usually files with turbo tax online every year. I sit next to him and hand him documents while he plugs in the information.

Maggie S said...

We normally have good old Roger do our taxes, but he retired this year, due to declining health. The firm who took over their files wanted a little more than 4x as much to do our 1040(joint, two kids, I made $492 last year). We haven't ever done our own taxes, but I have done a number of things in the past few months that I didn't think I was strong enough, fast enough, or brave enough to do. We need all the deduction we can get to help bring home our son from China.


Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

we tried the turbo tax for the first time last year and was pleased, thanks for the post!
stopping by from SITS - happy sharefet saturday!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I'm so snagging an entry or two! I'm a faithful follower - here AND on Twitter!

My sister usually does our taxes ... and I think she's sick of it. :)

Jennifer said...

Follower here and on Twitter. I do our taxes. Remember I'm an Accoutant that worked for a tax firm. I won't tell you what we said about the Block. (Ahem) But I do need this because I don't want tp pay fifty buks for Turbo Tax this year.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing my taxes (and my ex-husbands) for the past 5 years and so far so good. Could use some advice on what reciepts/docs I should keep through out the year though.

Running off to be a fan on facebook!

KnitterMama said...

Ok, DM, do you seriously have 528 followers???!!! You are my blogging hero. How is it done??

Anonymous said...

Ok, I follow via Google Connect. My husband does our taxes, usually with Turbo Tax and calling his dad for help. :-p

Anonymous said...

I follow you on Twitter

angie said...

I didn't know you worked for H&R block in a former life. :)

I'm always up for saving money......taxes is no exception.

You know I follow you. Faithfully. :)

angie said...

Oh, I forgot. We've used H&R block once, but usually we just take our taxes to an accoutant. This year though, we don't have any weird difficult issues so we are thinking of doing them solo.

Ottavia said...

I do my taxes online, it comes with freeware which is great!

Thanks for visiting ...i don't like mama!

I'm now following you. You boy are gorgeous and have hair like my toddler! Look forward to blogging with you.

Dawn said...

Thanks for posting on my blog... Love ThatGirl!

Don't want a HR Block program... we have ours done AT HR BLOCK... too many kids, too many business expenses, professional crapola, tuitions, heath care stuff... not worth the ulcer or the divorce doing them at home would most certainly cause!

Have a great one... what ever it is!

Peggy said...

a PBD follower and I need to get my taxes in order. I don't know what I did but I have them totally messed up and yes I did it myself! I need all the deductions and help I can get when I do my taxes!

Mama B said...

I totally need this! I, do our taxes every year, by myself, by hand. With a pencil and a calculator. Seriously! Actually I think the year we got audited I used a program but we got audited because of a snaky person at my old company not my math skills!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Oh boy, do we need help with our taxes! Normally my hubby, or my mom used to, do my taxes. I am THE WORST with numbers! This year my hubby has a bunch of work write-offs that he doesn't understand and we can't afford to pay for help with taxes. He is really stressed about it.

I already follow you, I will follow HR block right NOW on FB so you can totally check that - under my real name Kerri S...

I already follow you on Twitter and tweeted about this now. So I think that covers EVERY.SINGLE.CHANCE. to enter for this... go ME!

Giving away two copies of the movie Extract starring Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck. Contest ends 4/2/10.
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