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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Swag-urday: Diaper Duty, The Finale

I know, all of you skeptics out there are probably surprised to discover that PBD is still sheathing #3 in the cloth diapers, but, HAHA!, we are!

I still count myself among the fans of the cloth, despite the fact that I have to rinse them in a bucket every day and wash them all by their lonesome in the washing machine each night (admittedly, this part really does suck).

As annoyingly time consuming and sucktastic is this sounds, I'm thinking it's worth it.

We were spending about $50 per month (one huge box of Huggies from Costco for $39 and one small bag of Luvs from Target for $8) on diapers pre-cloth.

Now, we spend approximately $16 per month on disposable diapers (plus another $14 for the G-diaper inserts). We have not purchased any additional cloth ones either (we have 4 regular cloth diapers and two G-diapers in our arsenal).

So, basically, we are saving about $30 a month on diapering (and if you're a stickler go ahead and add in a couple of bucks for running the washing machine a little more, although I honestly haven't seen an increase in the water and/or electricity bills, but we did get new windows so...).

I feel like $20 a month is worth the extra little hassle the cloth diapers cause me. Because, twenty bucks a month adds up to about (I'm no math whiz)$240 dollars a year?

Do you know what I can buy with $240 a year?

Let me tell you:

I could buy this hot little number:

And, I could wear these with it:

And, I could pay for my entry to SITScation so that I'd have someplace fancy to wear my new gear to (although I'd have to save diaper money for like three years to pay for all these things, so I'm thinking I might just potty train him soon to move the whole process along).

But, until I do, I'm gonna keep shoving his booty into the cloth because, if nothing else the things are environmentally friendly, work wonders on his sensitive nether regions, and they are also pretty easy on the eyes.

Still not convinced?

Let me introduce you to Bum Genius.

I know you've probably already met these little heroes, since they are some of the most popular cloth diapers on the market, so I'll keep it short.

Best part about the Bum Genius all-in-one cloth diaper is the stretchy Velcro tabs that make diapering quick and easy for you, and comfortable for baby.

They go on just as easily as the disposables you are used to. They are waterproof on the outside, and they are fitted with an absorbent microfiber core that soaks up all the nasty, leaving baby feeling dry, even if he sleeps in them during the night.

And, they are CA-UTE too!


I try to make sure this one is clean every morning because I like him to have it available during the day.

But, if full on cloth is not your thing, you may be interested in a hybrid that has the environmental friendliness of a cloth diaper without all of the rinsing-soaking-washing-drying-repeat work of them.

Is there such a miracle in this world?

Um, yeah, actually, there is: gDiapers.

Personally, I like this one the most (you know, 'cause I'm sorta lazy) as it allows for the quickest changes, just pop out inner liner, throw the disposable insert away (or flush it even, gasp!), snap in another liner and insert, and off you go.

Easy peasey that's fo' sheezy.

I'm not sure what the g in gDiapers stands for, but if I had to guess, I'd say it stands for gangster because these diapers kick all the other diaper's a**es!

Only draw back to the gDiaper is that you have to buy replacement inserts which are as expensive as regular disposables.

We just try to alternate among the three; we use the disposables when we're out, we use the regular cloth for most of the day, and I use the gDiapers when I think he's about to drop a deucer (barring his mud butt flare ups, the kid is extremely predictable so it's not really rocket science; he eats, he craps, end of story).

And, in the interest of keeping baby high fashion, I would definitely recommend the gDiapers as they are, in my opinion, the pinnacle of cloth diapering couture: simple, sexy, chic (this description worked better when I thought chic started with an S).

Whatever, they're cute!

Or, maybe it's just the model:)!

Want to know what the smart moms say about Bum Genius and gDiapers? Try here for BG. And, here for gD (had no idea they came in black! See, told you, chic!).

And, last thing, for reals this time.

The winner of last week's uPrinting custom greeting card giveaway is (drum roll, bdrrrrrrrrrr.....): Clueless Mama, from Guessing All The Way!

Woohoo! Go Clueless Mama, it's your birthday, it's your birthday!

Too much enthusiasm for some greeting cards?

Yeah, thought so. You won't be saying that when I'm giving away an iPod or a Flip Video camera (one day, so you better stick around!).

Disclaimer: The diapers were free. But, in the interest of being all up front and honest, I should tell you that I won the gDiapers in a giveaway from another awesome blogging mama. Not sure if this changes your opinion or not, but you you should know, how acquired them had no affect on mine:)!


Anonymous said...

Ok. I got nothing. The heat has melted my brain, and I've been doing laundry for two days with another day to go, so you can't convince me today. Maybe tomorrow.

angie said...

It's official. You are my go to girl for any cloth diapering questions I may ever have. :)

And, since you know me, that's actually kind of funny.

That purse is to die for.

You did say the diaper rash is gone with these, too, right?

Did I ever tell you that when my twins were born I had 3 in diapers full time (the twins and #3) and one in pull ups at night? Want to calculate how much I threw in the trash in diapers? :)

Dreamgirl said...

Wow...your choice is saving you money and is good for the environment too! Good work girl!
Hope your week will be filled with good things!

lov said...

i've got nothing to say about this post....except...he is one cute dude!!!

my husband and i both were allergic to dispoable diapers (30 years ago) i wonder if our (one day) children will be too....
until the (one day) children arrive, i'm not sure what we will do....but i'm not all that worried about it yet!

Eva Gallant said...

Such a cutie!

just dropping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

S3XinthePantry said...

I so love cloth diapers. When I got preggo the third time, William was all "you're just did that so you can buy more of those snap diapers and covers, didn't you?"

Go girl, keep those babies clean and snuggly in CLOTH.

And buy the bag, the boots and more!

Found you on SITS - love the blog!

Keyona said...

I tell myself that I will cloth diaper when/if I have my next one. But that just what I say now. I hope I can stick to it....

Alicia said...

i love love love g diapers! great post!

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