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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Conundrum

It seems that #2 has a conundrum of sorts on his hands.

Call it a quandary if you will.

As many of you know, #2 is the marrying sort.

He has decided that with the right amount of cash ($100) and a vehicle of sorts (preferably a motorcycle) he will be ready, willing, and able to take a wife.

While he has not procured either of these "necessities" as of yet, he has been contemplating his marital status quite seriously as of late.

Possibly, yesterday's trip to the park with his betrothed and her younger sister (as well as interest from a princess he heard about in bloggy land) got him to thinking about the future, which is why he was so inclined to inform me yesterday evening that he was going to have to take 3 (his original betrothed, her sister, and our bloggy land friend) wives, "or maybe even more than that."

Apparently, he has "so many grils that wants to marry him" that there is no way he could possibly chose only one "because then some of the princesses will be sad."

I know, he's a selfless sweet heart isn't he?

I informed him, as any good mother should, that taking multiple wives was a huge responsibility (in addition to being illegal), and he might want to fully consider the repercussions of such actions before making a commitment of that magnitude.

He assured me that he "could drive every one of them to school, to the grocery store, and to other places" and that he would certainly have room for all of them in the White House, since he "will be the president like Oak Obama" (way to dream big, baby).

I remained skeptical, and brought up the fact that he might have a difficult time ensuring that all of his wives got just what they needed from him since he would possibly be stretched for time (the president is a busy man).

My dear-think-of-everything-love-guru-son shared with me that "it'll be okay because marriage is about teamwork."

I know! He's a freakin' genius, right?!

How is it that a four year old can already hold the key to marital bliss in his barbecue sauced hands when grown ups struggle daily to understand this tidbit?

Pretty amazing.

Although I am not normally a supporter of such, I am largely convinced that he could pull off polygamy without a hitch.

It's all about the right attitude (and teamwork), really.

But in all seriousness, he really is genuinely concerned about the whole situation.

He just wants the princesses to be happy and he believes that he will only be to please them if he allows all of them to be his brides.

I know, baby. It's hard out there for a pimp.


BlogBaby said...

Frig, number 2 is awesome!

I think I HEART him too. Would he consider taking on a fourth wife, you know after he masters the principles of a good polygamous marriage with his other three wives first.

I am an excellent team member, I assure you.


TKW said...

LMAO at Hard Out There For a Pimp! That song should be the soundtrack of his life!

He and Miss D. are a team. She went through 3 boyfriends in first grade this year. The first one had to TRY out to be her boyfriend: she made him run laps around the playground to "see if he could keep up" with her.

"Oak Obama" is hilarious. I am glad he thinks he can pull of such a busy lifestyle. Way to multi-task, kiddo.

parentingBYdummies said...

He seems to be infatuated w/the female species because they are "all just so cute". I think he's kinda cute himself:)

Mama Kat said...

I want three wives for the to watch the to do the dishes...and I'll take care of the social networking.

Your kid is BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to get on your blog for a week!! AHHHH!!! Everytime I would click on it, my computer would kick me off the internet. Weird!

Anyway, I love this post. Your boys are so damn handsome!

KnitterMama said...

ok, I LOVE WILL. I love LOVE love him and now must figure out some way for him to meet Norah ASAP>

Jennifer said...

I'm telling you now, your son is going to have to fight off all the ladies with an attitude like that! LOL!

bluntdelivery said...

haha. aw, what a cute story... and what cute KIDS!!! ahh!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!!

Banteringblonde said...

adorable and definitely going to be a good guy! lol

Anonymous said...

Decisions, decisions. Maybe he could convince his brothers to help in all this marrying business.

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