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Friday, January 30, 2009


My 3 year old is obsessed with getting a wife. Strange, but true. My first indication that he was thinking about life with a wife was when he asked me why my husband had to sleep in the bed with me, while he spent the night alone in his room? I simply explained to him that it was b/c I am Daddy's wife (not his). To make him feel less hopeless, I informed him that he too could look toward a brighter future (and a warmer bed) since when he obtained a wife of his own his lonely nights would come to an abrupt end. So, obviously this is all my fault; a theme that you will note in each of these posts (hence the name). From that day on he has been concerning himself with locating and acquiring a wife. In all fairness, he seems to have a list of good reasons why he needs to have a wife. First, he would like to have his name changed. He informed me that when he gets a wife he could be called Daddy also, as opposed to his real name. Second, he needs someone to help with the dishes (but he did offer to do all of the cooking). And lastly, as previously mentioned, he hates sleeping in his cold bed all alone. The best part is that anyone who takes him up on his offer will be well taken care of. On our way to gymnastics today he explained to me that he needs "hundreds of dollars in cash" so that he could buy a motorcycle and "nice dinners" for him and his wife, and he's gonna cook them. I mean, what more can you ask for? Unfortunately for all of you who are eagerly offering up your daughters, he does have a couple of women in mind already. He originally hoped that his Mimi would be available, but once I explained that the age difference was too great he narrowed it down to another close friend his own age. He is simply awaiting the perfect opportunity to pop the question. Don't worry, I've warned her mother and they will be relocating ASAP.

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