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Friday, January 30, 2009


Last but certainly not least. I have truly been dragging my feet with regard to the intro of my youngest son. While #2's antics leave me speechless, my inability to accurately describe #3 is based more on the little time we have spent together. As I type he is 376 days old give or take a day(if my math is correct). As a 1 year old his personality has only recently begun to develop. And, while I can certainly note a few things that are exciting and challenging and (dare I say) frightening, I am hesitant to say too much (don't want to jinx it) about the kinda guy he is. However, it must be done if you are to gain a true picture of the home dynamic I am tasked with muddling through on a daily basis. So, let me do it like this. Three words to describe #3: happy, hungry, and busy. All pretty self explanatory. #3 is a happy dude. He came out with a quiet smile on his face and pretty much navigates his days in a calm, happy, lighthearted way. Until food is involved, at which point he becomes down right unruly. He is at all times in the market for something to eat. And (luckily) he is not too picky about what he eats, just so long as it's food. Actually, it doesn't even have to be truly considered food for him to give it a go. Nor does it have to be small enough to fit into his mouth. He is willing to try just about anything, regardless of size, shape, color, etc. On occasion, odor may be a deterrent, but not always. And, if you have the audacity to attempt to consume something in his presence without offering him a substantial portion, please be prepared to suffer the wrath of an obviously starving (see photo for proof) recently turned 1 year old. As for his third prominent character trait, all I can say is that we call him the Task Master for a reason. If he is awake (& not eating) he is on a mission of some sort. Moving toys from one room to the other, unpacking the diaper bag, rearranging the kitchen cabinets, alphabetizing the DVD collection, surfing the net. He is constantly involved in some sort of task, the goal of which is often classified information. On most occasions nothing (except for food) can deter him from completing his undertaking no matter how frustrating or painstaking it becomes. I'm convinced that he will one day make an excellent Navy Seal, unless they torture him with food.


Drahdrah said...

He sounds alot like my 1 year old baby girl. She will eat anything (food or other), and is constantly on the go. You have a beautiful family. I'm glad you were featured on SITS and am looking forward to getting to know you (Virtually speaking).

Beth in NC said...

What a cutie!

It was nice to meet your family. You are very blessed!

Have a happy SITS day!

Lena said...

Your children are beautiful. Sounds like your youngest is the rest you needed after #2. I will be checking you out more often ... I love your writing.

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