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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ahhh. I have been dreading this posting since I initiatied this blog a few weeks back. While my second son is the child who will most often serve as the example on this blog, I have been hesitant to compose his introduction because I find it unbelievably difficult to find the words to express who he is. Basically, I am speechless! OK, let's start with the positives (that strangely double as "challenges"). He is energetic, sensitive, articulate, driven, committed, and analytical. Now, for the challenges: he is energetic, sensitive, articulate, driven, committed, and analytical. Funny, right?! I mean I can add a few more onto the list of challenges, but lets just focus on these; best to start small.
The thing about it is that really it is all about the wording (and perception). Because the way I listed his main personality traits above he seems like a pretty deep, interesting, guy. And, he is, you have no idea. But, let me rephrase. Instead of energetic, sensitive, articulate, driven, committed, and analytical, I could say he is hyper, touchy, outspoken, persistent, and methodical. In his case it could go either way. Some times he is totally in tune to your feelings, he's thoughtful and compassionate. Other times he is taunting and hurtful, with an agenda to destroy. He is his older brother's biggest fan one minute, and his worst enemy the next. I can compare him to a chameleon because like this elusive reptile his personality is at times deceptive. He may appear to be a calm, sweet, mild mannered child at preschool, and mysteriously turn into the Tasmanian Devil at the grocery store. However, unlike the chameleon that changes to match its surrounding, W changes the surroundings to match him. Maybe he is more like the Incredible Hulk? I always felt that guy got a bad rap 'cause he was trying to be this normal guy and just live his life like every other non-mutating human. But, something stupid/annoying/tragic would happen and he would inadvertently flip his lid. He doesn't want to do it; it's like he has to. And while I'm pretty sure W was never exposed to any "gamma bombs" (google the Hulk) something clicks in his little brain and off he goes. Basically, if he is in a good mood, it's a party; but if he's in a bad mood, look out b/c you and all your smiling, happy friends are going down.
It is precisely his unexpected nature that keeps me on my toes, and engaged. He causes me to really work at motherhood, at personhood in general. I'll admit, there are days that he has turned me into an evil, frightening, foaming-at-the-mouth creature (I'll admit, a little Incredible Hulkish myself), but I am getting better at diffusing the situations, and even avoiding them altogether. If nothing else, W is by far my most exciting, vibrant, grab-the-bull-by-the-horns (and beat it senseless) child. He brings the noise. And, while I might not be 100% (or even 50%) well equipped to handle it (or him) I am having a memorable, for lack of a better word, time trying. And, after nearly 4 years trying to prevent him from ripping his clothes off and reeking havoc on all of society, I am proud to announce he's getting better at controlling his inner hulk. One day, he might master his little beast and use his powers for good, not evil:)


Drahdrah said...

I am sure you will find a way to guide him towards good.

Beth in NC said...

I'm with the commenter above me. I pray you'll have wisdom how to point him in the right direction and use all of that energy in a positive way.

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