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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What NOT to wear

#2 recently saved his grandmother a load of money. Whenever she visit from Cali. he tries to spend as much time with her as he possibly can: waking her up at the crack of dawn, sitting with her while she reads, watching her prepare for bed, etc. On her most recent visit, he accompanied her into the restroom while she went through her daily ritual. As she was applying her facial moisturizer he inquired as to what the product was. She informed him that it was face cream to make her beautiful and he kindly replied, "It's not working". Although she died a little on the inside, she attempted to continue as if nothing were amiss. #2, however was not done with his cosmetic product review. When she began to apply her perfume he again inquired what the nature of the product was. She told him that it was to make her smell sweet. His response: "It's not working either". While I am not certain of the brands she is using at this time I am making it a point to never invest a dime in these products. Really, what is the point of wasting money on cosmetics that just don't do what they claim?

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