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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordful Scoop This Wednesday


If you follow me, as in follow me like actually READ me on a regular basis then you already know about the inanimate object that I am most in love with at the moment.

And, you also already know exactly how amazing of an item it really is because it can make you dinner, watch your kids, and fold your laundry into a much happier photo taker.*

It won’t make you a photographer (I’d like to argue that is a talent that can be developed into a skill).

But, it will likely make your pictures like some random percentage better.

I’m certain of it.


Because, while I do actually consider myself a photographer sometimes when I’m not busy comparing myself to people whose cameras were actually handmade by The Lord, I also know that on a daily basis, when I’m just watching The Dudes act like recently captured opossum hanging out with The Dudes, chasing them around with my littler camera, I am not really interested in being a photographer.

But, I do want to take some decent shots of my kids.

Like most moms.

Particularly when this little number finds its way into your house…


You want pictures that are decent.

Not ones that look like this…


And, when the owner of this little number pops it onto his head, and gets all happy and comfy even though his little lungs are crackling with bronchitis (my poor baby!), you want to catch that shot like this…


And not be stuck with a crap hole shot like this one…


Or, when this little number gets pilfered by the natural owner’s little bro, you want to make sure you catch him on film memory stick also…


And you don’t want that capture to include the candy bribe you gave him to prevent him from disrobing entirely and running around the house like a crazy person look all blown out an icky like this…



The easiest, most surefire way to ensure you can do that is to hurry over and get yourself a Light Scoop from the slightly-less-famous-than-he-rightfully-should-be Professor Kobre.

I don’t know what kind of a professor he is, but I’m guessing he’s some sort of science-smarty-pants type because he uses smoke mirrors and stuff to make these awesome little attachments for your pop-up flash on your DSLR camera that scoops up the light, throws it around the room, bounces it off the wall and the subject, and makes your pictures look awesome.

So, maybe he’s the professor of stuff that’s awesome.


But, I do know that instead of rushing over to Prof. Kobre’s crib to buy one of these babies, you should follow these directions and see if you can’t win one from lil ole me instead (and then go buy one when you find out that you didn’t).

Here’s what you do…

1. Follow me. I only give stuff to people who love me; I’m petty like that, I really, truly am.

2. Follow Light Scoop on Facebook.

3. Leave a comment here telling me you are following and what type of camera you have.*** Click this link to see what type the Light Scoop is compatible with (they are on the right hand side, a little under the Flickr stuff).

That’s it!

But, if you want extra entries you can…

1. Tweet this (1 extra): “I just entered to win a Light Scoop from parenting BY dummies and you should too!” Along with a link to the post.

2. Follow me on Facebook (1 extra). Be sure to inform me in your comment if you already do this.

3. Follow me on Twitter (1 extra). Again, just let me know if you already do.

3. Blog about the contest (5 extra). I’m not gonna give you the words for that ‘cause I’m too lazy into creative freedom like that.

And if, for some strange reason, you are not into free stuff you can always just go to the Light Scoop website and buy one for yourself. They are only like $35!

But, I’d wait until next Saturday (3/6/2010) when this contest ENDS, you know, just in case!

*Please note that ALL of these photos are SOOC (straight out of camera), no light correction, no effects, no nothing. Just me, picking up the camera and pressing go.

**If you win this or buy it from the maker don’t blame me if your pictures still suck. It’s you. Not the flash.

***As previously mentioned, I don’t care if you want to give it to your granny or sell it on eBay, I’m just nosy like that and I like to know stuff about other people.


Jennifer said...

I love your second little bullet point. Even though I'm pretty sure that is the category that I fall in.

debi9kids said...

If only I had a camera made by the Lord... or even just one made by the Lord's brother... instead, I'll just wish I could use this nifty light :)

Upstatemomof3 said...

I desperately want to take really nice pictures of my kids. I will take a picture over and over and over in hopes of getting a really good one.

Erin said...

I am already a follower! =)
I have a Nikon D80
and OMG I LOVE that hat!!! The boys look adorable in it!!!

Twincerely,Olga said...

wow! great shots!! but very cute subject!!!!

Heather said...

oh fabulous! i think first i need to get me a decent day, one day...

Maggie S said...

So, no dice w/ the camera I already have. When I get the camera, I am definitely ordering one. Do you think the good Doctor is planning to come up with something to stop my kids making weird faces in front of the camera?

Jennifer said...

What an awesome hat and adorable pictures of your little imps in it! As mentioned before, I have a Rebel XTi and I'm pretty sure I NEED this thing! I hate the camera flash and am too lazy to use the external flash. ( read: I don't know where it is half the time)

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Awww, what cuties! Great photos!

TKW said...

I love the shot of Bronchitis boy in the hat!

Hanneke Nelson said...

You sell it well! (And take really cool pics of your kids, by the way. Or take pics of really cool kids...) Too bad I don't own a camera with a pop up flash. I would so be entering your give-a-way.

Gingerlea Photography said...

I only have one Dude to keep up with in my MommyLand and like to pretend that I know how to take a picture (every now and then anyone gets lucky, right?). I could really use a Lightscoop for my Nikon D40x and free is always better than cheap. Well worth following/fanning/tweeting about!

Michelle Pixie said...

Oooooh I so NEED one of these!! I have a Canon Rebel SXi and I am following!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Nice hat!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I'm not a photographer because on your second set of photoes I was like "What's wrong with that photot?" The light thingy would be wasted on me.

Kristy said...

I have been enjoying your blog and have given you an Honest Scrap award!

JamericanSpice said...

I feel this way about wanting to take great photos, but alas like you , most times my subjects make me look awesome :)

Love the photos.

Giving away two copies of the movie Extract starring Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck. Contest ends 4/2/10.
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