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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


That’s what I have been.

From cutting The Dudes’ hair.

Because when I get a hold of the scissors, bad things happen.

Very bad things.

In my own defense, I’d like to state, for the record, that I had good intentions.

I was sick of seeing #3’s bangs plastered to his face with snot.

Because he had a cold.

A wicked-bad-green-booger-snot-yellow-mucous-sniffling-sneezing-coughing-achy-stuffy-head-lucky-no-fever number.

And I thought, I can’t do a bloody thing about the cold, but I can get his hair unglued from his face.

I forgot, though, that I can tell you what I know about how to give a scissor cut to a dude in 3 seconds flat.

And, I’m not a 3 seconds flat story telling kind of chick.

Ya’ll know me (and yes, I really do use the word ya’ll in daily conversation.  Drives Dumb Dad batty.), I like to beat a story till it bleeds.

Kinda like right now.

You’re probably thinking why doesn’t she just get to the picture already?

What’s with all the unnecessary back-story?

That’s just how I roll.

I like to play a little hard to get.

Make you want it.

Do you want it?

You know you do.


Here it is.

Business in the front…


Party in the back…


A mullet my friends.

I gave the kid an effing mullet.

Reminds me a little, okay a lot, of Uncle Jesse…

mullet2         mullet

But it suits him I think.

Especially if he’s gonna grow up to be this cute…


Dumb Dad wanted me to reiterate that I am still, forever and always, banned from giving haircuts.


Uncle Jesse turned out okay.


singedwingangel said...

Aww it doesnt look tht bad.He has beautiful hair.. My boys have curls like that and refuse to let their hair get that long cause they hate them.. stupid boys don't they know we women pay GOOD money for curls that lay like that lol

Michele said...

That's tooo funny.
When Trinity was almost 2, I tried to cut her hair. Thought I would save a little money, cuz she's only 2 - who really cares.

I gave her a mullet as well!! Took forever to grow out. My friends still tease me to this day.

Well done, Mama!

Kerry said...

OMG that's funny. LOL. U know what? he's a kid, he can get away with it and he's such a cutie that no one will really notice.

Shell said...

Aw, I think he's adorable! Little boys are allowed to have mullets.

Kmama said...

Hahahahaha. He's so adorable, no matter what his hair looks like!!

Brandy said...

ROFL if it makes you feel any better I am banned and forbidden from cutting our sons hair, yup! I pretty much buzzed the first son's hair when he was a baby and ever since then I am not allowed to touch his hair nor the new baby boy (18 mos now) so ... I feel for ya!

And you are right, Uncle Jesse turned out fine ;-)

Happy WW Thanks for linking up and leaving a comment on mine!

Evonne said...

He's cute. Really, the haircut is not that bad.

Thank goodness my son has poker straight hair. I could never cut off curls. I can just buzz his hair. He looks good except for the black patch of hair he has. The rest is light brown. Sigh...

Maggie S said...

I have been cutting my husband's hair for 15 years. I have no other credential than a Sally card. People who find out are generally surprised. He looks fine and you can even up the back for Easter pics. The curls will cover any mistakes. Guess how I know.

"Beat a story 'til it bleeds." If you weren't, like 15 years, younger than I am I might think we were twins separated at birth.

Maggie S said...

I mean nothing wrong with #3s haircut. My husband looks good also. Uncle Jesse is nice too.

angie said...

Mullets are the new you did exactly the right thing.

Seriously, you had my almost peeing my pants with the business in front/party in the back. I love that saying.

I'm sorry I didn't link you up last night. I didn't have internet access. You are linked today, though, and I'll link you towards the end, too.

cheekymama said...

That is so hilarious and thank God he's still young enough to look cute with it.

He's beautiful, whatever the hair looks like. I point blank refuse to cut my child's natty fro, even with the imminent threat of head lice at nursery.

BTW, you are one of my Hot Blog Titles for February. Keep it up!

Jennifer said...

hahaha! Awesome! He has beautiful hair.... and it beats a bowl cut. Or.. I swear.. at Noah's soccer practice the other day... I saw a kid running around with a really long rat tail. Remember those?

Jennifer said...

WTF did you do to that baby?! I'm coming to get him.

Actually I've been banned from even taking Bud to get his hair cut at all because the last one was so, so bad.

And I hate to be this way. Really, really hate it. But I know you didn't grow up with y'all and it is probably something you've picked up since the move so... it Y apostrophe ALL, a contraction for you all, as in "You all better not take those scissors to that baby's hair again." Y'ALL. Again. Sorry. And yes, that is the exact way we would say that sentence. And yes, I know it is all kinds of wrong.

I am Harriet said...

I love the curls!
Very sweet/funny WW.

Jen said...

Aw, I think he is cute and maybe mullets will come back into style. He can be a new trend setter. ;)

Anonymous said...

A party in the back! I love it - hilarious. Especially since my daughter's hair does that all on its own.

At least you didn't compare his mullet to Uncle Joey's. He might have gotten Alanis Morissetye to write a song about him, but it wasn't because he turned out HOT in the end...

Cranky Mommy said...

There was no mullet, but I will not be attempting to cut my son's again either.
Anyway, he's way cuter than Uncle Jesse!

J. Mark said...

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Heather said...

Do you realise how much that's going to cost you in counselling in a few years time?

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

HAHA! I'm sorry. poor kid in a mullet. LOL. I have doen the same thing with my daughters- tried to give them bangs because their hair was always in their eyes/food/snot. even little girls, when they don't have much hair to begin with, look liek they have mullets.

Anonymous said...

I hate to one up you, but I did worse. We tried to give Evan a bowl cut because we couldn't handle another screaming at the haircut place. I didn't even take pictures because it was so bad that I didn't want evidence. My saving grace: my husband was in on it, taking turns cutting and holding the bowl. The good news is hair always grows back and that we can pay people to cut hair for us.

AngieB said...

OK, I must admit he looks adorable in his mullet! Just give up and move here to Kentucky - half the population still thinks mullets are in style!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh he is adorable!!! And yeah he could turn out like Uncle Jessie - that would be okay. :)

Hanneke Nelson said...

I was thinking about giving my daughter a haircut today (she has a couple of dreads on the back of her head that I cannot conquer with a brush, no matter how hard I try) but perhaps I should engage a professional. After all, I once gave my husband a buzz cut on the #2 setting and the piece fell off, leaving a very nice landing strip...

Shannon said...

Didn't change his cuteness factor... not even one little bit! He still has one of the cutest faces I've seen! ;)

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