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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordful Bloody Snow Wednesday: A Song

We’ve been “trapped” together in this house since Friday, February 5th, at 1pm when the Snow of The Century began dumping it’s evil onto our home.

I use the word trapped loosely because we are not actually sealed inside (thank goodness for small favors).

We can go out to shovel the drive, or to shovel the walkway, or to shovel all around the heater.

We can go out to do “fun” stuff like sled, or have snowball fights with the neighbors, or build igloos on the deck…


But we can’t go to school.

And we can’t go to work (unless an ex-Marine in an old, musty 4x4 rattles down the driveway at 5am in the morning and carts me off to work against my will leaving the scent of 100 year old doughnuts and scorched coffee burned into my nostrils for the rest of eternity**).

And we can’t go out to buy stuff for the quickly approaching “holiday” which means that while Hubby will be gifted with a sweet little something from Banana Republic’s online shop (way to go proactive Dumb Mom), chances are good I’ll get nada (and all I even wanted was a big hunk of chocolate to eat all by my lonesome in the laundry room).

It’s times like this I wish I was more of a drinker.

BFF says it would help.

I say it would most certainly lead to a divorce.

Cupid says it works for him…

drunk cupid

I know that tons of people have it worse (I guess I could be without power, but I guess I could also be dead) and I’m just being all whiny with my California-native self, but I don’t give a care.

I’m over the snow and as this is my little piece of the Blogosphere I’m gonna gripe about it endlessly because I friggin’ feel like it.

I’ll get over it when the effing sun comes out.

Until then, here is a song and some pictures for you to “enjoy”. Well, the song is actually for Hubby just for fun and the photos are of The Dudes who seem to be happily oblivious to the torture they are conspiring with their father to subject me to.

Pretty cute for evil masterminds, eh?!

Come back tomorrow to participate in Thank Me Later Thursday (include your links and all that) so that you can get another earful of why snow sucks/why winter sucks/why people who like winter suck/why people who have names that rhyme with winter (like Binter and Shanitalaquinter) suck and some other stuff.

Bloody Snow! Bloody Snow! Bloody Snow!

Oh the weather outside is frightful,

And the fire is un-delightful.

I can think of a place to go.

But we’re stuck in this bloody snow!


It doesn’t show signs of pauseping*.

so I sit in the corner rocking.

The lights are about to blow.

And we’re stuck in this bloody snow!


We didn’t even kiss goodnight,

And I think you should sleep out in the storm.

Because I want you outta my sight,

And I really don’t care if you’re warm.


I think I am slowly dying,

I could smile, but I’d be lying.

If you speak I’ll punch you in the throat.

‘Cause we’re stuck in the bloody snow!

*An explanation for “pauseping”- It is not a typo, it is a word. Go ahead, Google it if you don’t believe me.

Get Wordful with Angie at Seven Clown Circus!


Cecily R said...

You may be tired of the snow (who wouldn't be??), but these pictures and that cave are FANTASTIC!!!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, the igloo is sooooo cute!!!

And I love the blue balloons against the white snow! Beautiful!!

I've read about the snow on a few blogs. It's crazy!

Muthering Heights said...

That is a GREAT igloo!!!

angie said...

I can't believe how much snow you have. I'm super impressed with cupid (is that what being sealed in produces) and that igloo on the deck.

When do you anticipate being able to get out? And by get out, I mean send you boys back to school? :)

Erin said...

That igloo is the best! Can I bring my boys over to play?

singedwingangel said...

Look I have offered repeatedly to take some of teh snow off your hands all ya gotta do is ship it here lol...

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

What fantastic pictures. The snow is such a wonderful setting for them! I have no idea how you do it, I am having a tough time dealing with our little bit of rain!

debi9kids said...

LOL! "I'll punch you in the bloody throat".

Gorgeous photos and LOVE the igloo (thanks for giving me an idea of what to do with the darn 2 feet that are being dumped on us right now. UGH!)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

OMG, the pic of the baby is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful photographs.

And seriously, be grateful your kids will actually play in the snow. My older one won't go outside for more than 10 minutes and my younger one starts to cry as soon as the snow touches her. Of course by touch, I mean comes up to stomach when she's standing, so she can't actually move. The curse of having a very short mom.

firebird said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your kids are cute, your writing is witty (liked the song- Bloody Snow) and the pics are super cool.

I hope you get chocolate, I don't think i'm getting anything either.

YOu deserve it more cause you blog, I deleted my blog and tried starting over but it hasn't worked out.

4 Lettre Words said...

Okay...that balloon capture is AMAZING!! I think it makes the snow almost-worth-it. :o)

Love that cute cupid!

Jennifer said...

But you can take some really awesome photos.

Is it going to totally suck when no 3 won't let you dress him up like that anymore?

TubOfLard said...

Awesome photos!

Jen said...

I am totally in love with the snow cave. I sorta want one but not all the snow that is needed for a cave.

SupahMommy said...

that balloon pic...... is remarkable.

how much more did you get? we got about 6 so far..


been in since last thursday...

ready to hang myself.

toss me a bone .. or a noose.


Kmama said...

I love that pic with the balloons!

We finally got a snow day today, so we'll stay inside and cuddle this morning and then we're going SLEDDING this afternoon. I can't wait!

Sorry you're still stuck inside!

I am Harriet said...

Wow- that will take a while to melt.

Deb said...

Aren't you getting more snow now too? We got just a dusting last weekend at the beach. I'm ready for spring!

Buckeroomama said...

I love your igloo!!!

Okay I believe how much the snow is getting to you... you even made up a song.

Beautiful pics! :)

Jen said...

LOVE love your pictures. the balloon one is great! how did you make an igloo?? so much snow around the blog world right now. we are getting some right now too!

shortmama said...

Wow the igloo is amazing! Almost makes me wish we had snow here....almost

Brimful Curiosities said...

That is so awesome you built an igloo on the deck. I'm glad we didn't get as much snow as you, though!

JESSICA said...

That song was HILARIOUS! We have a lot of snow too and I'm sick and tired of it! However it got me off of work today so I guess I can't be too mad ;)

Love your pictures!

Christine said...

This whole post is just awesome!!! Love the igloo, oh the cupid, and the balloons all too precious and quite creative:) I know how you feel in the last two weeks my son has been to school maybe 3 days... ugh... and we woke this morning it was a total white out and school cancelled yet again!!! Happy WW!

Anonymous said...

Uggg. Be a hater! Snow sucks. I'm a Minnesotan, I have a right to agree. We tried the igloo thing yesterday but my daughter tried stepping off our porch and was stuck up to her armpits in it. You know if she hadn't been screaming I would have grabbed the camera.
FYI. I eat my chocolate in the pantry!

Brenda said...

Cupid is adorable! I love the igloo too.

mommy23monkeys said...

well, at least you got some great pictures! Love the one with the balloons. :)

Sorry you have snow, it's why I will never leave SoCal!

Tiaras said...

that fort - SO COOOOOL!!!

Evonne said...

I love the pictures. But it doesn't help that I look out my windows and see the same bloody snow! At this point I don't think my daughter even remembers what school is!

Good luck and stay safe!

girlytwins said...

OMGosh. I would go crazy!!! I hope you able to get out or at least send your kids off to school soon.

That igloo is spectacular. Maybe you can hide out in there with some hot cocoa for a little bit for the holiday :)

Genny said...

How fun!

Lolli said...

Your pictures are fantastic! My kids don't even want to go outside anymore!

JamericanSpice said...

I love the pictures and the song is funny!

You'll treasure this pic of the igloo. It's so cool!

DiPaola Momma said...

Crap! Now you went and did it. I've been fending off "MOOOOMMMMMM but we CAN build and igloo" rally cries for days now. Then #2 says "Mom isn't that your friend? She lives here too and look SHE DID IT!" Lovely just call me RunsAmok the freaking Eskimo!

Anonymous said...

This is why I live in the desert.

Jennifer said...

The pics are fabulous.. I share in your hatred of the snow.. I am a native gulf-coast gal living in NJ.. so I'm over it all too... and most of all... as someone who LOVES to change the words to songs, I absolutely love your new song! I'm singing it in my head right now!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

You know, I find your blog adorable and hilarious. I am now following, I grabbed your button, and I clicked on your Top baby blog button to vote for you. I'd love for you to come check out my blog too, grab my button, or even vote for my blog on Top mom blogs.

I found you on 5 minutes for mom- happy ww!

Over the Mountain Mommy said...

lol I like how your timing is so 1pm. Not that you are counting the minutes or anything. This is the stuff that memories are made of!

Michelle said...

Stopping by from Jennifer's blog. Looking forward to the Momz Share event next month.

I am over the snow too. Me and kiddos have been stuck inside since Friday afternoon too. We did manage to dig out hubby's Jeep by Monday evening for dinner at Panera and a trip to the grocery store to stock up before round 2.

On a unrelated subject are you going to be at the SITS Baltimore Bloggy Bootcamp?

Upstatemomof3 said...

This is such an adorable post. GREAT pictures and what fun!! But I am totally sick of the snow too.

Miss Dot said...

Love the igloo, love the cupid pic, and love the "pauseping." Dunno if I'm really going to say it's a real word or not (after Googling it I'm still on the fence) but it works well in your song so I'm giving you a freebie.

TKW said...

That picture of cupid is wicked, wicked fun!!

I imagine that sanity is hanging by a leeeeetle thread over there. I'm sure you're over it!

Mrs4444 said...

These pics are so awesome. Sorry I can't feel sorry for you--the boys look like they're having too much fun!!

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