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Monday, January 11, 2010

Make New (i)Friends Monday: Jenny from da block

jennifer ifriend

I know this chick, let’s call her Jenny.

I like her ‘cause she comments plenty.

Sometimes her posts just crack me up.

Sometimes they make me wanna up chuck.

She don’t drink wine and she’s not a fan of vamps.

And, I think she knows a couple of tramps.

She says she’s not a writer, but I think she does just fine.

Which is why she is an ifriend of mine.

Go check out one of my blog land besties, Jenny (from the block). 

But…don’t call her Jenny ‘cause I’m not sure how she feels about that little nicky.  I like to push the envelope when it comes to giving people nicknames they may not actually be 100% okay with.  Like, back in college, when I used to call Dumb Dad Pap-As-in-Smear, long story, but you get the picture.

Pont is: It’s Jennifer…not JENNY:)

Hi!  My name is Jennifer (as Dumb Mom probably just told you) and today is my ifriend day.  Looks like I'm the first one in 2010, the year of AWESOME.  So I guess you know what that makes me.... Awesome (or at least that is what I'm going to go with).  I love this idea that Dumb Mom has come up with to make new bloggy friends (plus she is kinda sorta getting the day off, I'm starting to think she is not as dumb as she wants us to believe).

I think the first thing in making new friends is to find out a little about the other person so let me tell you about myself.  I'm a mom of two, a girl (5) and a boy (1).  So I guess that makes me a "mommy blogger."  Although I kind of feel that my blog is more mom.ME because I don't just write about my kids.   I'm married to David.  We will celebrate our 20th this year (yay us).  And I work full time as an Office Manager for a really small company in the town where I grew up (which I kinda hate, but it is what it is).  That all sounds so exciting that you are just running over to my blog to read all about it.  Oh yeah, I can be kind of be sarcastic.  A little.  Sometimes.

So why would you want to read my blog..... hmmm.  That's a pretty good question.  Let me tell you about the things that make me different from the other bloggers (that I read, because I obviously don't know about all bloggers, can you tell I'm kinda nervous with this whole making new friends thing):

1. I'm not a writer... or an English major... or a graphics design person... nor do I have any experience in journalism or marketing or teaching.   I have an accounting degree.  That I actually use.  This is probably the reason that my "writing" is not all that great.  Or in complete sentences.  Actually that is because I kind of write the way my brain works and I usually can't complete a thought before jumping to something else.

2. I don't know anything about celebrities or fashion or what's "in".  My friend Jodi jokes with me about this all the time.  She'll message about some celebrity doing something or some reality show that I've never even heard of and I'm all "duh", but then she goes ahead and tells me anyway.  Sorry.  I just don't get it.  I don't really care about what these people are doing with their lives.  Or about fashion.  I just like to be comfortable.

3. I don't drink wine... or care all that much about Twilight.  (gasp)  I know.  I used to drink wine, but now I don't.  Not anymore.   Not a big deal.  If you really want to know why you can find out here.  Twilight (big sigh).  Yes I've read all the books and seen both movies.  I will give it this, the second movie was WAY better than the first.  I guess I just like my vamps evil.  Or like Angel.  And if you don't know who that is then shame on you.

I'm sure there are more, but that is all I'm going to list for now.   So what are you going to find if you stop by my blog, well I write a lot of Random Thoughts, and about how I feel about my kids, and I like to post pictures (although I am also NOT a photographer, I forgot that one above), and sometimes I may even share a craft idea I've cooked up or a recipe that I like.   I also tend to write about my exercise and dieting attempts.  Every once in a while I'll tell you about a product I love (and usually not something I got for free).  And of course there is the random rant about my husband or the love I feel for my family.

I would love it if you could stop by, take a look around my blog and let me know what you think!  I hope you like it, because of course the most important thing about a new friend is being with someone you like.


*Wanna be featured as one of Dumb Mom’s ifriends?  Well, duh, of course you do because we both know that another day without a specially made poem written by little ole moi about little ole you is just not a day you want to live.  So shoot me an email (finding it is part of your test!), I’ll review your blog for awesomeness, and get you on the list. 


Mimi said...

Yeah! Go Jen...oops, did I just nickname you nickname? Sorry, guess Dumb Mom kinda gets it from Dumb Diddle-di Mimi.

Jennifer said...

Yay my very own poem!!!

And, "a couple of tramps" HAHAHAHAHA. Thathad me laughing out loud!

Thanks for having me.

V said...

Might I just say that your header photo is quite HILARIOUS!:)

SupahMommy said...

Hello Jennyifer.

Headed over to visit. Though I"ve seen you before !


angie said...

I'll have to go meet Jennifer. Since I just realized she trumps me in the ifriend department. I mean, why else would she be featured before me? :) Kidding. Totally kidding. :)

blueviolet said...

I've visited her a few times and I'm going to have to do more of it!

Anonymous said...

Checked you out after seeing your comment on the Mom Bloggers Club - love you! Clearly I'm not as smart as you think because I can't for the life of me find your email. I'm currently dodging wet cheerios and washing tiny dirty faces, so I had to give up. But would be thrilled to do a Monday post - if you want to check me out, I'm here: (I recently moved wordpress to blog for the Seattle PI.)


TKW said...

That poem is hilarious PBD!!!

Good to see ya, Jen! And I agree with PBD--for someone who isn't a writer, you do just fine!

Sevibabyyy said...

I have to go and check her blog out, she is so funny! Oh and can I just say I miss you! It seems like SITSCATION was so long ago...can we go back??

Sunday said...

SCORE! She is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel Fan.
I instantly love her like a sister!

Ambrosia said...

What an excellent poem? Are you thinking about writing a poem book sometime?
I love this idea!

So happy to have found your blog! Can't wait to read more!

Lauren said...

That was a pretty good little poem! I will have to check Jennifer out!

Stacie's Madness said...

jen (that's what I call her) are tight...and i love her blog...and we talk in short sentences...and we're both in the accounting field...and

anyway...YES Momma made it look easy is a GREAT BLOG!!!

singlemomma said...

This is a great post! I loved meeting Jenny from the block!

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