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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordful (V for Vendetta) Wednesday

You guys know me well enough to know that taking pictures is sorta my thing.

I take pictures every single day.

Which means I could fill a Wordful Wednesday Post with any number of different things.

For example, let's just go back seven days.

That would technically, put us at last Tuesday, September 29th.

Last Tuesday, I was very excited, to find this in the mail box smiling at me. It's my brand new business cards from one of my very most favoritest companies: Moo.

Then, Wednesday.

I spent Wednesday, like virtually every other Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: at the park with #3 while #2 was tortured at school.

Thursday was my Extreme (for me) Makeover.


Some people love Friday's because it marks the end of their work week. But, for me, Friday is just the beginning. At least this Friday I was able to take a happy little trip to Costco where I picked up another pair of these.

I love knee high socks and fall means I can wear them:)!

Saturday, I went to an annual event in my "city" called In the Streets where tons of local vendors and artisans and performers gather to entertain thousands of people. I missed a good chunk of it because I was stuck at work. But, I was able to make it out there just in time to wait nearly 2 hours to get a table at this fine dining establishment. Awesome!

The food was delish, but nothing (aside from a room full of cookies, cakes, and ice cream that don't make you a lard no matter how much you eat) is delicious enough to warrant waiting 2 hours for. Sadly, it was one of those situations where we had waited so long it was too late to get outta line and go find some place else.

The worst part was that, the only reason they even gave us a table when they did was because I told the hostess (with my eyes) I was going to gnaw her arm off and eat it with a spoon if she didn't give us one.

Sunday, I was ding-dong-ditched.

Or, so I thought.

But, turns out it was one of my son's clever friends leaving this invite on our door and running away faster than my fat legs could carry me.

Monday, we went on a field trip to the apple orchard with #2.

We had a lovely time, right up until #3 decided that he'd had quite enough of socks, shoes, and riding on a tractor.

He disrobed his feet, and made a break for it.

Luckily, my arms are way faster than my feet and I was able to grab him before he launched himself from the moving tractor.

That woulda sucked.

And, finally, back to Tuesday.

A picture of the sweetest, most pleasant, obedient, studious, friendly young man I've ever met (or even heard about).

If you were on Twitter around 4pm yesterday you may have seen my enraged-bout-to-get-crazy-up-in-this-piece Tweets about him arriving home from school having been brutally attacked (although some people call it bullying, I feel like it was at least assault) by some waste of space little bastard misguided older boy who decided to repeatedly pull his hair so hard on the bus that even hours later his head was still tender.

I looked at his face (sad, and ashamed for not being able to stand up for himself), and listened to his voice (frightened, and begging me to cut his hair short so no one will ever pull it again), and dried his tears (of relief at being home begging me to never make him ride again), and I felt ill.

When an unassuming, completely harmless 7 year old boy like my baby is afraid to get on the bus to go to school for fear of being injured, I'm convinced that something is wrong with this world and I wish that I could make it so that he never felt this way again.

I know that I can't shelter him in that way, but I'm thinking I may watch for that kid to get offa the bus, creep over to his house at night, shave his head while he sleeps, and write on his head in permanent marker, "Pull on this bitch*!"

Just a thought.

*Sorry for the curse (mom and other people easily offended by profanity), but he was asking for it, he really, really was. Plus I'm a bad Mamma-Jamma and I fully understand the meaning behind V for Vendetta.


DiPaola Momma said...

look at them gams all decked out in stripes and doing the fall thing. Thanks for reminding me that my "city" sucks and NEVER does anything! We are headed out to LariLand Farm on Saturday to get us some apples too.. YUM.. NINE DAYS and counting!

blueviolet said...

I love knee socks too! It's a carryover from my youth, I think.

Your poor son. That's horrid! I can't understand why there are such mean kids out there.

Golden Girl {Kiki} said...

great pictures. thanks for sharing your week. sorry #1 had to go through all that. i was bullied for a time on the bus by older boys, well, all us girls were. i had to deal with it for only one year, and i still remember it all. happy WW and take care.

ck said...

My heart hurts for #1. Mean kids make my stomach turn, especially since my girls, like your boys, are so sweet right now. I got your back, though, if you want to kick some little kid a**.

Mom of Three said...

Oh I was about to leave a lovely note about moo who I sidetracked to visit for a bit. Then I came back to read about your baby. That boils my blood! I am pretty calm for everything else but I can't STAND bullying! What are you going to do? I'm always afraid I'm going to see red, cross the line and feel bad later.

angie said...

I was not on Twitter to hear about this terrible bullying. Dispicable. Give him a big hug from me. Did you talk to the bus driver or will he not go near the bus now? My kids have a policy at their school called "hands off". They are not allowed to touch anyone else and I LOVE it.

Sounds like you had a busy week. Thank goodness you saved him from the tractor. That would have been bad. Very, very, bad.

And that 2 hour wait? Can't handle that.

thatgirlblogs said...

crying a little about your son. why are kids so damn cruel? hugs.

ShellSpann said...

Kids get meaner every year. It's SO pathetic. I just wonder what kind of parents they have. I hate to be judgemental....but I know neither one of my kids would EVER treat another child that way. Poor kiddo, I hope today is better for him.

P.S. Your hair is GORGEOUS. I am JEALOUS!!!

Amethyst Moon said...

Great post! The ding dong invitation is so cool, as are your socks! They rock!

I feel for you with #1 and the stupid bully boy! My #2 was bullyed so bad in 7th grade by stupid mean little nothings, that her grades suffered, and I found out this year, she actually contemplated killing herself! Bullying is awful, and it's so hard to fix because if they fight back, they get in trouble for fighting, but if they don't they get bullied further. And, THE PARENTS! don't get me started on the parents of these kids! Most the time, they think they're children are perfect angels, the rest of the time they're the ones encouraging the behavior! Makes me ill!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Oh God. I am so scared of this. The other night while I was tucking my boys into bed, I actually cried while I watched them sleep (yeah, I know, suck city). I was just thinking how much I wish I could always protect them from everything: bullies, broken hearts, unfairness. All the ugliness of life. I can only imagine what I'm going to feel like when something like this first happens to one of my sons - I'm sure it's a horrible feeling, since I'm already apprehensive about it. Sorry you - and #1! - had to go through this.

This post made me so sad. How's he doing now? Feeling any better about the situation?

Jennifer said...

I can't stand bullies. This makes me so made I want to come and help you shave the kids head. There is simply no call for that type of behaviour.

our b life said...

LOve your socks, they rock! Bullies stink.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

First visit and I love your blog! Are those your children? I've never in my life seen more beautiful children - no exaggerating! Cute post - I love the real rants!

parentingBYdummies said...

Update: I (w/all 3 dudes in tow) spoke to the VP @ #1's school this am and she assured me that they would make sure they pulled the culprit aside to shake the crap outta him. Actually, she said they'd have a "discussion" with him, but I'm hoping that discussion will involve some serious shaking. #1 spent last night crying in his bed, his head was still hurting when we parted this am, and he was Mr. Sad face when we had our meeting with the VP. Main thing is that she was very attentive to my desires, to #1's sensitivities, and to her responsibility as a school official. I am hopeful that this event will be isolated, and if not, that they will certainly work with me to deal with it. Thanks for your kind words, peeps! I'll let you know if the kid keeps it up & I have to get buck:)!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love those socks! Where did you get them?

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I hear ya. We have had some fairly serious bullying issues in my son's elementary school. I had reported it to the Principal so many times, that I finally got fed up and went to the School Board about it (oh yes I did!) I now have her boss's personal cell phone on my speed dial.

I don't like to have to do that, but I have to protect my child. This bigger kid put him in a choke hold and threw a rock the size of an egg at his FACE. I'm amazed that kid wasn't expelled, I personally think he should have been, but at least he's leaving my son alone now.

Anonymous said...

I like knee socks.....for other people. Those are very unique!

That's hard for #1...what really sucks about mean kids is that typically, they have mean parents, so it's useless to try and work it out. heart goes out to your little guy.

Tina said...

Kids are so, so mean. Your poor son. I can't imagine!

SimplyValorie said...

I love knee high socks!

As for the bully, what a jerk! I swear, kids weren't like that ten years ago. Or, I never saw it.

Jane said...

The pic of your socs takes me back to my childhood. And remember the ones with the individual toes? Those were the days!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I love the photos and so sorry to hear about the bullying. I just don't know what the heck is wrong with some kids. I hope his parents were alerted to that bad behavior!

SupahMommy said...

aww mess

let me tell you what...

my sweet girl is goinna marry your sweet boy and they're goinna learn to kick some ass together.

Seriously.. pulling hair. Total assault.
March that shit right onto the bus next time it happens: and go ape.

You did the " right " thing this time.
It happens again: Mama bear needs to make an appearance.

I am just so mad at that kid- I'm calling mr. T.
I'll send him.
As a bodyguard.

So. I've been practicing with emma... the RIGht things to say: AND THEN if those don't work.. THE BACK OFF things to say.

Can't wait to hear what you're teaching him.

much love.. and so much understanding.. my heart is with ya mama bear

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