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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Swag-urday: Vegas Edition

I know, you've missed me and my buy-this-if-you-wanna-be-the-best-Santa-impersonator-eva Ultimate Bomb Diggity Gift Giving Guide.

But, I was doing some research (aka snapping pics all incognito like at FAO Schwartz in Vegas) to bring you a more hands-on, real life, in the trenches type post.

And, I think you'll be quite pleased with the results since I was able to capture, on film whatever digital cameras use for capturing, each of the items I'm recommending this week.

I held them.

I smelled them.

I looked aghast at the prices (honestly, is FAO Schwartz for real with that?!).

And I'm back now to share my findings with you!


But, lemme back up a bit and explain the theme of this week's post to you a bit.

This week we are talking about lovies, blankies, sweeties, babies, whatever you call those attachment objects your kid likes to drag all over town and leave in random places.

At Casa de Dummies, we call ours buddies.

All the dudes have one (or two) and they always have.

All of them were given their little buddies at birth and have slobbed them down nightly since the only-let-your-child-sleep-on-a-bare-mattress mandate was lifted.

#1 got Mr. Sweatskins (long story, don't ask) at the hospital...

#2 got Buddy before he was even born...

#3 received Bully for a gift at his baby shower, and Baby (the one-eyed hottie in pink) was adopted from #2 just recently and has become an integral part of his go to bed audience...

I'm a firm believer in teaching them to love these inanimate objects.


They've never been out-on-the-town draggers, but they have all been known to insist (and by insist I mean go buck raving mad should their Buddy be accidentally left at Mimi's house) their "beddy buddies" be present and accounted for each night before they close their eyes.

I just feel like they really do fill a void that would otherwise require me to snuggle them to sleep each night and I'm more of a peace-out-dude-see-you-in-the-am kinda tucker-iner.

I don't like to linger or pat or reassure a hundred times, and my kids are so buddy trained that they don't require that.

All they need is their buddies, their blankies (tucked and pulled exactly right), and their night lights, followed by a quick hug, and I'm out.

So, today's post is a look at buddies that you might want to train your child to love (believe me, if you're one of those takes-an-hour-to-get-the-kid-to-sleep kinda moms, you'll thank me for this suggestion when your little one is wrapped tightly around their new buddy and you're wrapped tightly around a martini and your TV remote).

And, if "Santa" brings one of these little guys, maybe your little believer will be even more inclined to take the bait.

There are so many cute ones out there now I'm thinking of chucking Bully out the window (he smells so ripe at the moment I'm afraid he's a bit of a health hazard, but I don't wanna wash off his essence) and replacing him with one of these fellas.

Ugly Dolls. So stinkin' ugly they're cute, right?!

Or, check out the Deglingos! Is there something cuter than a scantily clad rat?

Love these? They have shoes, too! Check out Haute Lava for all of the super nutty designs!

And, what about this creepy dude from BeeOdd?! Odd looks pretty awesome.

Here's one from my FAVORITE sock makers, Little Miss Matched, called a Knitwit. I know all of you savvy-with-a-needle mama's could probably whip something like this up in no time, but for those of us who can't even work a crayon correctly, this is CA-UTE!

And, if all else fails. There's always an old standby. A familiar sidekick from days gone by...

Yes, friends, it's a Monchichi and you know you loved them when you were little. I mean, how could you not love something that made thumb sucking an acceptable part of society?

Happy shopping!


Mira is triplet crown said...

When my friend sent me flat animals with stuffed heads early in my pregnancy I thought she was kinda off. Who needs an un-stuffed animal? Well, them things are irreplaceable. We draped them over infant eyes and they sucked on each and every appendage and now, more grey than colored, they are permanent. I got each one 2 more hoping to spread around the slobber but they just need all of them at once. We are allowed to wash them still but I'm thinking soon they wont let us...

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

My oldest had a Blanket that she carried everywhere (She still has it).

The youngest carries around a spotted dog and stuffed santa. We can't go to bed without Spotty or Santa.


Debbie said...

I was always a firm believer in my kids having those good old standbys too!

Orange Juice said...

totally. that exactly the way to do it. mak sure they r all attached to something or they'll take up all ur time. ha

kys said...

My kids are blankie boys all the way. The oldest gave his up years ago. My first grader? Still sleeps with his. I hope his wife will understand someday.

Lolli said...

I really got a kick out of this. I have a couple of blanket kids and a couple of kids that love their stuffed friends. My 6 year old has a lamb that she got when she was born that I've had to re-stuff several times ("Lamby is going in for surgery again!") Strangely, I was drawn to the Monchichis last Christmas, mostly because of the nostalgia, but my kids didn't find them all that exciting.

Eva Gallant said...

great photos!

love the crazy stuffed toys!

jusy dropped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

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