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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Happily (un) Haunted Party

I'm sensing a theme here, how 'bout you?!

Yep, we really are having the 2nd Annual Happily (un)Haunted Halloween Party @ Casa de Dummies this Saturday and you're all invited!


Pu-leez! I'm nice (okay, I'm sorta nice), but I'm not that nice!

I'd love to have you all over another time, though. Right after I win the lotto, buy a huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and have an entire staff of chefs, maids, and party planning geniuses on hand to take care of it.

Then I'll throw a funky-fresh shin dig and invite each and every one of you 402 followers (and other skulkers who I know come here to read, but for whatever reason don't like to leave comments or follow so that I can actively stalk you back) who have been with me from the beginning (or shortly thereafter).

Sadly though, it's just me, Dumb Mom, no waiters, no maids, no award winning chefs. All I have at my disposable is a handful of dude-made decorations (see above), a few fun costumes, and BFF, party planner extraordinaire.

That's right, I have a party planner.

And, she's sorta awesome.

But, she doesn't have a full wait staff, an accomplished kitchen crew, or people to set up and tear down the awesomeness she creates.

Maybe one day.

But, not today.

Which means that all of her amazing ideas require her (and me, unfortunately) to endure back breaking, time consuming, the-end-product-is-da-bomb-and-you-better-recognize type of work.

So, needless to say all of my Blog Land buds are not on the guest list IRL, but don't fret you will get to experience the awesomeness through the blog (and eventually through her blog as well once I quit holding all of the photos hostage so she can launch the darn thing).

Let's get this party stared by sharing the invitations she made.

Are they not the cutest, (un)haunted little things?

Feel free to be jealous, I'm totally used to it by now.

But, let's not get carried away with that. I need some help coming up with the menu and jealous people are unhelpful people.

So... If you're over it, any slightly-envious-creative-masterminds want to share some easy-for-a-Dumb-Mom tricks and treats to make a party (with 23 children on the guest list!) even more Happily (un)Haunted?





MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Okay–HOW ADORABLE are the invitations?! The mummy invite is my absolutely favorite... (um, directions please!!! Don't be stingy!!! LOL!)

Okay, so Vanessa over at Food Lovers Like Me contributed a post to MyBrownBaby last year for Goblin Cupcakes... these would be SUPER CUTE! Here's a link...

confused homemaker said...

Impressive invitations, I really love the mummy too. Then again I'm feeling a little embarrassed since I totally thought you were serious when you opened with a general invite. Man, is my face red now.

SupahMommy said...

OH you have to check out ... smell the cofee lisa! she has AWESOME SAUCEOME IDEARS. YOu'll have to scroll through but she's all about the hallowen crafties..

tell her SUPAH SENT CHA.

still waiting for JT story..
did i miss it..
please direct me if so... google map me.

SupahMommy said...

OH you have to check out ... smell the cofee lisa! she has AWESOME SAUCEOME IDEARS. YOu'll have to scroll through but she's all about the hallowen crafties..

tell her SUPAH SENT CHA.

still waiting for JT story..
did i miss it..
please direct me if so... google map me.

TKW said...

I am the suckiest craft person in the world, so I am alas, unable to contribute anything of worth.

However, those invitations are adorable and how lucky are you to have a BFF like that?

S Club Mama said...

Of course dirt cake with gummy worms. If you want, peel some grapes, freeze them and stick them in your punch for "eyes" or fill a latex glove (or non-latex glove) with water, freeze and you have a floating appendage.

S Club Mama said...

you invites are super cute. can you show us the inside?

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Those are some pretty fantastic invitations, my friend. I heart things like that. I really think they set the tone for a party.

Looks like you are going to have a fab time. Enjoy!

Mira is triplet crown said...

i have never forgotten a party I went to as a kid (so much that Im' counting the days until the kids are old enough for me to throw one for them) where the guests got a menu, in no particular order, of spooky sounding items like 'witches fingers' (carrots or cheetos) and 'brains' (spaghetti noodles) but you didn't know what anything was and so you ordered it however you wanted and got your meal in that order. So if you guessed that 'goblin glop' was soup so you ordered it first but it was pudding you got that first! I thought it was the most fun ever as a kid. First, to eat spooky sounding food, second, to see what order everyone got their food, and third to see what the food actually was. And they made an incredibly basic menu but thought up really great names for something like a stupid salad.

Then the food doesn't have to be spectacular, it's just entertaining to see what you get!

Jennifer said...

I have nothing. I saw some cute mummy cupcakes in one of the magazines I get, but I have no idea how to make them.

Charisse said...

Toothy apple bites!

Mini Caramel Apple Bites

Eyeball cupcakes

I am making cake balls for our Halloween party. Eyeballs, spiders, and pumpkins. But they are pretty darned time consuming. Check out for cake pop ideas. :-)

Mira is triplet crown said...

Weelicious has two really fun easy spooky hot dog recipes right up top today: mummy hot dogs and one that looks like hotdogs oozing guts.

LucyCooper said...

Those Mummy invites are awesome.

Um- olives kinda look like eyeballs. I got nothin'- I'm kind of worthless in the kitchen.

Happy Halloween!

Mama B said...

Invites: Awesome!

I got some little Halloween cookbooks at the grocery checkout. You can check online at Duncan Hines, Pillsbury, gold Medal...they have tons of great and creepy ideas. Family Fun does too (but I try to not spread the Disney matter how cute the tombstone dip is!)

Anonymous said...

Love the invitations - totally jealous - I posted on my blog today what I am making for dinner... maybe it might work for you.

our b life said...

YOur invitations are so cute. I love Halloween parties.

Alicia said...

wow! those are sooooo cute! i can't believe she made those awesome decorations!! while we're waiting has some really awesome ideas, check her out!

Life with Kaishon said...

ADORABLE! : ) They look lovely! How fun will your party be? Fab!

Mindy said...

I really love the invitations!! The mummy one is just too cute.. so creative!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I don't have any fabulous ideas for food or anything, but I do have game that we used to play at my son's pirate birthday parties. You take a bowl of pretzels and the hook part off a wooden coat hanger. Then you see how many pretzels each kid can scoops up with their hook.

I love the invitations though. That one with the eyeballs is so funny and would be easy to do. Might have to try that one for next Halloween.

KK said...

How fun! For the record, I'd much prefer this kind of party to a fancy schmancy Hollywood party anyway!

marymac said...

make it 403! glad you mentioned because i though i was already following! duh!

love halloween, love you

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