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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ask Me Monday

You asked so I'm answering.

From: Tania@Larger Family Life (she was unable to come up with another question to ask me)

Question: Am I that unimaginative?

Answer: Do you even have time for an imagination? You have 8 kids! I'm sure you spend all of your time imagining what a quiet room or a good night's sleep is like.

From: Kathy B.

Question: Can I lose 10 lbs without exercising?

Answer: Nope. If you weighed, say about 200 lbs more than I know you do, I'd say yes. For whatever scientific reason, if you weighed more like 350 pounds as opposed to 120 pounds (which is probably a gross over estimation which I hope you forgive me for since we haven't met in person yet) I'd say certainly. Just skip a couple of Twinkies, or Philly Cheese Steaks, or whatever it is that makes you 300 pounds overweight and drink a few glasses of water and you'd wake up in the morning 10 pounds lighter. Or, if you were a man (since it's SO easy for them). But, since you aren't (300lbs or a man) then you can't (lose weight w/o exercising) so stop it now and go for a run already. Or, have an ice cream.

From: Rita/Fighting off Frumpy

Question: Do I wish I had a daughter?

Answer: Um, yeah, can't you tell by this?

Princess crowns and pink panties.

But, I'm pretty sure I want one in addition to, not instead of, my boys. Since that ship has sailed (in the form of a scalpel and a steel table) I guess I'll have to settle for dressing my boys like little ladies from time to time.

From: Angie

Question: Did I inherit my humor or was I born this way?

Answer: Neither. I developed this odd state of being as a defense against my largely humorless family. Kidding! They are funny, just no where near as hilarious as me!

From: Lisa Anne

Question: Ideas for free summer fun.

Answer: Well, since summer is over, can I be off the hook for this one? I'm working on some ideas for the fall, though so I'll keep you posted:)!

From: I'm just sayin'-Kerri

Question: What is my ethnicity?

Answer: This is an easy one...I'm black. But, to explain the endless curls sprinkling off my dudes' heads, Hubby is Mexican (but actually, they get the curls from me anyway, so that doesn't really explain anything).

From: Blog Baby

Question: Why didn't I grant Blog Baby an interview?

Answer: Well, there is an extensive screening process from prospective interviewers and there is an extremely long waiting list and I have just been overwhelmed by requests for appearances and sound bites and the paparazzi are really just getting outta control. But, I'll have my people call your people and set something up.

From: Faemom (this evil genius had a plethora of questions to ask me; lucky me)

Question: What is an open id error? Does blogger hate me? What's up with the lame ass word recognition? If I get pissed off at blogger, should I take it out on my laptop?

Answer: Open id error? Not sure. Can I use a lifeline? No? Okay, then I'm gonna say it's when a bouncer gets duped by a fake id. Yep, that's what it is. Does Blogger hate you? Probably, because Blogger hates everyone, right? The word recognition is lame, and I hate it, and that is why you won't find any of that business around these parts. And, finally, I wouldn't recommend beating up any of your own stuff, unless you have figured out some way to prove Blogger liable (or is it culpable, or is it both?) and, if that is the case, please, do tell!

From: Nanny Goats in Panties

Question: Stranded on a desert island with one book, one iPod, and one TV, who would you sleep with?

Answer: Okay, um, Robert Pattinson, Justin Timbrlake, and T.I. Wait those weren't the choices? Oh well, whatever, that is my final answer.

From: Aubrey

Question: What is my favorite type of ice cream?

Answer: All flavors are my favorite. It only has to call itself ice cream and I am in love.

From: Teresha & Dan

Question: What kind of camera do I use?

Answer: I have two cameras, both of them are made by Canon. One of them is a Rebel XTi and one is a D40. But, of course, the gorgeousness of my photographs can be entirely attributed to my great skill and trained eye. Sike! It's the camera for sure:).

Want to ask something for next month? Be my guest, I'm all ears!


confused homemaker said...

Shoot, I was hoping I could lose 10 lbs that way. Now to drown my sorrows in ice cream.

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Thanks for answering. The curls really are adorable!

Laura said...

Set the tiaras down and slowly step away from the boys!

I am jealous. You have paparazzi.

Jennifer said...

What is the BEST thing about moving from CA to DC? and what do you miss the most?

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I thought about never cutting Cameron's hair, since it was curly, and instead putting it up into cute bows once in a while.

And there's a little tiny sundress hanging in the closet, the perfect size for the baby that will, hopefully, be joining us within a few days.

Too bad he's a boy too. *sigh*

Heather of the EO said...

WOW...You are FUUU.NY.

You are so smart, answering questions in time a month. This one time, I told people they could ask questions. They asked. Then I got overwhelmed and only got around to answering like two of them. I'm reliable like that.

Heather of the EO said...

I meant "one time a month" not "in time a month"

I don't know in what time I would mean...I just need to look at my comments before I publish them.


angie said...

Any flavor of ice cream is my BBF, too.

Seriously, I grew up in a family who had ice cream for dessert like every.single. night. I didn't find out until I was older that it was the cheap, neopolitan kind, so when I found the good stuff, there was no going back.

Kathy B! said...

Okay. I love you forever for implying that I weigh in the vicinity of 120...

So my question for next month is: How can I make everyone else see me through the beer goggles which you are obviously using to view life?!

SimplyValorie said...

What is your favorite thing about raising boys?

Also, go check out my blog post from today! I gave you a blog award (I'm sure you've received plenty, but just in case you haven't gotten this one). :]

Anonymous said...

LOL This is why I love you. I'll have to think of some more insane questions for you.

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