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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordful (Ooo! Ooo! Pick me!) Wednesday

So, I'm not the only one who does super-cool-totally-awesome-blow-you-away giveaways like this one!

Actually, tons of bloggers offer way better stuff than what I'm able to rummage around for.

Like the SITS chicks (please tell me you know of the most awesome blog site on the PA-Lanet!).

They are the ones hosting the blog conference this October in Las Vegas that I am begging, borrowing, and stealing from everyone I know to attend.

You know, the one I'm planning on selling my self out for at the Bunny Ranch (or some way less well known, way more seedy establishment if need be)?

Yeah, that's the one.

I'm going with BFF to it and I'm so effing excited I could do a toe touch (not the jump in the air kind because that is physiologically impossible, I'm talkin' the bend over and touch 'em kind, which for me is BIG!).


They partnered up with to do this awesome giveaway that would allow some extra-special-totally-deserving-eager-to-avoid-doing-hard-time-for-prostitution blogger like myself a FREE RIDE to SITScation!

And, all I had to do is make up a super cool story that people would enjoy reading (easy, right?) and post it on their site.


Powered by Whrrl

Cool, right?

And, now I'm entered and I'm keeping all ten of my fingers crossed like constantly and I will probably have arthritis so badly by the time I get there that none of the other super cool bloggers I'm going there to stalk meet will even want to talk to me.

But, even if my wicked witch hands get me ostracized by the cool people, at least I'll have my first overnight trip away from the rat pack over here and I won't even have to rent myself out to some creepy-Roscoe-P.-Coltrane-donkey-booty-car-salesman to do it.

So. Worth. It.


Muthering Heights said...

Good luck! :)

Kathy B! said...

Go get em! I hope you win :)

Emma said...

Good Luck!! :)x

Jen said...

I hope you win!

Lolli said...

I've got my fingers crossed for myself already, but I would still be so happy if you won!

Octamom said...

Good luck!!!


blueviolet said...

Good luck! It sounds like it will be a heck of a time! Maybe next year for me....

Amethyst Moon said...

I want to say "good luck, I hope you win" because you're blog is totally awesome, but because I'm entering, too, and, WoW! How cool would it be to go?! I really need the luck myself, but I am going to say "Good luck to you! because if it's not me, I sure hope it's you!" really! I mean that! :0)

Sera said...

I LOVED your story, and your kids are just SO, so CUTE!

Jennifer said...

I was disappointed that SITScation was completely booked just because I wanted to participate in this giveaway. That whrrl site looks totally cool. I wonder if it might be the next big thing. KWIM???

Lisa Anne said...

Good Luck!! I hope you win!

SupahMommy said...

lol!! I saw yours yesterday and have to submit mine too.
darn kids.. needing so much!! Mommy's WORKING.. can't you see that/????lol

I soo want to go and meet all you.)

I thought yours was very funny. :)

Alicia said...

awesome! i'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!
What can I help you with? Lean on someone? Voodoo spells? Praying to the Patron Saint of Blogger Moms?

Anonymous said...


Debbie in Nashville said...

Good luck!

MaryRC said...

thats awesome best of luck to ya!!

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