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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Go! Fight! Win!

So, I'm kinda awesome.

Perhaps you already had an idea about that, but, now other people (like Hubby) are starting to recognize too.

This past weekend we celebrated his 33rd (yep, I said it) birthday.

And, by celebrated I mean I (along with the help from the even-more-awesomer-than-me people at RazorGator and Event Chaser) was able to secure him tickets to see the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Washington Redskins at Fed Ex field.

I'm not a huge football fan.

Let me rephrase that. I am not a football fan at all.

Don't hate it, but definitely don't love it.

Matter of fact, the last time I paid really close attention to the goings on on a football field, I was scantily (not really, our uniforms had sweaters, long sleeved sweaters 'cause it was effing freezing during football season) clad in a cheerleading uniform enthusiastically shouting Go! Fight! Win! as the boy I was pinning after ran up and down the field like a rocket.

Currently, I attend sporting events for two reasons:
1. The food, and
2. The between play song action during which you can find me jumping around, stomping, clapping, and chanting the team slogans like a true fan as I desperately attempt to get spotted by the cameras so that I may enjoy my 30 seconds of fame on the Jumbotron. Yes, that was me doing the snake on the ESPN highlight reel last Saturday (kidding, but would totally be stoked if that really happened to me).

But, Hubby.... He's a fan.

Not a fan of the Steelers or (definitely not) the Redskins (he loves the 49ers).

But a fan of the game.

And, even though it was a preseason game, he was elated to discover that he would be a few (hundred) feet away from the likes of Troy Polamalu, Willie Parker, and Hines Ward (and some of those good players on the Redskins whose names he refused to share with me).

And he wasn't the only fan there.

The stadium was filled with the terrible towels of the Steelers and the rally rags of the Redskins (which they gave us for free upon entry, woot!).

It was a sea of gold, and black, and maroon (or whatever shade of red that is)...

There were also the die hard men-women-dressed-pigs, officially known as the Hoggettes...(the hog in the middle is actually me!)

Fun, right?!

Know what wasn't fun, though?

Having to chuck a perfectly good backpack and two umbrellas in the garbage can because apparently they aren't allowed inside of the stadium no matter how hard it is pouring outside.


No umbrellas?

I guess they are afraid that some drunk-off-his-a** Redskins fan could use his rain gear to bludgeon overzealous fans of opposing teams, but honestly, I just wanted to stay dry and not have to spend the entire game looking like this...

Luckily, the rain didn't last much past the first quarter and I was able to eat my bratwurst and my nachos in uninhibited-by-psycho-80s-hair peace.

Most exciting part of the whole night (other than watching the basically naked cheerleaders do their whole stripper dance routine for two hours straight; someone please hire these girls for a reality show, they are DESPERATE) was observing the huge police presence at FedEx Field in action.

It might possibly be the safest place to be in the DC Metro area on game night, provided you are not an obnoxiously drunken reveler.

If you are an obnoxiously drunken reveler, you are in direct violation of the Redskins' 18 page (okay not really, but it's super long, man) code of conduct and you will be tossed out on your ear, or your a**, depending on just how drunk you actually are.

Lucky for me (& Hubby) I wasn't drunk as it ALWAYS leads to bad things (or good things provided that you don't know me personally and therefore would not be directly impacted by my engaging in embarrassing and/or worthy of police intervention type behavior, in which case me drunk is funny).

We had a really nice (until my bloody, evil migraine kicked in and ruined it all) time hanging out together.

I almost remembered why I married the guy!

Want to read more about our outing? 'Course you do.

Check me out on Event Chaser!


The Mrs. said...

I wasnt a football fan but hubs has turned me into a Giants fan, even as a displaced MD'er I cant stand the redskins and even more shameful since I went to college in Balt. I really can't stand the ravens. But the Giants I can get behind. But not in person, those tickets are WAY to expensive.

sounds like you had fun!

confused homemaker said...

I love going to sporting events for the food, beer (both are totally WAY overpriced) and the people watching. Baseball & football are the best. Looks you both had a good time:)

Keyona said...

Sports=Boring! Great pictures though!

TKW said...

I like football. And hockey. But that's it.

I want a picture of that Chaka Khan hair!

And WTF? Grown men dressed up like pigs?

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I have honestly TRIED to like football ... but I just absolutely cannot. The food, though, might be an enticing aspect. :)

African-American Brides said...

haha! So funny. We're in Maryland but we're split. I'm a Redskins fan, but hubby likes the Ravens. Yuck! Anyway, just popped over from SITS to say hi. :)


Kathy B! said...

I don't do football.

Unless we're home on the couch, I have a glass of wine a good book... wait for it... and hubby rubs my feet with this awesome peppermint foot lotion. I trained him well :)

Jennifer said...

I love football. Not in a weird I-know-all-the-stats kind of way, but in a I-love-to-watch-and-can't-wait-for-my-kid-to-be-old-enough kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great way to celebrate!!

Erin said...

LOVE Football....I'm a TN Titans fan...but never been to a I'm jealous!

And sorry to hear about the migraine, I HATE those...they ruin EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I think I have to start the cult to KathyB!

Where was I because I got sidetracked. You're an awesome wife! You got great seats AND you went. I'm impressed. Way more than I would do.

Alicia said...

fun!!! i'm SO excited for football's a little sad really.

Lee said...

Mu hubby has season tix to the Redskins..of course now he lives in Houston..he got those in the divorce. he is always selling them...50 yd. line yadayadayada if your hubs is ever interested!

ck said...

Sorry, I can't stop laughing about the Chaka Khan reference!

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