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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Swag-urday: Pizza and stuff

This past weekend the dudes (2/3 of them at least) were shackin' up with their Mimi and Papa.

We decided to take advantage of the "alone" time (because, honestly, it's like we're alone when we are only in charge of one kid; it's so easy it should be against the law) by doing some virtually-impossible-with-the-antagonist-and-protagonist-locked-in-an-epic-battle-at-all-times around.

We went car shopping (no, we didn't get one yet, but we are so going to; maybe someone wants to send me a freebie to review?!).

And then, we went out to eat.

At a sit down establishment!

See, one kid is e-a-s-y!

We visited zpizza in Rockville (but they have locations nationwide) and it was, for lack of a better word, AWESOME!

Hubby is a self proclaimed pizza connoisseur of sorts, so he's very selective with his pizza, and even he enjoyed it.

The place rocked because they had:

1. Friendly staff. I really hate it when I go into a place and the workers are literally pissed that they have to deal with me. I mean, I sympathize, I hate work too. But, I do my best to disguise my loathing with a bright smile and my cheery work voice. It's the least I can do, ya know, since chances are good I'm not going to do much else. Everyone at the zPizza was smiling and patient (b/c they have a seriously confusing menu with tons of options so I was all over the place).

2. Organic product. Not that I seek out organic dining options, I'm not that committed to good health (see jiggly belly for proof). But, it's like an added bonus because then I don't have to feel quite so bad about giving it to the dudes.

3. Tasty, wood fired crust. To me, it's all about the crust. If you start with a good base then you can slack off a little bit (not that they did, it was all tasty) in other areas. And, I like my crust thin and crunchy (if you don't then this is probably not the place for you). We went for the whole wheat crust (give it up for better health!) and it was deliciously wood-fired and thin and good.

4. Affordable prices: This is not the defining factor for us, but it does make a difference, especially since I feel like I am feeding a team of horses (wait, horses don't eat meat, do they? Okay, I'm feeding mythical meat heating horses) these days. We got a large pizza and two drinks for less than $20. That's not bad since when we go to Burger King it costs us an arm and a leg. Seriously, I took the dudes to BK last week and for just the two of them it cost me $11.78! And, it's not even organic!

5. Choices, choices, choices: The menu is laid out with different steps. You pick your crust, you pick your sauce flavor, and you pick your toppings. We are boring, traditional, don't fix what ain't broken pizza eaters so we got regular, regular, half mushroom/half pepperoni (b/c Hubby thinks mushrooms are poisonous, and I;m watching my girlish figure...NOT!). But, we could have gotten the Tuscan pizza with roasted garlic sauce and truffle oil, or the Santa Fe pizza with chipotle pesto and chicken sausage.

Wanna know more about zPizza's healthy bits?

They use:
certified organic wheat flour in our crust (contains no dairy)
certified organic tomato sauce
part-skim, rGBH-free, award winning Wisconsin cheese
msg-free and nitrate-free sausage and meatballs
msg-free pepperoni
vegetables that we roast in-house
other options: gluten-free crust, soy cheese

Wanna get a discount on zPizza next time you go (since you are totally gonna click on this link and find one near you because I said so)?

Join their ztribe and get a $5 coupon for your next visit.

Just so you know: The pizza was free, but it really was good. Sometimes free stuff sucks; this wasn't one of those times:)!


confused homemaker said...

Having only one child to hang with IS a mini-vacation when you have more, it feels so different than it did when you really did only have one.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. I totally want pizza now. And I'm a pepperoni girl myself. Why try something new when the original is just as good?
As for one child, ever see Cosby talk about that. He says you're not a real parent until you have more than one because with one you always know who did it.

Alicia said...

mmmmmmmmmm yum!! wish i could eat it!

Deva84 said...

Your header is amazing. I love this pic girl! so sweet!

this pizza looks great!

Have a great Sunday and bisous SIST'a. deva!

lov said...

so i wonder,
did you like it??


one of my favorite kind of pizzas are the ones cooked in the wood ovens...LOVE LOVE it!

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