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Monday, June 15, 2009

Say goodbye to my little friends

While I fully support the Constitutional right to bear arms, particularly for a young dude, I can no longer allow such weapons as these in my home.

Well, they will remain in my home, but are being hidden away for a period of time that has yet to be determined.

It's just not safe anymore.

#3 is dangerous with these things.

Pain is his business and business is good! (Major Payne was hilarious, no?)

He spends a great deal of time walking around, sword in hand, and he finds it hilarious when his sword accidentally", on purpose, encounters a living creature (aka his unsuspecting family members).

I can hardly blame him because it is quite amusing to watch Hubby collapse in pain when his jewels are assaulted by #3's blunt, but surprisingly painful, instrument.

And, the yelping that ensues after #1 is knifed in the back is probably as entertaining to #3 as it is to me.

But, I can not stand by any longer while my children are mollywopped and pistol whipped by their ruffian of a baby brother.

So, until the small one can be trusted, all weapons will have to be confiscated.

It's a sad day in hero land.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot about Major Payne! I'm going to get it from the library tomorrow!! :)

Dianne said...

You are so brave to post picture of toys of that nature and admit to having them in your home and braving the wrath of the alternative “I live in a bubble” parenting style.
I grew with heroes like Annie Oakley, John Wayne, Dick Tracey and others, the likes of who would never be without their "peace maker's", and I'm fine! In addition, I went hunting with my father every Saturday morning for Thumper, oops, I mean, rabbit for dinner that evening. Again, I'm fine!
Of course, I had parents "not-afraid-to-lay-down-the-law" who provided us with a firm grip on reality, reiterated what was playtime and what was real, and provided us with consequences. So let your little ones enjoy the "toys" and their imagination as they re-enact their hero's from TV & movie land, the scenarios that they will create and the lessons they will learn through their play are invaluable.

TKW said...

Oh my God! The indignation on that little face!

Shannon said...

Can I just say... I don't buy these toys (not because I "live in a bubble" but because I just don't like them), but it's totally not necessary, because my little boy sees a sword in every long object and does the same things as your little one. I think it is a good stretch for his imagination, but I also try to set limits about hurting others with his swords and guns! Good luck!

parentingBYdummies said...

Yeah, I'm not ashamed (b/c the word is not in my vocab) to show my war toys b/c I do buy them, I don't really care if other people don't like it 'cause I'm not requiring them to buy them too, and they don't make my kids anymore prone to violence than the stick that they also pickup to use in the absence of a sword (which not sure if people know, is not really a valid form of combat in today's world. As in, you are more likely to get beat w/a stick than knifed w/a sword). I try to encourage all forms of imaginative play (yes, when #2 was wearing knee high boots & carrying a purse, that was cool too), and some good ole fashion cowboy play w/the neighborhood boys is a-ok w/me. I try to encourage everyone to play nicely, #3 is still working on that concept. But it's on his to-do list along w/not biting, not eating from the trash can, and controlling his bladder. I'm sure he'll catch on sooner or later, but until then the weapons of mass destruction will be hidden in the back of my closet:) Thanks for the comments folks, keep 'em coming!

angie said...

I LOVED this post. I recently had to confiscate light sabers for the same reason.....:) I LOVED this pictures of your boys today, too.

Now......when is that post coming about your wine colored handbag? I'm DYING to see your collection. :)

Mira said...

Ha ha, well #3 has to get his revenge in early for all the little brother taunting he'll be in for throughout his life! Perhaps he can find a more subtle way though...

Kimberley said...

Oh yes! The confiscation of weapons! I think that happens to all Mama's of boys at some point!

I certainly have no qualms about purchasing these types of toys for my kids because in addition to allowing my children creative play, I also TEACH them about acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour. Thats our job, right?

I've never thought twice about not buying them.

Anonymous said...

We made a rule of no sword fighting if the person is unarmed. No pistol whipping at all. You hit an unarmed man, sword goes away. Evan figured it out early on in his young life. Sean is having some difficulty. Good luck. Next stop confiscating Legos turned into missles.

Stesha said...

It's always the little one! My 1yo daughter is the terror of our house.

Hugs and Mocha,

KnitterMama said...

This is a seriously popular blog!!

Yes, said weapons have sadly been confiscated at my house too...

Alicia said...

I think I've confiscated enough weapons to start an army! And it's always the youngest that are the most violent!! And just look at his little face...he looks ticked!! I love it!!

ck said...

My younger daughter can turn anything into a weapon. Just this morning she almost knocked her sister out with a magnet.

I think we might be safer if we just confiscated her...

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