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Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo of the Day

Two posts in one day. Whew!

I was just processing photos from this weekend (before my kiddies were abducted by Mimi) and found this shot of #1 and #3 that I love.

#3 is always chasing after his brothers, trying to get in on the constantly moving action.

Watch out guys, I think our littlest hero is about to catch up:)


ck said...

that is such a great shot.

Unknown Mami said...

Great photo! My husband is #2 out of 3 boys. Seeing shots of your boys really reminds me of pics of my husband and his brothers. Your boys are gorgeous. (I'm sure you know that already).

Shannon said...

I have SO many pictures of my youngest with a stick in hand! :) This pic makes me smile!

Nori D said...


Hi! I have an award for you at my place Pass by and pick it up =)


shunee said...

Great shot!! how did you do that? I got to take a class or something.Are you a pro?

Anonymous said...

Cute photo!
Sorry, I'm blog stalking. Haven't had a lot of time this week.

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