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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Holiday in Pictures

We had a very fun Memorial Day!

Hope you enjoy our photo story:)

The big boys (#1 & #2) were at Mimi's house for the entire weekend.

I was so happy to see their happy, little, smiling faces when we showed up at her house for her Memorial Day barbeque.

They had a very tiring day (and so did I, of course).

They got to go for a swim.

It was #3's first time as a real boy (last summer he was too little to even really notice).

He was swimming like a champ.

#1 & #2 had tons of fun in the pool, too.

We also enjoyed lots of yummy food.

Papa is the bestes bbqer in the world.

We LOVE his grilled corn on the cobb (and his ribs, and his chicken, and his everything!).

But the best part of our day was spending time with our family,

and our friends,

including our furry ones!

Hope you had an equally rewarding day!


Jennifer P. said...

those are some cutie pie boys for sure! Glad you enjoyed the holiday, and thanks so much for stopping by SITSta :)

Unknown Mami said...

Love it!

BlogBaby said...

That's one good lookin' mama!

Looks like super fun!

Victoria said...

great pictures on your blog! Your weekend looks fabulous! Thanks for stopping in and wishing me a happy birthday too!!

Anonymous said...

So very cute. I'm so impressed by your photography.

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