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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Faces, Part deux

Now here is #1's take on the Faces project.

He is notorious for the serious, Zoolander-never-changing-but-I-think-it-is-face. Basically, every picture he takes looks the EXACT same: serious, no smile, gaze into the distance type shot.

So, I told him to have fun with it a bit, and he didn't. He was very perturbed that me and my filthy camera were harassing him while he was trying to read Star Wars, the Clone Series, but he cooperated anyway. He's easy like that.

Funny thing, though. I'm curious why his "Mommy Face" looks like some crotchety old biotch. I'd certainly argue that I'm a pretty easy going, even tempered, smiley chick (psycho mom remains successfully repressed). I'm totally being misrepresented here.


ck said...

That's not the biotch face...that's the "I'm-about-to-kiss-you-so-pucker-up-baby" face.

Anonymous said...

I love your camera!! You take great pics! He's a doll!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping through. OMG, what beautiful boys you have. Be sure to come back and visit. Thanks for the compliment on my site. Much appreciated.

Nikki aka Euphoria Luv said...

LOL, I like his mommy face. Doesn't look like what you say at all. Kinda a "I'm gonna kiss you" face

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