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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: So NOT Dumb Edition

I haven’t shared a list of So-No-Dumb stuff in ages.

You’ve missed it, I’m sure, so I’m bringing it back just to mix things up around here.

You know me, keeping it fresh, keeping it real, and keeping it so-not Dumb!

It’s a way of life people!

So-Not-Dumb Things Dumb Mom Loves (but only for like the moment, because Dumb Mom is a fickle, flighty thing and is easily distracted by shiny things; just because you aren’t dumb today, doesn’t mean you won’t be tomorrow!)

1. Spring. I L-O-V-E spring. The budding flowers, the thunderstorms, the soft sunlight. All of it. Except for the incessant pre-dawn chirping of the birds. And soccer practice. And mud. And wind. And maybe like one or two other things. But other than that, I totally love spring. Because even though the water at “the beach”* is still beyond too cold to get into (not that I do anyway, beach water gives me the willies) we can at least go there. And rub some sunshine on our faces. And after Snowpacalypse 2010, we could use a little sunshine.


2. Easter. I’m all for any holiday that features a mythical being. Christmas, Easter, and… Okay, so I guess it’s just Christmas and Easter, but whatever, I like both of those. Because they are fun for me the kids. Dumb Dad and I hide eggs (not the hard boiled kind because I’m anti egg coloring), and make a ridiculously elaborate map with clues and stuff to their baskets that is frustrating as crap takes them all day to find. And, we get dressed up, and go to Mimi and Papa’s for dinner, and like every three years or so we even go to church!** Good times. Best part though is that I get to shop for super cool stuff to put in their baskets. This is gonna make the cut this year thanks in part to my buddies at Dancing Bear Toys.

Looks like a BLAST, right?!

3. Bubbles.

_MG_2629 b_3

But only when the weather is nice enough that they can play with them outside. Because bubbles and tiled flooring is a bloody-embarrassing-possibly-loss-of-consciousness accident waiting to happen for Dumb Mom. Plus they have the ability to make afternoons that start off like this…


turn out like this…



4. Awesome doctors. Like Dr. Kidney who is hands down the best nephrologist in Maryland. I was gonna interview him and talk about screening for kidney disease and taking care of your kidneys and other boring mundane medical type junk you probably couldn't care less about stuff. But then I decided to not to (as The Dudes like to say) because pictures are way mo betta. So here he is, Dr. Kidney, my listen-to-me-and-you’ll-live-for-ever-kidney-care-specialist-extraordinaire…


I swear to you, if you live in my area, and you need a nephrologist he (and his partner) is hands down the best choice, and I would know.***

5. People who give me awards. Like Brea from Brea’s Befuddled Brain and Sarah at The Stroller Ballet (among a few others I’ve been remiss in mentioning) because they are sweet and they come here and read my RanDumbness and tell me I’m Lovely or Beautiful or whatever even though they know I’m not gonna answer the questions or follow the official award rules and regulations or even give them to anyone else. Not because I don’t intend to, just because I just don’t. So thank you. I do appreciate them. Swear I do.

6. Potty trained two year olds. Who are doing pretty stinking’ great at not having accidents. Except for that one time, at Joann's (sorry Joann’s patrons and employees, I was totally gonna go back and clean it up, but we had to change and then we had to, like, go, so um, yeah).

7. Organization. Thanks to the likes of the Closet Tailors who hooked up the Dumb Family pantry. I’m not able to provide any before pictures because I forgot to take some the sight was just too hideous to share, but the afters are pretty much speak for themselves, see…


I ask that you ignore the duct taped basket prominently displayed in this photograph and instead, focus on the awesomeness of the shelving instead.

8. Cake Foot. Because if you have enough cake to throw it on the floor and dance in it, you must have access to a whole butt load of cake, which in my book, is SO very not dumb.

_MG_2777 copy_1

9. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Soundtrack.****


It is not gonna make your ears bleed (okay, maybe it will, but not a lot, and only on like one or two songs) and it allows you to capture videos of your kids doing the Stanky Leg their best moves. You gotta love how for reals #1 is in this video, as if he’s really doing something!

10. Made up descriptive words and phrases. Like “super-natural good”. A term coined by #2 meaning, so good you can’t stand it. As in, “Mom, deez cookies are super natural good.” Or, “super-natural-blah-blah-blah good”. Also coined by #2 and used to express something even better. If something is “super-natural-blah-blah-blah good” it is so good it makes you senseless. Literally, you nearly lose your mind it’s so good. As in, “Mom you were da meanest mom earlier, but now since you wet (aka let) me pway my DS, you made me feel super-natural-blah-blah-blah good and dat’s why I wuv you.” Seriously doesn’t get better than that!

*It’s actually a strip of sand along the lake we live at. But, for all intents and purposes it’s a beach to The Dudes.

**In my defense, I’ve been working at the hospital for the past 4 years and, since I work every Sunday, and people are always sick, and the place never closes, and sometimes I feel like a POW when I’m there I pretty much always work on Easter, making church a near impossibility for this Dumb Family.

***See above to clearly understand that I have intimate knowledge about all of the doctors in my area so if you have a nasty case of hemorrhoids need a recommendation, I’m your girl!

****Dumb Mom Admits it’s Free: Standard disclaimer in case it’s not obvious. As with previous posts, a copy of the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel was provided to me for my use free of charge. Additionally, I will receive monetary compensation (aka cash, cold, hard cash) for my participation in this project through the WB WOM team.


Maki said...

Wow, what an awesome post!!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day - I really appreciate it. Please stay in touch!


singedwingangel said...

I love this post and your photos.. and have I told you what cutie pies your boys are.. and I love the new header shot...

The Drama Mama said...

I love the video of your boys dancing. They've got some moves!

Keyona said...

I've always wanted to make a crazy map for an Easter egg hunt. Yeah. I'm too lazy. Maybe I could drop Lael off at your house?

Rebecca said...

Pictures...awesome as the switch in moods that bubbles can bring.

Video...hysterical, however we can no longer be friends b/c I saw a Redskins, a dedicated Giants fan who is married to a dedicated Eagles fan! ;)

4 Lettre Words said...

Love a good cake foot!

Kmama said...

Your boys are too freaking cute, and yes, I love how serious #1 was!!

Cake foot. So glad ot hear it was "cake".

Jennifer said...

I love baby feet covered in pretty much anything. Except poop. Poop is gross.

Last summer I bought one of those bubble machines so I can get all of the magic without any of the work. ;)

TKW said...

Cake foot? Awesome!

And what's REALLY awesome is that almost potty trained 2 year old! WOW.

The Royal Family said...

love your posts, your style is awesome. I love the foot !!! kids can get covered can't they!?

Newest follower

Check out my WW post:

The Buzz, Brandy

Buckeroomama said...

I wish my pantry is as neat as yours!

Brandy said...

Can u come organize my cupboards? LOL

Great post!

Baking Momma said...

I just found your site and LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Your boys are beautiful. Maybe they can meet my three girls *wink* LOL Keep doing what your doing it is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Even amidst chaos, you seem to have such a good time.

maria said...

Great post! You did a great job on the cupboard. You have a beautiful family.

Mine are here and here.

Allison said...

Love the bubbles photos. My son's favorite thing too. Also, bubbles do not mix well with hardwood floors. Many bumps and bruises have proven this.

Lolli said...

You always make me laugh. I actually DO need a hemmoroid doctor!

You are so right about how WONDERFUL this Spring feels after the crazy Winter we had!!

Maggie S said...

We may use "super-natural-good" around here. I like it.

Cake foot. I've never had it, but I'd like to try it.

You know, the pantry thing. That is like a gal who complains because she just can't keep the weight on. said...

These are the best photos and it is very strange that I read this after totally reorganizing my pantry. :)


Mrsbear said...

Love the Kitchen Boogie. So much of my kids dancing looks just like that, flailing, bouncing, kicking and wiggling...sometimes I join in.

And seriously? An abundance of cake. You can never have too much. Call me up, I can help you polish it off. ;)

Thanks for stopping by yesterday!

Brea said...

Hey Darl,

Thanks for the... Well... Thanks!

I don't mind that you don't follow the rules, I cheat too!

Giving away two copies of the movie Extract starring Jason Bateman and Ben Affleck. Contest ends 4/2/10.
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