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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care Reform for This Dummy

Relive a day?


I don’t have any days I’d like another shot at, Mama Kat.

Because a)the days that suck are forgotten the EXACT moment they end, and b)as I’m arguably as close to perfect as you can get while still being human, I don’t make mistakes or have regrets EVER so yeah, I’m good.


Honestly, I can tell you way more about the days I DON’T want to relive, because they sorta stick out in my mind.

Like yesterday.

Because it sucked.


Like, on a suckiness scale of 1 to 10, 10 being as sucky as a day can possibly be, I’ll say yesterday was a good strong 7.

Not the worst day ever, but so ridiculously far from the best it’s not even funny.

Okay, so maybe it’s a little bit funny (or I intend to make it seem that way), but still.

Here’s the bright side of this whole sucky-suck-day-from-sucking-Suckville, I learned something!

That’s right peeps, in the face of adversity and hardship, Dumb Mom got out her thinking cap and had herself a think.

And you know what I decided?

That health care reform is important, that’s what.

Now, I know that pBd is not the place to go for political debates, social consciousness, or discussions about morality, but you know what, today it’s gonna be.

Sorta (because you are not allowed to disagree with me or disprove my theories, I don’t like that so I’m forbidding it entirely).

Now that the ugly has come to call on Dumb Mom I’ve decided to get involved.

Well not involved, involved, more like involved-by-telling-you-my-story-because-I-want-to involved.

Because that’s what I do.

I don’t make posters (because I have the penmanship of a 5 year old), or join campaigns (unless they offer free babysitting!), or donate money (by I do donate my old shoes and handbags when I gorgeous new ones!), or go on exhausting freedom marches (holy walking Batman! These 4-inch-heeled boots weren't made for walkin').

I tell stories. About myself, because myself is awesomethat's pretty much all I know.

So how about I tell you one about how Dumb Mom came out of her self-centered cocoon of self centeredness and decided that there is a such thing as civic duty and social responsibility and, contrary to what she used to believe, it doesn’t start and end at that voting poll every four years in November?

Okay, so maybe sharing a story that I really just want to share because I’m peeved doesn’t actually qualify as performing my civic duty, but still, in the civic duty department it's all I got.

So, yeah…

Yesterday, actually three days ago, as I was chauffeuring #2 to school I felt something in my back.

A tickle. Not of the happy, fun sort.

It was the other sort.

The sort that tells you something may not be quite right. Not really time to panic, but definitely time to pay attention.

So I did, and it got worse, and then it got better, and then it got MUCH worse, and then I called my doctor, and then it got a little better, but then it got worse again, so I made an appointment, and I went in, and I peed in a cup, and they said they wanted me to have a CT pyelogram to check the old kidney and see if it was busted up.

And that is where the crap hit the fan.

Because that is when my health insurance had to get involved.

Now. Here are a few things you should know:

1. Dumb Dad is a professional. He doesn’t stand at one of those corners downtown and wait with a group of dudes for other groups of dudes to come along in pickup trucks and take him to a work site for a day. And, he doesn’t work for cash or get paid under the table or even with a 1099. Actually, he is an employee of our federal government so his job is W-2, 401K, 2 legit 2 quit.

2. Dumb Dad has been employed by his employer for a whole butt load of years. And, he’s in good standing at his job too. Not on probation or anything cooky like that.

3. We have health insurance, which is paid for through Dumb Dad’s employer. It’s not through the state and we don’t get it for free. We pay. A lot. Of cash.

4. We have had the same insurance carrier for 8 years.

5. We effing hate them and are convinced that they are trying to kill us. Mostly just me, but sometimes the kids too (Dumb Dad has been to the doctor twice in the past 8 years both times for hurting his ankle; his pretty much immune to every germ known to man. Plus when kids get sick around here he encases himself in latex and only touches them if ABSOLUTELY-FRIGGIN' necessary).

My main beef is that I see no reason why the insurance company should be allowed to decide if or when or how I should get my medical care.

I get that they need to be notified and kept up to date on my health related goings ons.

But, do they really need to “approve” a visit to urgent care? If I have time to stand around and wait for a referral, maybe the situation ain’t all that urgent!

Just sayin’. That’s why I go to the doctor, right?

I mean, if it’s really just up to the insurance company why don’t I just cut out the middle man and go directly to them with my ailment and they can tell me what to do for it?

Would be a huge time saver for people like me who don't have time to be doubled over in pain, sweating like I stole something sick.

Seriously. Because today, when my MEDICAL DOCTOR suggested that I get a CT scan, know-it-all-insurance-company-from-Hell said, “Are you sure she needs that? Today? Really? She can’t wait until, say, Monday? Why? Is she dying? Like actually dying?" Because if not…?”

And then, I had to hurry up and find someone to watch The Dudes and get my tail straight over to the CT scanning place so that they could take it today because if not then I’d have to wait. For days. Until the insurance company decided that I really need it.

And that’s not the first time this has happened.

They’ve done it with chest x-rays and prescriptions and visits to specialists.

And, I realize that “The Obama Plan” is not going to address this specifically, but it is supposed to address another problem that keeps me locked to this bloody-effing-insurance-company-from-Hell: “the end of discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions”.

Because as you all know I have one.

And because of my pre-existing condition I’m unable to ditch the crap-company-that-is-trying-to-off-me for one that will give me more freedom and access.

Because despite the fact that I rarely ever have issues with my kidneys, and that I am otherwise as healthy as a horse, no one wants to take on this land mine of a body because apparently it's about to blow.

So I’m stuck.

And that sucks.

Because, contrary to what some believe about people who are in favor of health care reform, we aren’t unemployed, and we’re not illegal immigrants, and we take care of ourselves, and we pay our bills, and we contribute to society, and we aren’t trying to get something for nothing, and I don’t want you to get less, but still here I am, sitting in pain, sucking down Tylenol, waiting to see what my insurance company my doctor is going to do next to figure out why my left side hurts so badly I can hardly breathe.

So yeah. That’s my story.

And it made enjoying #2’s official birthday pretty friggin’ difficult.

But I did it, because I love him and I wanted his day to be special and I secretly hope that one day he will realize just how awesome of a mommy I was and he will thank me for it (with a house, or a car, or a cruise, old people like to cruise).

I’m not gonna hold my breath for that one, because serving KFC and a Hostess cupcake may have gotten the job done, but I doubt that it will be winning me any mommying awards.

Lucky for me his standards are pretty low and he enjoyed it thoroughly.

Better luck next year little man!

Link your Thank Me Later Thursday posts here, I will visit and leave lovely comments on each and every one of them (which is not even hard since only a few of you do it anyway!)


Orange Juice said...

OH GIRL! I think anyone with pre-existing conditions feels the way that you do. ANyone who thinks it's for the reasons that you suggested is why people want healthcare reform is just beyond me. Ignorance is disgusting and dangerous.

Both D and I have a BILLION pre-existing conditions -no shiz- and we MUST have INS! It's scary!

Did I miss the turn out to your CT? or did you not tell. Is everything ok?

Rebecca said...

Still not sure where I stand on the healthcare reform business, but I sure hope you feel better. It's horrible what some companies think they can play God with. Hope you're feeling much better soon!

Yummmmmmmy for KFC!

Farmers Wife said...

Wow, I loved how you turned this prompt around and made it your own....

Red Neck Diva said...

hmmmm don't know what i think of health reform

Jennifer said...

This comment will probably make some people mad so they probably shouldn't read it. I think the only reason some people don't want healthcare reform is because they've been duped. Or maybe they are, like, a CEO of an insurance company and are worried about the gigantic bonus they may not get anymore. Just my opinion, to which I am entitled.

Kmama said...

Oh no. That is a sucky-sucktastic day from Suckville.

Did you get any answers on the CT??

I work with benefits (insurance) on the company side, so I understand the games that health insurance cos. play, but I can't for the life of me figure out why they wanted you to wait for a test? What, so they can choose where you go because it costs less elsewhere? Is that the reason?

I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Mimi said...

I wrote this post this morning trying to decide who I was most angry with the health care industry or the people of this country that deny (and enjoy good health and amicable insurance benefits) that there is a desperate need to make some changes. But, mostly my heart ached for my daughter, as I watched her suffer in pain yesterday waiting for the insurance company get their crap together so the doctor could treat her. She couldn't prepare the birthday dinner she had planned for her son, she couldn't go out with the family to enjoy the beautiful afternoon on this special day with her boys, how sad she was as the cake decorations, scattered across the counter, sat unused because couldn't stand at the stove to finish the birthday cake she wanted for him, and the special trip to Baskin Robbins was cancelled because she was drained and waiting for the doctor's return phone call. And, I watched as tears touched her cheek because the special attention he deserved was directed to her because of this episode. And I wonder how many more times and how many more fights will develop with the insurance company as we fight to keep her healthy living with this disease (and she has the “good” insurance).

Rebekah said...

Email me and I can tell you a few Civic Duty things you can do to help health care reform right from the comfort of your own computer. No marching, no money changing hands, just telling truth to the very few people in American more powerful than insurance company death squads, I mean, executives.

Life with Kaishon said...

I don't know how I feel about it. I am just thankful that we have what we do. And I am thankful that people on both sides of the alley are taking part in the discussion.

Love the picture of your baby. SO great!

JoeyRes said...

I think these are such important stories to tell. People that oppose reform must think that nothing bad is every going to happen to them. I can't imagine looking at our current system and thinking it doesn't need to change.

I am really in favor of health care reform, it can't come soon enough.

amy said...

i hope you are feeling better- unfortunately we see far to often, the insurance companies worrying more about the bottom line than the patient.

ps- i added a picture of my not-dream dress.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on health care reform and pre-existing conditions.

I disagree with you that #2 won't look back on his day and realize that you are one kick ass mama. =)

Much More Than Mommy said...

You know, this is a reason for reform that I'd never considered -- mostly because we've never had that type of issue before. Thank you for this -- insightful without smacking anyone upside the head. Good stuff! said...

oh my! how truly horrid. I hope you find relief soon... to your pain and your insurance co woes!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this! We are right there with you... we have the military healthcare system... and everything has to be prior-approved. EVERYTHING. Huge pain! And for the record.. to all the people that are so scared... I lived in England for two years and opted OUT of our military insurance and into their national healthplan for that two years. It was better than the care I received through the military and I have to say.. it isn't bad at all. Yes, you might wait a while for a ROUTINE appointment... but if you NEED something you get it. Unlike here, so it seems.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Thank you for posting this. I loved reading and I love the fact that you were honest with your feelings. I This ALL PEOPLE living in the country deserves to be able to afford healthcare. I especially took the to part were you reminded people that the people that are in need of healthcare are not the poor, jobless, individuals. The everyday hardworking people are fighting this fight and Americans should stand up with them! Give everyone what they deserve. I am a military spouse and I HAVE got. insurance. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Something has to get better!

Hope you get better and win your fight with your insurance company!

Brea said...

Hey Sweetie,

I SOO hope you are feeling better, I literally felt your pain. Consider many hugs to be jetting across cyberspace to you for as long as you need them.

When you get a chance, head on over to my blog, I have a special Award for you!

BlogBaby said...

Prayers for you, my friend. Lots of 'em, k?

And sick or not, you are the bomb-diggity girl and don't you forget it!

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I hope things are going better and the test results were good. And don't get me started on insurance companies. I'm ready to go egging if it would help.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Good for you in addressing a scary topic. I have finally stopped even mentioning my political thoughts on-line because people get SO nasty about it. Regardless if people are for or against something, I would think they could manage to be civil about it.

But I was quite pleased by the outcome as well. It does still need a little tinkering, but definitely a step in the right direction. And Obama - I still love the guy. I just love him very quietly because I'm tired of getting beat up for it.

Loco YaYa said...

i work in a hospital. and we discuss these types of things all day. for 17 hours. (because i choose to work that long). i think the insurance/notadoctor/knowitall people suck too.

the people that are making these decisions have not had to have 'normal' insurance in too long to remember what it means.

*sidenote: my kitchen counter is the same as the one in that pic. random i know. it's how i roll.

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