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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Make New ifriends Monday, I mean Tuesday?

I know, you're dying inside, but no Bachelor stuff today because yesterday, was a busy one and I couldn't feature this awesome nagging-begging-shameless blogger I have been forced grown to adore.

Please get to know my newest ifriend, Working Mommy (aka Lessons Learned) with a poem:

Roses are red, The Saints gold and black,
her man I bet has one aching back.

Long story short, football's her game,
which is cool even though I don't feel the same.

On other stuff we are much more a like,
For example, I bet she'd use the word sike.

And she's cool, and she's funny, kinda sorta like me,
but for proof you are gonna just have to go see.

She hides her face like I hide my name,
so that is another way we are the same.

She does have a job of the cash earning kind,
but don't hold that against her, her's blog's a great find!

Do I ever steer you wrong?

Check her out now ('cause I'm guest posting over there too!), but not before you find a Fugly Face Photo of yourself to enter in my contest so that you can take home the title. Being named Blog Dawg of the year is nothing to play around with. Opportunity of a lifetime people. A. LIFETIME!

A Guest Post from Working Mommy aka Lessons Learned aka That Chick Who Emails me A lot

Back in December, Dumb Mom and I exchanged a few emails. She is a blogger - I am a blogger. She has a group of fabulous bloggy followers - I have a group of fabulous bloggy followers. She is a wonderful mother to her beautiful boys - I am a slacker wonderful mother to my beautiful daughter. We pretty much came to the conclusion that we are the most kick-ass, bright-rainbow eating, sparkle-star pooping, booty-shaking women in all the land!!

Alright, didn't QUITE go as described. I pretty much sent her an emailing begging asking if I could feature her one Tuesday in my little piece of blog-topia. Not only that, but I also offered to off someone expressed interest in being featured on her blog-diggity. After a little bit of suggestive winking arm twisting butt kicking pleading my case, Dumb Mom agreed - horray!!

Then the panic set in...well, hell...I got the clutch what am I going to write about?!?! Crap!! So, I posed the question to Dumb Mom - what could I possibly write that your followers would think is interesting?? Her response was the most fabulous thing I've ever heard!!

"How about your awesomeness...that would be great! Actually, I really don't have any sort of ramifications about posting, just tell us what you're all about so that we know what we're getting into before we come by your blog. You know, if you worship Satan or live in a nudist colony, stuff like that so we are surprised."

I think she really meant to say "aren't" surprised...but we'll let that one slide, since I'm sure she was dealing her boys punching fighting sitting calmly with each other watching an educational show. Talk about me you say??? I can do THAT!!!

Hi, my name is Working Mommy and I am blog addict.

All: Hi Working Mommy

When I'm not stalking and commenting, which is pretty much all of the time, I can be found in my own little blogtopia...writing and causing a fuss! I even have a cute butt-on to prove it!!!" target="_blank" title="Lessons Learned">" />

There is plenty to say about me...but THE most important items for you to remember are that Sunday (1/31) was my one year anniversary with the man AND that this Saturday (2/6) is muh birfday!!!

(short pause for booty-shaking and shot-taking)

So, I started blogging back in October...I know, it wasn't all that long ago but I've come a long way since then! There are a few posts from back when I began that I think are quite funny...but no one has commented on them. I didn't have followers back then so no love was going around. Maybe sharing them with you today will get a few comments to feed my desire to be wanted addiction.

We don't live in a nudist colony or anything, but the man (hubs) and I did meet
online...praise be to!! While the internet did bring me my also ushered in a new fear of the internet - and the men who use it. After going on quite a few dates, I realized the reason why some of these men were still 35+ and single...and it was hard for me not to look at them and say that no amount of online dating would ever change that. They just weren't stable, damnit.

Not even 2 months into our relationship, the man and I found out we were pregnant - YAY!! We actually found out on his birthday...lucky guy! Since the babe is our first, I had no idea what would be ahead for us. I soon found out that being pregnant is a pre-existing condition...did you know that?? You didn't?? I didn't either until I heard from my insurance company!! Do you ever wonder how stupid people made it through to adulthood?? I do...every. single. day!

In regards to religion, I am actually about as far away from worshiping Satan as one could get. The only thing more stressful than figuring out how to pay for our shot-gun wedding was dealing with the babe's Baptism. Thankfully, when we start having other wee ones - whenever THAT will be - I will know what I'm doing when it comes to religious ceremonies...all I have to do is find friends with morals. Any takers?!?!

Last, but certainly not least, I will leave you with a story that shows just how much I don't care about what other people think. I think I got my ability to speak my mind from my father. The fact that I do it in public, that comes from my mother. Together they created the greatness which is me!! So, I do hope you'll come by and visit me...maybe enter agiveaway or two...hell, you can even guest post if you want to!! See you all in my little piece of blogtopia soon!!!


singedwingangel said...

Oohh going to check her out now

Kmama said...

I will definitely check her out. I love your poems!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I love Working Mommy!!! :)

Baby Sweetness said...

stopping by from Wokring mommy's! Wow - I can't believe she's only been going since Oct and has that many followers. I feel like a loser...;)

Loved your post at her spot!

Shell said...

Ya know I already follow ya! Happy birthday WEEK!

Shana said...

I will have to check out her blog. Thanks.

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I'm sad no Bachelor talk from you. I love your spin on the drama. lol *sigh*

Jennifer said...

Fun. I'm going to check it out.

Hissyfits & Halos said...

I LOVE Working Mommy! One of my faves. Just stopping by via her blog to say howdy!

Anonymous said...

I'm stopping via Working Mom to read a post by her after visiting Working Mommy and reading by Dumb Mom (whew..confused myself). Anywho. Both entertaining. No wonder why I read both...though stopping by currently via SITS. Toddles.

Anonymous said...

She's hilarious!
And if you don't do a Bachealor run down, how will I know what's going on?

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Oh I love Working Mommy! Funny stuff....and I too was lucky enough to guest post on her blog. We are a bunch of kick-butt bloggers, aren't we?! (Did I just say 'kick-butt?' How old am I...12?).


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