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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cent Saving Saturday: For DSLR Owners

Before I get into the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER HOSTED ON pBd, let me announce last week’s winner of the Yoplait Smoothie prize package.

Drum roll…

Seriously, people, DRUM.  ROLL…

It’s Rebecca from Unexplained X2!

Go check out her cute twin babes and congratulate her on her win!

Now if you own a DSLR camera, you are gonna want to listen up and get your giveaway-entering-fingers ready.

If you don’t own a DSLR you need to listen up so you can have yet another reason to spank your naughty self for not investing in this technological wonder.


So excited can barely even type!

Recently I found a little miracle worker that made me love my camera even more.

I honestly never imagined I could love an inanimate object as much as I love this camera and now it’s even more amazing thanks to this little do hickey…


This, my friends, is called a Light Scoop and if you are not familiar with it don’t be ashamed, because until recently I didn’t know about it either (which is amazing since I make it a point to know pretty much everything).

But, now that I do, I take it with me every where (along with my camera).

So what is this little dream maker I’m so attached to?

Well, if you are too lazy to click on the links and read all about it or, if you clicked on the link and got all sweaty because it said something about science, let me break it down for you.

Basically, the Light Scoop uses science to make your on camera flash your friend.

I HATED my on-camera flash before I met the Light Scoop.

Like literally hated it.

I am a natural light photographer in my day job and as a result I have little use for my flash most of the time.

But, there are times (like during this never ending, from Hell of a winter) when using a flash is unavoidable.

And, although I own heavy, professional type, off camera flashes I don’t wanna have to haul all that crap out just to take a picture of #3’s chocolate covered face.

So.  I would often wind up with pictures like this (sans Light Scoop)…


I know.

Wanna gag, right?!

All the hot spots and the icky bleached out parts and we’re lucky he wasn’t moving because in that low light it woulda been even worse.



Look at this (with Light Scoop)…


I know, right!

Holy awesomeness Batman!

It’s not perfect (because none of my photos ever are), but it’s much improved.

Just adding the Light Scoop changed that from a photo-I-will-delete-before-I-upload to one I might go ahead and keep.

Makes me wanna kiss Professor Kobre’s hairy little feet.

It is seriously the best camera accessory for the everyday user I’ve ever owned.

I use it daily I love it that much!

And, how will spending money on this allow you to save money in the long run?

Well, because now you, being the everyday user that you are, won’t need to buy one of the more expensive external flash units that will cost you even more in time as you learn to use it correctly (a step lots of people skip, but still, theoretically).

Even more advanced users will find this product useful because, as I mentioned, those other units are heavier and more cumbersome and pulling them out (and waiting for the dang things to “warm up”) causes you to miss moments like these…


And, if you have a house anything like mine, sweet moments don’t last long before it’s right back to this…


So you’re convinced right?

And you want one of your own so you can say Dumb Mom uses this to take awesome pictures and I want to have that too (well, don’t count on it, but you can try!).

Well you can buy one from Professor Kobre himself.


You can win one from me!*

Here’s what you do…

1.  Follow me.  I only give stuff to people who love me; I’m petty like that, I really, truly am.

2.  Follow Light Scoop on Facebook.

3.  Leave a comment here telling me you are following and what type of camera you have.**  Click this link to see what type the Light Scoop is compatible with (they are on the right hand side, a little under the Flickr stuff).

That’s it!

But, if you want extra entries you can…

1.  Tweet this (1 extra): “I just entered to win a Light Scoop from parenting BY dummies and you should too!” Along with a link to the post.

2.  Follow me on Facebook (1 extra).  Be sure to inform me in your comment if you already do this.

3.  Follow me on Twitter (1 extra).  Again, just let me know if you already do.

3.  Blog about the contest (5 extra).  I’m not gonna give you the words for that ‘cause I’m too lazy into creative freedom like that.

And if, for some strange reason, you are not into free stuff you can always just go to the Light Scoop website and buy one for yourself.  They are only like $35!

But, I’d wait until next Saturday (3/6/2010) when this contest ENDS, you know, just in case!***



*Well, I guess the one you win will technically be from him too as the people at Light Scoop are supplying one for me to give away.  But.  You should know that they did NOT give me mine, I actually bought it and decided to help give one to you guys because I LOVE it and think you will too!

**If it’s for a friend or relative or to sell on eBay that’s cool too, just say that!

***Think I covered all of the rules, but if you have one that you think I should have added, by all means, go ahead and follow it!


BlogBaby said...

Mmhmm, those are handy little gadgets and if I had a DSLR with a pop up flash I would totally want one. Definitely handy for those darn unpredictable and impatient children.

I hope little Scoop finds himself a good home with someone who will love him for who and what he is!! ;)

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Jennifer said...

Ohhh.. thanks for introducing me to this.. if I don't win, I am totally going to buy one! I, too, hate my camera flash.. so much I bought an external flash but am still trying to learn to use it and yes, it takes forever to warm up. I have a Canon Rebel XTi.

I am already a follower of your blog, I just became a friend of Lightscoop on Facebook and I friend-requested you on Facebook.

cheekymama said...

That was a great lesson in photography. I'm a little snap dumb so even your first photo you were dissing looked pretty great to me!

I don't own a DSLR but would definitely want one of these if I did. Happy Sharefest, Sitsta!

from @BabesaboutTown (aka cheekymama)

Keyona said...

I NEED one of those! I already follow you and I have a Nikon D40.

Keyona said...

I also already follow you on FB and Twitter!

Maggie S said...

I have a little pocket camera and get that shiny stuff all over the "cafe con leche" girls 'til it drives me nuts. Will the Light Scoop help with that or is it only useful with the DSLR. I ask because we are interested in upgrading cameras for my trip to China. In which case I will be needing to Scoop a lot of Light.

Rebekah said...

I follow you here, I fanned you on FB just now and I have a Canon Rebel XT and I loooooovvvveee free stuff!

Kmama said...

Sweet! I don't know if it will work for me...I have a Canon can't be that different from the Canon XS, or Canon XT, can it??

Michelle Pixie said...

I am a follower and I have a Canon Rebel XSi. And can I just say how cool are these?! I so need this!!

Michelle Pixie said...

Okay I am now following you on twitter. @pixiedreamsmoma

Amy B. said...

Even if I don't win, I'm buying one of these for my ancient Nikon D50. This is awesome!

And I follow you all over the place already.

Rebecca said...

Yay me!!!! Thanks! What do I need to do?

I wish I owned a DSLR...I have heard so much about this Scoop thing! You have an awesome blog (and wonderful kiddos)!

4 Lettre Words said...

Okay. LOVE the light scoop.

Mrs4444 said...

Okay, following your blog already :)

Mrs4444 said...

I would love one of these for my Lumix, by Panasonic, but it's not compatible. That said, I think my kids have Canons, so I'll make it work!

Mrs4444 said...

Following on Facebook now.

Mrs4444 said...

Already following on Twitter.

Mrs4444 said...

Following LightScoop on Facebook now.

BJ_Mama said...

Okay, I'm not entering cux I don't have one of those fancy me when you're giving one of those away, k?

I did give you something though:

Doodles said...

I am following Light Scoop and You on Facebook, Ihave been following you on blogger for awhile now.

I have a passion for photography along with several other things, my camera is a Nikon D40. I would love to win this contest as the light scoop seems like it would do a lot for my indoor pictures.

I also will be blogging about your contest.

Good luck to everyone even though I hopefully will win. Fingers Crossed. :)

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

I am already following you and I have the Nikod D40!

Sarah Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We actually just saw Dear John today. (sunday) It was good, but considering the fact that my husband is getting ready to deploy for the first time, I wish I had waited until AFTER deployment to watch it! Oh well. I cried a lot. LOL! I can't wait to see The Last Song though. The book is good so far!

Mrs. Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kmama said...

I'm back to say that I follow on twitter.

angie said...

I have. to. have this.

angie said...

I follow you.

angie said...

I'm a fan on FB.

angie said...

I follow you on twitter.

angie said...

Pick me. Pick me.

angie said...

I forgot. I have a canon rebel. and a sony cybershot.

4 Lettre Words said...


4 Lettre Words said...

Ooops...and I'm a Rebel gal!

Beauty Vibes said...

I’m a follower of your blog :)


Beauty Vibes said...

Forgot to mention this: I have a Canon Rebel XTi


CaneWife said...

Love this!

I'm a follower of your blog and just became fan of LightScoop on FB.

I was already a follower on Twitter.
I friend requested you on FB.

I have a Canon Rebel Xti.

Jen K said...

i have a nikon d90 and i would really love this :)

Mommy Instincts said...

Step 1 complete....following you and Light Scoop on FB.

I have a Sony a300, but I am pretty sure it will work with my camera even though it isn't listed on the site. If it's not, I would give it to one of my best friend's who is just starting up her photography business. I know she would definitely put it to good use and definitely has one of the compatible camera's for sure, just can't remember which one! LOL

I have heard so many good things abotu the Light Scoop and am desperate to give it a try. With 2 little one's under 3yo, my house is in a constant state of chaos. I love capturing it in pictures, but it's tough to get my camera to all the right settings before the opportunity is up. I often miss the cutest shots because of it! ;-(

Thanks for the opportunity!

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

I tweeted!

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

Following on Facebook!

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

Following on Twitter! @mommyinstincts

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Carolyn said...

Ooohh! I'd love to win this! I've never heard of it but would really enjoy trying it out!

Carolyn said...

I'm back to say I'm now following you on Twitter - my SN is GoodNoodlesBows. I think this prize would be a great addition to my Canon Rebel XSI. Thanks!

Carolyn said...

And now back to say that I'm following your blog too!

Maybe if I'm the winner I'll be able to put a cute picture next to my posts too! LOL!

Carolyn said...

here's my tweet about your contest! RE

Mommy Instincts said...

Talked about the giveaway on my blog! (entry #1)

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

Talked about the giveaway on my blog! (entry #2)

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

Talked about the giveaway on my blog! (entry #3)

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

Talked about the giveaway on my blog! (entry #4)

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Mommy Instincts said...

Talked about the giveaway on my blog! (entry #5)

mommyinstincts AT comcast DOT net

Noelle said...

I tried to follow you but your widget wouldn't let me. I'll try again in an hour or so.

I have a Canon Rebel XTi. Yay, compatibility!

Noelle said...

I tweeted

Noelle said...

I'm following you on Twitter.

Noelle said...

I'm following you on Facebook, Noelle Ho.

Noelle said...

I'm following you!

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