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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cent Saving Saturday

I know, at least 8 of you are here to see if you are the big winner this Cent Saving Saturday morning, but alas, only one lucky winner can be selected.

Drum rollllllll…

And, the lucky winner of the H&R Block At Home tax preparation software, hand selected by one grimy, sticky, 4 year old hand is…

Marfmom, from Musings of a Marfan Mom!

Go on over and congratulate her, and then hurry on back to check out today’s tax saving tip and another great way I’ve found to save some Benjamins, okay, maybe not actual Benjamins, but at least a couple of Hamiltons for sure.



Guess what I did yesterday!

I filed my taxes!

Woot! (Don’t you just hate love that word?  It’s not at all annoying or nonsensical and it doesn’t make you feel or look like a huge dork, particularly not when you do it in conjunction with that late 90s raise the roof move that just won’t go away!).

But, I didn’t file before I took a list at Kiplinger’s List of The Most Overlooked Tax Deductions.

Okay, I’m lying.

I actually didn’t look at the list until after I filed, but you should totally check it out (unless you are like me and you read tax code for fun) before you hit send.

I mean there are all kinds of things on there that are easy to forget (or are just likely completely unknown).

For example: Do you know much about the state tax vs.. sales tax deduction options? 

Probably not and, particularly if you live in a state like Florida or Texas (or if you bought something awesome and expensive last year) where thy don’t collect state tax, you really should because knowing how these two deductions work could help save you a whole butt load of cents.

Or.  What about all that student loan interest that your parents are still paying for you? 

Did you know that YOU can deduct that?

Although, if you are in this unique and utterly unbelievably lucky situation, please tell your parents about me because I’d like to be adopted so that I can be spoiled rotten eternally grateful too.

And here we all were thinking being spoiled was a bad thing!


Point is, you should peep the list before you put your John Hancock on those tax returns because filing a 1040X (the form you use to file an amendment when you screw up) is a PAIN.

Anyway, enough with the boring stuff!

How about a fun way to save money?

On new spectacles.

Sadly, my prescription eyewear is an accessory that I’m unable to live without so finding ways to save a few bucks and still get quality, trendy glasses is sort of a big deal to me.

Which is why I dotted my shorts when the awesome lady from Glasses USA contacted me to do a review of their, previously-unknown-to-me service.

I mean, I know you can get everything offa the Internet, but I honestly never even considered getting my glasses from an online site.

I thought going into the store and waiting three hours, even though they say it’s only gonna take one, was the only way to go about it.

And, I thought that paying out the pooper for them was a necessity too.

Seriously, my last pair of glasses cost me THREE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS!

WTH?!  I have insurance?!

They gave me some baloney about how they only give a 10% discount to people with “my kind of insurance”.  And since #2 had caused my pair a fatal injury, I’d no choice but to cough up the dough to THE MAN for a new pair.

Cool thing about Glasses USA, though is that most of their sets are affordable.  Like less than $100 bucks affordable.

And, getting them is easy.

All you have to do is go to an eye doc, get him to check out your peepers and write you a prescription for what you need.  

Then, you pick out the pair you love on the site and send in your prescription with your order.

You’ll be looking all fly in your new specs in like a week.

And, I know you’re probably thinking that this wouldn’t work for you because you like to try them on and stuff and see if your face looks fatter or more grandma-ish in them because I was thinking that too.

But, even if you do get a pair and you look like Estelle Getty in them or they make the bridge of your nose scream in pain, you can send them back, no questions asked.

Seriously, it worked for me.

I actually just got 2 new pairs of glasses; one pair via Glasses USA and one pair via the traditional route (I mean I was there, and I had a rare afternoon alone, and I saw a pair I fell in love with; had to act.).

But, you probably can’t even tell the difference, can you?

       glasses2                      glasses1

I look equally fat in both pairs.

And to think I was going for the smart Alicia Keys look.

alicia glasses

But I wound up with the fat Janet look instead.

fat janet 2

Dang these effing double chins of mine.  GRRRR!

I need Lasix and lipo.

And you need to send me an email if you’d like to have the code to save even more on a pair of glasses from



*PBD admits it’s free disclaimer:  90% of the stuff I review is given to me free of charge from companies that are dying to know what I think.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m really that awesome or really that easy.  Either way I’m happy and I’m willing to share my thoughts on the products.  Rest assured though that, regardless of the fact that I didn’t have to spend my own cash to obtain the item, I am ALWAYS 100% honest about my opinion.  But, don’t get excited, it’s not because I’m oozing integrity or anything, I’m really just not smart enough, devious enough, or interested enough to lie.


Rose Belle said...

Oh gosh, speaking of filing for taxes, I will check out the list you provided to see if there's anything for people, like myself, who was laid off last year and collecting unemployment. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I really like the second pair of glasses. They really suit you.

And yoy are NOT fat hun. So stop that crazy talk right now :-)

We are in desperate need to save a few pennies. I am even looking for new work even though I dont want to and cant really afford to leave my little one just yet.


Thanks for sharing

Adoption of Jane said...

I love your Curls!

Keyona said...

The word TAXES make me gag! But mine are done!

Wym said...

OMG! Your blog is great! You must be my evil twin. AND I totally think you look like Alecia Keys. I look like Jennifer Garner....not really. cute kiddos too!Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you come back.

angie said...

They are great!

I've reviewed the site before on my blog and I can't believe how affordable their glasses are.

I also like that they donate returns to those in need rather than restocking them.

Wym said...

I had to return to make sure I got all the details on the taxes. Thanks for posting, I live in Texas and get the joy of trying to figure out the sales tax deduction.

Tracie said...

I think you look cute in both pics!

PS I need lipo, lasix, a tummy tuck, and a boob lift. LeSigh.

Kerry said...

I second what Tracie said - you look cute and I want the "Mommy makeover" too (tummy tuck, lypo, lasik, just the works). lol

Gosh the things we put our bodies through just to have kids. So far they're worth it but they better not mess up or my body will request a refund or at least attempt to knock some sense into them. lol j/k

Love your blog, as usual.

Have a lovely weekend. :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Man I wish I'd known about this over Christmas when I managed to trash my glasses. I ended up at Costco - not bad, but not the greatest. Next time I'll keep these guys in mind.

Mrs4444 said...

I would actually love a pair of glasses (like yours-in which you look phat, not fat!haha)

I pulled the tax stuff together today and will hand it to our tax guy Monday. I wish I could do them myself, but it's complicated this year. Too bad I didn't know about your giveaway :( Congrats on having yours done.

And BTW, I'm proud to say that we do think of those deductions most people don't know about (and we're still screwed, unfortunately :)

Ghada said...

oh, why you hatin' on fat Janet. Just stopping by to say Happy belated new year.
By the way I can definitely see the difference in your glasses. I am a glasses wearer too :)

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