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Monday, December 7, 2009

Make New (i)friends Monday: Miss Dot

Roses are red,
chocolate is brown.

Here come the cupcakes,
I'm about to throw down!

She's Miss Dot if you're nasty,
she's Miss Dot if you're clean.

If you mess with her cupcakes,
I'm gonna be mean.

'Cause those things look awesome,
As awesome can be!

Just check her out now,
If you want to see:)

Thanks Miss Dot for hookin' us up with an awesome guest post for today. I wish I could say her cakes taste as good as they look, but alas, I've not had the pleasure of trying them yet. Maybe (hint-hint) I'll get one (or 12) for Christmas!

Meet, the one, the only, never duplicated, poorly imitated Missssss Doooooot...


Allow me to introduce myself.

I am


Jill of all Trades - Master of None, Cupcaker Extraordinaire, Pinup Aficionado, Lover of Polka Dots, and 
Devoted Wife 

I have a horrible tendency to overcommit

(Yes, of course I can do that!  There are 48 hours in a day, right?)

I dabble in everything

(Paper-mâché windshield wipers?  Macramé boxer briefs?  I sense stocking-stuffer potential!)

I love lolcats

I don't speak lolcat, I don't lolcat to my friends, I don't even bring lolcat into my every day relations with people, but gosh darn do I love looking at these silly cats.

I am a Star Wars nerd

Only for the original 3 (Episodes 4-6, that is).  I accept the newer 3 simply as a way to complete the story.  Hans Christian Anderson  Hayden Panettiere What's-his-name will never live up to Harrison Ford.

 I am an accent chameleon (i.e., I pick up on accents around me and apply them to my own speech)

("Well howdy, y'all, let's git-r-done!"  [5 minutes later] "Mais oui, mon ami, I am -- how you say? -- een LOVE weeth zees cupcake!")

I love **LOVE** L-O-V-E Christmas carols (thanks, mom)

So much so that every year I put together a hand-selected two-volume CD set of my favorite Christmas carols that I then share with friends and family.  In fact, this year, I've decided to share the love with my bloggy friends, too!  Come check out my fast-n-easy GIVEAWAY! (just in time for Christmas!)

I am slightly paranoid, and as thus, I suffer from RobertStackitis

A horrific disease upon which the rest of this post will be based.

Yes, my friends, I suffer from RobertStackitis.  As many of you may know, Robert Stack was the host and narrator for a real-life mystery show called Unsolved Mysteries.  For anyone who has seen (or, more importantly, heard) this show, you know what I'm talking about when I reference Robert Stack's deep, intense voice that he used when narrating the plot lines of the cases.

Whenever I'm about to do something that has a remote possibility of danger associated with it, Robert Stack begins to narrate my every move. 

For example:

(Without RobertStackitis

It's 9:30 on Tuesday night.  I'm taking out the trash.

(WITH RobertStackitis 

"She thought it was a Tuesday night like any other as she began to take out the trash, but little did she know, her life was about to drastically change.  She glanced at the clock in the kitchen; it read 9:30.  She thought it was a bit late to head out to the dumpster in the back alley but she quickly dismissed any qualms and headed out the door.  She glanced at her husband on the couch watching TV -- she never realized it would be the last time she saw his face. " 


Seriously, does this happen to anyone else?  OK, I **know** I'm pretty nuts, but I at least know that this chick shares in some of my feelings here. 

My RobertStackitis isn't just limited to crimes, though.  Oh no.  Not at all.  Try this one on for size:

(Without RobertStackitis)

Oooo!  I'm at the beach!  Splashy splashy splashy.

(WITH RobertStackitis)

"She thought it would be a day at the beach like any other [ARE WE NOTICING A TREND HERE??]  Despite recent shark siting warnings, she decided to swim in the ocean with her friends.  She was careful not to go too deep, but ankle-deep was just deep enough for the SUPER-SHALLOW-WATER-SCARY-KILLER-SHARKOFDEATH!!"

K better.


The rest of my life is pretty normal, though, in the most normal way that my CrAzY, spontaneous self can be.

Sure I might sing Step in Time when kicking my knees up down a case of stairs,
or maybe start a conversation with a stranger on the street because I like her pretty dress and want to beat her up for it, but everyone has their little quirks, right?

So come check me out.  Say hi.  Leave a comment.  Or not.  It's up to you.  But if you don't, you'll spend the rest of your life wondering if I could have been The One.  And that, my friends, would just be an Unsolved Mystery...


Go check her out here, or here and tell her Dumb Mom sent ya'. She'll like that.

And, if you wanna make sure to be one of Dumb Mom's ifriends in the future be sure to send me an email otherwise I may never know how awesomely awesome you really are:)!


Charlene said...

Greetings from SITS!

singedwingangel said...

I lurveeeee Miss Dot and Madear would say. Have both her blogson my blogroll and like you adore her fantastic looking cupcake confections.Is it possible to have drool flow through a computer screen??

Kmama said...


ShellSpann said...

Too funny! I need to add you to my blog roll :)

jerilyn said...

Hello from 'Because We Said So' - sounds like you and I would get along just fine!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

Greetings to you!

Naomi de la Torre said...

Hi there! Congrats on your award from the Stroller Ballet. And sorry to hear that you didn't win on Diving Caroline. You have a great site, hilarious and lots of fun! Enjoyed your guest post today.

Jennifer said...

OH.MY.GOSH, I was laughing out loud about the Robertstackitis (did I even spell that right). This is something I've never done, but I bet I will now.

Oh, and I love polka dots too. Love them!!!!!

Sammy said...

This was so funny, I started on my reader and had to click over to read the whole thing, well worth it! She's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

She's hilarious!
I have weird issues too when I look around and I just made cookies and the boys are playing nicely and I think, "If we were in a horror movie, this would be right before the attack" and then I double check my bat.

KnitterMama said...

Ok this is freaking HYSTERICAL again. HI!!! God, I love you too. B keeps up with your posts and wants us all to get together. How is that going to happen with your three and my three--whose are more misbehaved. I think I might win the prize her, A! I would LOVE to write a post for and will email u but I think your readers might shun me. :)

KK said...

She's so fun!

Traci said...

Thanks for the introduction. I was not familiar with Miss Dot but she is funny.

BTW, I have Robert Stack-itis. I love that guy. I used to be addicted to that show.

SupahMommy said...

awww mess.. now im goinnna be robertstacktissisisiisisisi isn it.. all over the place

we used to do that for that one news broadcaster down in dc A... he was this old guy who we SWORE up and DOWN they were just keeping him on staff to reroute a lawsuit...

' here is the sign that was PIERced by the BULLET" THAT careeeeened through the parking lot.. and made todays' events looooong and draaaawn out. like me.

do you kNOW who im speaking of? he's prob dead now an dim evil for saying mean things

but back to dot. :) cupcake. UM YUMMAY. she's all cute.. i wanna be cuTE tooo..
xoxox supah ifriend o yours.

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