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Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

On September 11, 2001?

I was 8 months pregnant with #1 and I was in the bed.


Hubby's parents called me and woke me up (I was PISSED!).

They wanted to know if Hubby was okay.

Why wouldn't he be okay? (Said in as snappy of a voice as I could when talking to the mother of my soon-to-be-born baby's daddy who had yet to propose and was acting a bit indecisive.)

He was just at work, wasn't he?

Seriously, what time is it (9 am? Somebody's a sleepy head)?

Hubby was at work.

At his official-we're-so-proud-of-you government job.

In Washington D.C.

I turned on the television.

I started to panic (and wonder why I made him move across the country to this cursed, evil, ugly place just weeks earlier).

My whole family worked in the vicinity of the D.C. area attack.

My mom worked at the Pentagon.

She should have been there that day.

She was supposed to be there that day.

But, as a blessing, she wasn't.

I spent all day trying to call Hubby and Papa (my dad) on their cell phones, but I couldn't get them.

All the lines were down.

For hours.

For hours I sat on my cheap sofa in my ghetto apartment and I cried.

And, I prayed.

And, I made promises I sometimes forget to keep.

Promises that I try to remember when we can't buy the car that we want, the shoes that I love, or the gaming system the dudes are begging for.

After more hours than I can recall, Hubby walked through the door of our shabby home and I leaped (okay, I was 8 month pregnant and quickly approaching the 200lb mark so I guess "leaped" is an exaggeration; I hurry up walked) into his arms.

He'd had to walk outta the city. He looked disheveled, and dirty, and tired, and scared(?); but who cares, he was home, and I was happy that #1 wasn't going to be telling that sad story for the rest of his life.

I'm thankful for the blessings that my family has received, not just on this day 8 years ago, but on every day.

I'm thankful that less than two months later #1 ripped (literally, ripped, I'll have to tell you about it sometime) his way into our lives.

And, he was shortly followed by #2 and #3.

I'm thankful that Hubby got over his "indecisive" patch and made an honest woman outta me (what does that even mean?).

We marked our 6th wedding anniversary this spring. Six years of wedded bliss weddedness.

I'm even thankful that in a few short hours I'm going to be lurching down the hallway with a 50 pound preschooler feet dragging behind me, on his way to his first day of pre-K.

Even though this is his second year in preschool (see? that was him on his first day last year) he is, um, reluctant to attend so I fully anticipate that his first day of his second year will play out similarly to many childrens' first day of their first year.

Or, it'll be worse.

Last year he ran.

Not to me.

Past me; straight out to the parking lot.

I had to stiff arm tackle him on the front lawn to stop him from running into the street.

I'd hate to have to do that again.

That would suck.

I'll just focus on how this is a blessing. A blessing, blessing, blessing, BLESSING!

Hopefully my positive vibes will quell his nerves (doubt it, the kid was hopped up like Danny Bonaduce last night) to prevent me from having to open hand slap him out of it in front of his classmates (and their judging-like-you've-never-open-hand-slapped-a-kid-before mothers) and his teachers.

I'm trying to be good this year.

Wish us luck.


MammaMania said...

My husband was in Chicago working on a job. He had to rent a van to get back home to me because all the planes were grounded.

I was at my mom's house in Maryland with my 8 month old and 2 year old. My dad also worked in DC and our friends were working at the Pentagon that day also. Luckily they were out at a meeting when the plane went down. Otherwise they would have been in their offices - WHERE the plane when down.

I will also never forget that day. Sometimes, however, I feel like most folks have.

A Fist Full of Dandelions said...

Thanks for sharing your 9/11 story! I'm so glad your hubby made it home.

I was in Dallas, working and remember sitting in the cafe, glued to the tv, and watching what was total disbelief!

Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Because of school board and county commission bickering, it was my boys first day of school. My husband was supposed to be in Boston. We don't know why he wasn't, but it took the rest of the department a week to get back from Detroit and Boston. Alan Jackson said it right when he wrote, "The Day the World Stopped Turning," because it did! We went to a candle light vigil at our courthouse and then took our little guys to football practice. Our coach was an army veteran. He gave us a pep talk about how we weren't going to let the enemy stop us, we were going to be strong! There are so many heroes from that day. I think it's a shame that they won't release many of the pictures!

I bet you were scared. I would have been, too!

parentingBYdummies said...

Mimi was in Texas for work or she would have been sitting in a meeting with a group of her coworkers who were all not as fortunate. It took her days to get back home, but at least she made it back home.

Mira is triplet crown said...

I was there in MD with you. Dad in DC, but no one in gov't work. We set a tv in the kitchen and sat and stared, sadly neglecting all the rescue animals who needed their daily cage cleaning, because we were in total shock. Thank god the volunteers kept their heads and did their jobs! I was amazed at how much it hit me. Made me end a relationship that was at a standstill because I realized it took a terrorist attack on the US for him to tell me he loved me for just the 3rd time in 2 years. O-ver.

lynne b. [my life in blog] said...

o, girl. the pain you went through those hours. i am so thankful your husband and papa were safe. what a devistating day.

Mimi said...

I worked for a government agency in Alexandria, VA that has headquarters in the Pentagon. It was nearing our fiscal year-end and we made many trips to the pentagon for meetings and budget talks at the headquarters. Throughout the month of September, I was scheduled to attend weekly meetings inside the Pentagon. Meeting time for September 11, 2001 was scheduled for 9:30am.
I was on assignment in San Antonio that day and asked my supervisor to sit in on the meeting at the Pentagon in my place. I heard about the first plane as I was driving to a meeting from my hotel. We heard rumors throughout the morning that the second tower had been hit. Sometime later, they gathered all the conference attendees in a central hall and announced that the Pentagon had been “attacked” "...and possibly there is an attack on Washington DC..." I. was. frantic. My family, home, my entire heart and soul (hubby…son…daughter…unborn grandchild…SIL) were back home in DC. No one could get through by phone, all flights were grounded, hotels filled and the rental companies quickly sold out of cars. I was stranded. We had only the horrific images of fire, fear and sometimes, inaccurate news reports to rely on. That evening some of the hotel guests were going to go downtown to a church that was having a special prayer service and I joined them.
By the next afternoon, I was finally able to receive a call from my office at the hotel. They told me to sit tight, and then I received the tragic news that at our headquarters, 24 coworkers had been lost, including all those sitting at the table for my meeting. I quickly called my husband and all was well with the family. PBD had a terrifying afternoon waiting to hear the fate of boyfriend but our blessings were abundant and our family was safe. The supervisor that agreed to sit in my place at the meeting, she is habitually tardy and, true to form, she was late for the meeting, one stop away from the Pentagon when the plain hit. She escaped harm and returned to the office.
Thank you for remembering

confused homemaker said...

Thank you for sharing. It's still surreal. Feels like yesterday and yet so much has changed.

Jennifer said...

I was in a plane flying from Houston to Dallas, but none of my family knew where I was because I traveled all the time. I didn't believe it until they started ushering us out of the airport. Three days later I had to drive back home because you still couldn't fly.

Sophia's Mom said...

Thank you for sharing your stories. I am glad to hear that yours had a happy ending unlike many others.

I can't image the agony you must have felt.

My heart goes out to those who were not as fortunate.

P.S. Good luck with your first day of the second year of pre-k!

Lisa Anne said...

I have a feeling it's all going to be about 911 stories today. it was a sad day and I feel the pain of those who lost their loved as I lost my mom too a few days later. Does anyone else think it's to hard to keep dwelling on this and remember where we were while others were dying? I don't know I think we should be celebrating the lives of those lost. I'm cranky today.

Lolli said...

My husband was also working in DC that day. The most humbling thing for me was seeing and hearing the jets fly past my house all day long. It reminding me how close we were, how real it was.

our b life said...

Wow, you have some people reallly high up watching over you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story.

Kathy B! said...

These posts just hurt. Every time I really think about it feels like it was just yesterday. I'm so glad your hubby made it home that day. I can't even imagine anything else.

kathryn said...

I was a senior in college at the University of Northern Iowa. My husband (then fiance) woke up me up telling me a plane crashed into the WTC. I was like, ok, and???

I was a sleepy-head, too. It wasn't until I came out of that sleepy fog and SAW the images on TV that I began comprehending the seriousness of it all.

I can't say that I knew anyone personally, but that doesn't matter. I'm a human being. To me, everyone was a friend or family was personal.

I am so glad your family members were {and are} safe and sound. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I don't think there isn't a day that goes by that some how, some way we don't always remember.

carma said...

congrats on your 6 years of wedded weddedness ;-)

Hoping no tackling was required this year -of either husband or son :D

TheSassyChef said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I was a freshman in highschool, sitting in spanish class. I remember wondering if it was really happening and then it hit me that this was something serious. I won't forget the shock we all had as it happened, nobody said a word that whole day.

sending some SITS <3

Mama Cas said...

I'm so glad your story had a good probably spend every September remembering that others were not so lucky. Congrats on your 6 years of weddedness.

KK said...

Good luck and so glad your family was ok that day.

Mom of Three said...

Wow - that was close to home. I'm glad both hubby and mom are ok. I am sure it has changed your mom's life forever even if she may not show it.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Kacey R. said...

I can't imagine the worry you felt. I am so glad everyone was OK. This day means a lot to all of us. I know our family will never forget this day.

I hope your 1st day back to Pre-K goes well. If you find something that works let me know. I'm already stressing about my 1st's first day coming up in the Spring. He is going to THROW DOWN. Lord help me. ;D

Stalker v1.5 said...

Totally gave me chills. Glad all is well.

ck said...

9/11...I was on the subway headed to my internship in Queens.

While everyone panicked around me in the studios I watched the news or stepped outside to see the smoke in the air over Manhattan. Listened to the helecoptors beat through the air all night.

I spent a lot of time wondering how much scarier it would've been if I'd been pregnant at the time or had a baby I couldn't get back to. Praying that the trains would be running again the next day so I could return home to Philly, and to my husband.

I honestly can't imagine what it must have been like for you. You are rock solid not to deliver on the spot from that stress!

So glad your story has a happy ending.

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