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Monday, September 21, 2009

What You Doin?

Ahhh, I miss Friends.

That was like one of my top 5 shows in 2001.

I actually cried tears of joy during the labor of my first child when my epidural kicked in and I was able to enjoy my Italian Ice (which, incidentally, I no longer eat due to the copious amount I regurgitated during and immediately following the labor and delivery of aforementioned child), Survivor, and Friends (obviously, this all went down on a Thursday).

But, as one of the arguably best shows ever produced for TV is no longer with us (except in reruns which are good to catch when it's raining, and the kids are staying at Mimi's house, and Hubby is away on travel, and, when is this scenario going to present itself again already?), I have moved on to various new diversions.

I can name something worth watching for nearly every night of the week.

For example, tonight is Sunday, and if you are like me and you'd rather spend your evening puking your dinner into the toilet (which I'm gonna have to seriously consider if I don't start losing some weight around here) than watch football, you would be watching The Amazing Race (which premiers next Sunday).

Or, let's talk about Tuesday. Tuesday is 90210 night.

Or, Wednesday. Wednesday is almost like my new Thursday. I'm looking into a new show called Cougar Town (since, were it not for the little issue of me being married, I'm certain I would easily fall into the life of a Cougar). Looks like a winner in my book, Courtney Cox (Friends, of course) as a cougar, can't possibly be wrong.

Wednesday is also America's Next Top Model night on the CW (which is quickly becoming my favorite channel even though I distinctly recall a point in my life when I vowed to NEVER tune in to anything airing on it. Old age=lower standards apparently).

Anyway, thank goodness for Tivo because competing for AMT's 8 o'clock spot in my heart is So You Think You Can Dance on Fox, which is followed by another one of my new high school set faves, Glee.

Please tell me you've watched this show. It's SO worth it if for no other reason than the Acafellas. Awe. Some.

And then Thursday. The night notoriously labeled as the best night for TV (see, more evidence that Friends was dope, it aired on Thursdays).

Thursday is Survivor, The Office, and Vampire Diaries (give it up for high school and the CW!).

But, Mondays for me are slow, at least until the Bachelor comes back.

Dancing with the Stars sucks.

I missed the boat on Gossip Girl, which is too bad because it seems like my kinda gig.

So, I'm in the market for something new on Mondays and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Accidentally on Purpose, starring my girl, Jenna Elfman, will work out for me.

I know I talked about this show previously, but now that I've read the book the show is based on (very nice coming of age/self revelation memoir written by Mary Pols), and had the opportunity to talk to Mary (the author), Jenna (the star), and Claudia Lonow (the writer), on the phone I am 100% gonna watch this show.

I loved getting the opportunity to talk to the three ladies because I'm a celebrity stalking freak to get some valuable insight into the development of the show.

I'm a huge fan of books made into shows/movies anyway (Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, could go on since it's sorta my thing, but I'll stop since it's probably not yours), so for me it was natural to seek out the book behind the show when I heard there was one for Accidentally on Purpose.

I really enjoyed it. It was touching, honest, witty, and charming. I felt connected to both of the main characters, alternating from being pissed at Matt one moment, to defending him against Mary the next.

The book, though, is nothing like the show.

There's no way Mary's story could truly be made into a sitcom, so Claudia took the premise (older chick gets knocked up by young, nearly unemployed, hot guy) and focused on the comical aspects of that (and there are quite a few).

And it looks like a hit to me!

I realize that I'm no trained critic here (I mean I picked Lipstick Jungle and Privileged as bigger winners), but trust me on this one. If you are looking for a new, witty, funny show about love and family and friendship then Accidentally on Purpose is really worth a try.

If nothing else, Jenna Elfman is cute,

Jon Foster is cute (sorta in that dorky-quirky-he's-sweet-and-he-totally-makes-me-laugh kinda way),

and Dancing with the Stars is so NOT cute, that you might as well try to find something else to fill your I-hate-Monday-Night-football blues.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm right there with you, I've got a lot more episodes from the CW than any other network these days on my Tivo! Have you tried The Beautiful Life? Just started last week on CW, and I just caught the rerun last night, and it was pretty good - think Top Model, but more behind the scenes. I was also a big fan of Friends! Stopping by from SITS, have a great day! (PS - I'll check out Accidentally on Purpose tonight - I used to love Dharma and Greg, Jenna Elfman's old show.)

Jillian Livingston said...

Scrolled down the list of SITS comments and clicked on your photo of your baby.

It looks like we share similar insanities as I too have three adorable boys.

Funny that you should mention Cougar town that was filmed in my home town of Aspen.

I thought you would get a kick out of my post titled, Should Women Be Called Cougars

Glad to find you.

blueviolet said...

I saw Accidentally on Purpose and I didn't like it at all but I am not a Jenna Elfman fan.

Kathy B! said...

I'll have to intentionally check out Accidentally on Purpose. In my head that ws funny.

Mom of Three said...

I love Jenna Elfman. Been watching the promos and they could be onto something... Will be checking it out!

Mom of Three said...

BTW. Why was House not on your must-see list?!

Stesha said...

I haven't watched any of my favorite shows in ages. Reading your post took me back to my favorite show "Will and Grace!"

I loved that show.

Hugs and Mocha,

Jennifer said...

I love football.

And I don't get the CW on Directv. Not sure why.

Alicia said...

i feel like i just read the tv guide!! lol....i'm all about gossip girl and SYTYCD....that's when we're not watching max & ruby and dinosaur train...dang kids swooping in on my tv time!

our b life said...

My whole week is lined up with MY shows. I am so excited!!

Mama Cas said...

Wait a don't spend Tuesday nights glued to The Biggest Loser while shoveling microwave popcorn into your salivating mouth??? You mean that's just ME?

You have to check it out. Greatest show ever created.

PS....Football sucks.

Anonymous said...

I miss watching evening T.V. - a. I have a junior high is into many sports which take up many evenings and b. I have a sport obsessed / hunting show obsessed husband.

So needless to say I don't get as much T.V. in as I would like - I am considering a second T.V. but I am worried I may never see my husband again!

Tooj said...

Sorry lady, I'm a football gal and Sunday and Monday nights are dedicated to them. Well....I do happen to flip around a bit on Monday nights when House was on Mondays....oh, and I do like to flip to the Bachelor sometimes. I was just thinking that I really have ZERO shows going on right now. Oh, except SYTYCD, but it's in audition stage and I feel okay missing that part for now. At what age can we completely ignore the little people in the house so that we can start catching good TV?

Chef Eureka said...

Hmm, I never watched Friends... and don't watch much really as far as TV goes. I do like Project Runway and Top Chef. I like watching Leverage... oh, I love True Blood on HBO. But all these things I just watch on on demand when I have free time and need something short to occupy my time.

Nice to meet you. Jumped over from SITS :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I loved Friends. Such a funny show.

Monday is a slow night for me as well. I was also going to check out the Accidentally on Purpose show since nothing else is on.

peewee said...

Okay. This is funny. I just found your from coffeandpajamas? (i think that's the name) and I laughed SO HARD from your response and was so jealous of your prose that I HAD to come over here to fawn over you. THEN I see that You're also doing the Moxie Mona thing! ME TOO!

Weird, right?! Oh what a small internet world it is indeed.

Anyhoo...AWESOME comment on that other blog!

peewee said...

oh, and I hate to point this out, but it's HOW you doin'. It's okay. You're just confused with 'what chyou talkin' about Willis" and "How YOU doin'?" See? EASY to mix up.

KK said...

I liked it. And I love House on Mondays!

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