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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eating Healthy is Looney

Part 2: WBs. Consumer Products’ and Safeway’s Eating Right Kids Initiative

Everyone knows I've done a bang up job of teaching my kids to identify (and enjoy) unhealthy foods.

And, yes, if you must know, that's chocolate icing smeared attractively all over his face (and knees, and tummy, and the floor, and wall behind him).

I'm a sweet food junkie, and I admit I have a serious weakness when it comes to cookies.

Plus, I was raised on comfort food; fried chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade breads, were all a huge part of my formative years.

Even with these heavy, delicious food swarming around my house, I never really had a weight problem as a child, or even as a teenager or young adult.

At least not until #1 convinced me from the inside that I needed to eat french fries and milkshakes everyday to ensure he had an optimum inutero environment. And then, to top it all off, my metabolism got all old and lazy and saturated fatty and decided that instead of burning calories all day it will take a series of naps when it should be WORKING!

Basically, it's not entirely my own fault that I'm fat, is it?

I could sit here and blame people, and science, and outer space for my predicament all I want, but it won't help me slim down and it won't help me be a good role model for my dudes.

So, I'm thinking I should make a change. For myself, for my dudes, for the greater good of the community (because seriously, if my rear end gets much bigger it will really become an eye sore).

It's just that teaching them to make healthy eating choices is something that I struggle with daily.

Like I said last week, life tends to get in the way.

But, making sure they have a healthy lifestyle is a priority.

Then, how do I do it?

I'm not 100% sure, but I can tell you that when I'm diligent about making healthy choices for myself, helping them make healthy choices is that much easier.

For example, last year, shortly after #3 made his long awaited debut, BFF and I joined Weight Watchers.

It changed my life.


I lost a total of 60lbs (I've gained back 10 of them), I started jogging (haven't been out in months), and I completely revamped our diet (we had Tasty Cakes for snack last night).

When I was on the "program" it had become second nature, not just for me, but for them, too.

I memorized the points, and they memorized the food types that were healthy.

Even now that we have begun visiting the golden arches of shame again (more frequently thatn I'd like), they like to suggest the healthier option of apple fries (fingers crossed I'll say good ole fashioned french fries are okay instead).

And, #1 likes to ask two questions before every new meal is sampled, 1) "is this healhty?" and, 2) "Does this help w/constiplation" (he recently had a wicked experience with constipation in which Hubby was forced to act as his doody doula and coach him through the birth of a man sized turd; he is now obsessed with constiplation, as he calls it).

I think the most important factor for us is to simply limit the exisitence of "bad" snacks we have in the house.

I can simply not buy them (or buy them and eat them secretly in the pantry so the kids won't see), and instead focus on filling our cabinets with more healthy options.

For example, this past week was our shopping week (we only do it twice a month).

I went to Costco and instead of the strawberry cheescake and the huge tob of Utz snack mix I wanted to buy, I got fresh strawberries, a bag of fresh avacados (you know, since #2 is deserparet for our backyard to grow an guacamole tree), lettuce, apple chips and dried cheeries.

Instead of our regular chips I purchased Sun Chips because they have like 4 grams of fiber. They love chips, so I'm trying to wean them back gradually by making a less bad choice.

Instead of picking out any old juice boxes (like the ones that are cheapest), I made sure to get the 100% juice ones (actually I got the Fruitable ones that are a mix of fruit and veggie juices).

And, for added support, I pulled out one of my favorite books What Not To Eat For Kids.

I mean, I know that we shouldn't eat cookies, or candies, or Tasty Cakes very often, but this book helps me remember that even when it comes to granola bars, and trail mix, and waffles, not all foods are created equal (in the health benefit department), so I need to be conscious of the ingredient list printed microscopically on the side of the box, and not just the FIVE GRAMS OF FIBER! written in flashy bold print across the front.

I highly recommend the book.

And, I recommend you take a quick look at the Mom Logic site to get more healthful ideas for feeding your kids and teaching them to make healthy choices.

I'm no expert, but these people are.

In other news, if you want to win a Zhu Zhu Pet set, make sure you click here and get entered. There's only like three days left to enter so you better do it now.


Tammy Howard said...

This is something we struggle with as well. Good luck!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I so could have written this post. I never struggled with my weight ... until I had my kids.

It's all their fault, I say. ;)

MaryRC said...

sounds like youve been doing your homework. my children's diets are horrible. the girl eats Nothing but carbs. shes 9, i tell her she needs to eat some healthy stuff (it is available) because she has big butt genes..

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you are on a roll. I had to tell Baby Girl last week that we were not going to the donut store because it wasn't healthy and momma couldn't handle facing the bad choice. I told her that her Daddy would take her on Saturday, but I knew she would probably forget by then... or he wouldn't take her. It all worked out.

Chef Eureka said...

Yes, eating healthy can be tough. It's good to know what's good and not good for your kids :)

ck said...

But the challenge is, can you guys actually consume Costco-size containers of fruit before they go bad? (We never can. It's so frustrating. It's like I wind up purchasing pounds of fresh compost.)

It stinks that it's so expensive to eat healthy.

Lani said...

I hear you on this one.. being pg with trips, I actually had to try to consume as many calories as possible.. (and yes, it was a dream come true), and strangely enough, it was/is a hard habit to break. I ate at least 2 pounds of skittles a week:) It must have worked because I had big babies for trips. Anyway- I am the same way, I just have to not buy junk. If it's there, I will eat it, end of story:)

peewee said...

Oh. You SO had me at Doody Doula!

angie said...

I try to make healthy choices too. Easier said than done. Have you tried the garden salsa sun chips. LOVE em.

Days of Whine & Noses said...

I know what you mean. I do the same thing....if there's junk food in the house, mama's gonna eat it, hence little junk food in the house :)

lynne b. [my life in blog] said...

we do all struggle with this. i decided, like you, before my arse became topic at the neighborhood watch group, i should do something about it. lol


Lisa Anne said...

I did WW i felt like i was starving myself and then the more i lost the less I would get to eat. I lost weight but once i got off it i gained it back plus a lot more. Grrrrr. I regret ever going on it cause now i'm bigger then what I was and i had been the same weight for like 8 yrs.

Shannon said...

WOW! You lost 60 lbs. on Weight Watchers! That's awesome! I'm going through a health food/diet kick right now. My body is adjusting - kind of! Since the beginning of summer, I've lost 18 pounds but have another 13 or so that I'd like to lose to feel REALLY good about myself! Good luck with your healthy choices - and for your kids, too!

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