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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Travel and Windows

The space time continuum scares the crap outta me.

I guess it's a fear of the unknown (or unexplained, or uncertain, or just plain freaky).

I guess I just over analyze stuff too much.

Even with all my wrap-my-head-around-this-to-alleviate-fear effort, normally, I just don't get it.

But, Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger?

I got it (the good parts anyway)!

I read the book when it first came out back in 2003 and I loved it. Not, like just loved it, but OMG-mom-seriously-you-have-to-read-this-I-balled-my-eyes-out-totally-obsessed LOVED it.

When I heard they were making it into a movie I was pumped (I'm a huge book into movie fan).

When I heard it would be starring Eric Bana (hotness) and Rachel McAdams (how cute is she?), I was even happier because I really like both of those actors (checkout The Other Boleyn Girl and The Notebook, two of my other book-movie faves featuring these two).

Of course I had to take BFF and Mimi to see it this weekend so I could get a good cry in.

And, thankfully, it did not disappoint!

I started crying during the previews (some serious tear jerkers coming out soon) and the tears continued to well up at various points throughout the film, culminating in one huge can't-stop-crying-think-snot-just-dripped-outta-my-nose balling session at the end.

This could be because, in general, I'm a sentimental, overly emotional freak of a woman, but regardless, it got me going.

But, it wasn't all sadness, there were humorous moments, there were joyful moments (which brought tears, too), there was an intriguing plot, and there was genetics (something had to explain the time traveling cutie), not that I really got that part (I think they explain more in depth in the book, but I probably didn't get it then, either!).

It was well worth the $8 (only b/c that's the going rate for matinees around here, which, I think, is ludicrous).

I attribute the success of the film primarily to McAdams's performance (Bana wasn't horrible, but he coulda been more convincing). She did an excellent job with the role; very believable, very emotional, very um, good!

But, don't bother trusting me (I'm obviously no film critic as I just described the acting as "good"), round up the posse and go see for yourself.

Might even consider taking the husband (not mine, but yours). It wasn't too sappy or girly or cliche ridden for a dude to sit through (and possibly enjoy), but, like pretty much ever tear-jerker, it's better with the girlfriends.

In other news...

Yesterday was a REALLY long day.

#3 was hot, tired, angry, and, what's that little buddy? Hungry?

All because...

My humble abode started out Monday morning looking run-of-the-mill-ain't-nothing-special-just-a-little-old-house, like this...

And, ended up stop-the-press-you-sexy-mother-oh-yeah!, like this...

Don't hate, congratulate.

After six weeks of waiting, one reschedule, an unexplained late start, a full day with no AC (it was like 90 degrees here today), and a sick kid (#1 has a wicked, asthma triggering cold right), we FINALLY got our brand, spankin' new windows.

Holla (hate that expression, but so appropriate)!

They are gorgeous!

So, hey, MTV Cribs, feel free to give me a ring now, I'll show you exactly where the magic happens. Might even have some frozen breast milk leftovers in the freezer to share with you!

Wait, what?

That's not cool?

Someone shoulda told Jamal Anderson then!


mammydiaries said...

Can't wait to see that movie!!! Gonna gather all the mamas together, pump out a few bottles of the good stuff, pack a few tissues and head off for the night:)

P.s I think your son is hungry. lol

Tammy Howard said...

I have been very excited about this movie - hoping to see it sometime this week. I loved the book. The first time I saw a preview, they opened with that meadow and I gasped, "Time Traveler's Wife!" before there was any indication that that was so. That made me optimistic - that they'd been able to present that location exactly as I'd pictured it in my mind's eye.

Glad you liked it!

ck said...

Congrats on the windows! There is nothing worse than the sound and feel of fighting with old windows. And estimating what it will cost to replace them. But oh, in the end...

supah ~d said...

for the love of pete GIVE THAT sweet sweet CHILD SOME MORE FOOD!!!!! THat video sooo reminds me of the video I took of my P when "she" ( saying she lightly) was giving up her binky. She stood there just like your little nugget... BEEE....BEEE MUMMY..BEEEEEE.... all crying and snotty.

I imagine that you very much resembled your son in that video during that movie. That evil evil movie.

I'm still mad I could't figure it out.
But I did like the love story.
For real.. I'm really truly still going to bed a night.. thinking it through.


oh yes.. since I know you're a chronic responder... ( holla! just cause you despise that expression) can you tell me if your blogger is sending your comments to your email properly...

Mines not.. wondering if others are having blogger issues too...
I'm all sad.. cause I can't respond back to comments...

sad like your sweet sweet son WHO IS HUNGRY.. even IF he jUST ate. :)


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

I've never read The Time Traveler's Wife, but one book-based-movie I am TOTALLY psyched about is Water for Elephants. I'm not sure when it's supposed to come out, but read the book first - it's one that I couldn't put down.

Um, your little man is hungry. That's an all-too-familiar scenario around my house too. :)

Mira is triplet crown said...

Wait, your house is clean enough INSIDE to show people around? Or were you just planning on limiting your film crew to a tour of the outside?

Keyona said...

Nice windows! It's amazing what excites us as we get older. Me and my friens have this conversation: "I bought new bras today. "What! OMG! Go girl!" yeah...this is my life. LOL!

confused homemaker said...

Woo Hoo on new windows! Hell yah you should do a victory dance for getting those bad boys in finally.

Lisa Anne said...

I read the book and loved it too. I also saw the movie and loved it. I was crying too before it even started. I thought they did an amzing job on the movie. I'll be posting my review of the movie on my blog later today. YOu should check it out!! This was 1 million times better then the movie version of my sisters keeper which sucked!!! What a way to spoil another great book!

Shannon said...

your windows look fabulous! Can you believe I fell asleep in Time Traveller's Wife... not because i wasn't DYING to see it or because I thought it was a bad movie or because the parts I did see weren't SUPERB... I was just PLAIN EXHAUSTED that night! UGH~ I definitely have to plan to see it again...

Anonymous said...

your windows look cute..

what a fun post!!!

do update our info...we are hosting our own domain now...just follow the link of the comment..

Jennifer said...

Yay, new windows! I'm jealous.

We went to the movies this weekend too to see Julie and Julia. I really liked it... and it made me hungry. I cried during the previews too and I never cry. I don't even remember what movie it was for, but if I cry that hard at the preview I'm not sure I can go see it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and love the window!

Mammatalk said...

Absolutely loved that book. I read it in less than a week. I am going to see the movie soon with friends. Glad it will be worth our while!

Aleta said...

We got new windows a month ago and love it. Gives the house a new feel, doesn't it!

Saw the movie with my BFF too and she cried. I didn't but I don't cry for movies (other than Braveheart). But.. I was very, very touched and would so totally recommend it as well!

Anonymous said...

I love the windows. Poor #3. Poor Dumb Mom! Not a good day.

Alicia said...

oohhhh i love the new upgrades! classy!! i mean...SEEEEXY!! can't wait to see the breast you're crazy!

Dee said...

I read the book and loved it, and I am dying to see the movie. Glad to hear you liked it!

Just fyi, when you're talking about crying the word is spelled "bawl." My Inner English Major forced me to type that, sorry...

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