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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ask Me Monday

People are naturally, at times uncontrollably, nosy curious.

I'm sure you can relate, but people have a tendency to ask me numerous strange questions, online and IRL (in real life for you Internet speak novices!).

So, in an effort to not ignore them any longer, I'm going to answer them, because why not?

If I really want to put my "life" out there in the world and let millions (okay maybe more like hundreds, or possibly a hundred? Maybe?) of people read this everyday occasionally, I might as well be honest and open bookish.

Accept for the name thing. Kinda like being all mysterious about that one, at least as far as the dudes are concerned.

Maybe one day I'll tell. I'll have a guess #1's name contest or something (contest will be closed to family members and friends, of course). But, not yet. For now the number aliases work great.

But, other questions I'm willing to answer.

Even the personal ones I get from IRL strangers, like, "When are you due?".

Despite the fact that this is an extremely embarrassing question to be asked 18 months postpartum when you are as sterile as an operating room table, I generally smile and politely inform them that, "I am not pregnant at all, just a Homer Simpson-esque, beer bellied, fatty. But, thanks for noticing!".

So have a burning question you have to know the answer to?

Leave it in the comments, or shoot me an email (parentingbydummies[at]gmail[dot]com) if you are gonna ask a real doozy and don't want the world to know how sick your mind is (don't worry, I won't tell!).

And, it doesn't have to be about me. You can ask about anything, about the dudes, the Hubby, my "expert" advice on a parenting issue, what shoes you should wear to the prom (oh, too old for prom? I'm still a 17 year old in my mind and sometimes it gets the best of me, like when I watch Twilight repeatedly all weekend), anything, I'm game!

Only off limits question is: When are you due? Because, I'm so over that one, plus I just answered it here, so no more pregnancy questions, kay?!

I'll try to answer all of them next month in my "Ask Me Monday" post. And, don't worry if you don't have any, I already have plenty saved up ones from IRL and online, so I'll share anyway (I always do, don't I?)!

Just in case you are sitting at home thinking, why would I want to ask Dumb Mom a question? Where is Smart Mom when you need her? I've included a photo of the day for you to enjoy instead, so feel free to ignore the above part, while you enjoy another shot of #2 enjoying this place we call home.

Off to do some crunches, or to eat ice cream, because neither one of them will be helpful anyway:)!


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Erm... trying to think of a question.


Am I that unimaginative?

Oh, there's a question for you!

Tania (via SITS)

Kathy B! said...

Can I lose 10 pounds without exercising?

Should I even bother, given that I 've lost and found the same 10 pounds over and over for the past 5 years?!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

You have three boys. I'm ABOUT to have three boys. So I'll ask you this: do you ever wish you had a girl, or are you like so soooo glad you've got all boys?

Mira said...

I feel like I know everything about you I need to know. So, you're off the hook here. Plus, I'm sure some really funny questions will arrive here soon. Brave soul you are. But I suppose every blogger has to submit to some questioning at some point.

angie said...

What's your name, and when are you due? Kidding. Kidding.

I want to know if you inherited your humor from one of your parents or if you were just born that way.

Jennifer said...

God your kids are cute.

Lisa Anne said...

He has the cutest smile ever. big ole cheeks that make me want to just pinch them and make them jiggle at the same time. LOL

I need more free fun summer fun activities for me and my son to do. Any ideas. Free or low cost fun. We went geocaching and had a blast this weekend.

Hows that for a question?

ck said...

Are you pre...oh wait, you answered that already. Dang.

(PS: You don't look pregnant at all. You need to carry around a plastic bat with "I'm not" taped to the side and start whacking people with it when they ask.)

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

What is your ethnicity? Your boys are beautiful and I always wonder.

BlogBaby said...

Well this ruins my plans!

I WAS planning on asking to interview you, you know because I would be an AWESOME interviewer and because you would be an AWESOME interviewee.

So in light of the above my question is WHY OH WHY did you not ask me to interview you instead of this Q&A business??

Make it good lady, I KNOW you're real name, remember.


Erin said...

That pic is so GREAT!!'re pregnant? How great do you know the sex? I'm kidding!

LOVE the Q&A's and of course I can never come up with a Q

Anonymous said...

*evil grin* When BadMommyMoments did this, I flooded her with stupid questions and stupid complaints. I can't help myself. It's in the genes. Let me ponder.

P.S. Adorable picture!

Anonymous said...

What is an open id error?
Does blogger hate me?
Because really this happens to me a bit.
What's up with the lame ass word recognition?
If I get pissed off at blogger, should I take it out on my laptop?
Stupid Blogger.

parentingBYdummies said...

Good questions! I'll get to these next month and I'll have answers for all of you. Especially you, Faemom, you are in for it:)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

OK, I'll play.

If you were stranded on a desert island with one book, one iPod, and one TV, who would you sleep with?

Aubrey said...

By crunches do you mean something crunchy on your ice cream??

And speaking of...what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

You crack me up!

Teresha and Damon said...

Came over from SITS. It's been too long! My ? is what type of camera do you use? I need to get a new one for baby girl

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