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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo of the Day

He may not have many...

But, he is gonna keep the teeth he has clean!

The kid is literally obsessed with his oral hygiene.

Can't even go into the bathroom without hearing his endless-can-only-be-settled-by-one-thing tirade of, "Bus! Bus! Bus! Teef! Bus! Bus!".

He likes to give them a good sweep at least three times a day, which is awesome (sorta), but we have to keep a "Bus!" in nearly every room of the house.

At least I don't have to worry at all about him having yuck mouth.

Wish he could convince #1 that good oral hygiene is key to social success. He's not 100 percent sold on the idea!

He really thinks I'm lying to him when I say his breath smells like jungle rot.

I am not.

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Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Ha - yet another similarity between our little ones! My 18-month-old has suddenly started to LOVE brushing his teeth and won't leave it alone unless I keep the bathroom door closed. :)

Tammy Howard said...

My youngest LOVES brushing her teeth. She also loves to go to the dentist. My eldest - yeah, not so much (on both counts).

Lolli said...

I need him to teach my 4 year old a few things. He still screams when we brush his teeth 80% of the time.

confused homemaker said...

Mamacita is obsessed too, she's ready to brush anytime or place. The boys are pretty good with it, but she's a pro.

Unknown Mami said...

My little one only has 4 teeth, but she likes brushing them so far. I think she mostly likes biting me while I try to brush them, but whatever.

Pam said...

I'm totally loving the chin dimple.

Alicia said...

soooo cute!! my middle guy is obsessed with brushing too...especially now that we got the spinning brush!

Shannon said...

THAT is GREAT! Tell him to keep it up and he'll never have to undergo torture in the dental chair! :)

Maureen said...

If you told my son that his breath smelled like jungle rot, he'd believe you...then he'd say, "Cool!" He has actually told me that he doesn't like to wear deodorant, which he desperately needs, because he likes his stank. I wish I was joking.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

Oh man, how do you get one of those? I am literally the only person in my house who brushes their teeth on a REGULAR basis - ewwww! I have tried myself blue in the face and I just can't convince them of the importance of brushing, even my DH. I mean, sheesh, it only takes a couple of minutes. I would LOVE to have a kid who likes brushing his teeth.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!
My boys are a bit obsessed with brushing their teeth too. But I don't know how good of a job they're doing.

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