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Monday, July 27, 2009

The No Post Post *Edited

I consider myself a humor mom blogger.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing most of you would agree with that assessment, and 9 times outta 10 when you navigate over here to PBD you're expecting to have a laugh; at lest a few chuckles.

So, in an effort to not disappoint too much, I'm gonna refrain from posting today.

Because, honestly, people (& things) in my real life are sucking so bad right now it's not even funny.

I'm not gonna do the woe-is-me-everybody-hates-me-f*@%-my-life post one would expect from someone feeling the way I am right now.

I hate when I go to one of my favorite funny blogs and discover that the writer is all down in the diggity dumps, feeling sorry for herself, and making me experience the seven layers of hell with her.

I'm sure you have enough suck a** crap in your own day to day that you don't need to come over here and get up to your elbows in it with me.

Don't worry, I'm not dying and neither is anyone else (that I know of).

It's nothing that dramatic, and I'll gladly share once the issue is all resolved and I've had the satisfaction of laying the smack down on the people causing this s**t storm.

So, since I'm not funny today, maybe you'd like to check out these people, 'cause they are: What Were You Thinking? (something I wonder daily), Scary Mommy (not at all scary), or Mama Kat (we all know and love her, right?).

Or, you can go over here and find yourself on this list, because fact to business, we're all on there somewhere. For example, I'm #151, pretty sure. And, I can say that these are currently my top 3 deservers: #193 (who lives somewhere very nearby me), #169 (will kill on sight), and more than any other at the moment: #188.

And, if all else fails, enjoy this, because swearing babies is always funny. Least, I think so.

Have a happy day readers, and come back tomorrow, the Bachelorette always makes me happy:)!

And, if you only came over here to enter my giveaway, here, have at it.

Edited: Thanks guys for not requiring me to be funny! I am feeling a bit better about the state of things right now, but still not able to share entirely. Just need to talk to the people in charge of this H-E-double hockey sticks before I let 'em have it here on the blog. Nothing like the element of surprise, eh! In other news, my local blog is a little more lighthearted, so feel free to check it out:)!


Deb said...

Hope things start looking up soon. good luck with whatever's going on (sure you don't need it).

Kathy B! said...

Hope you get your funny back soon!

Tammy Howard said...

I don't consider myself anything. It frees me up quite a bit. No one can be funny every day, that's way too much pressure!

{Kiki} said...

Great video. One of my favs from Funny or Die. I hope your "funny bone" heals soon, but it's okay to not be funny 24/7 on your blog. That's why we all have great bloggy friends to comment and support us. Take care.

parentingBYdummies said...

Thanks, guys! Feeling better already.

Drahdrah said...

This might sound weird, but when I read about other people's sh*t, it helps puts my sh*t into perspective. Hope everything works out ok !

confused homemaker said...

(((hugs))) momma, don't pressure yourself to be funny. IMO bitter is always a safe bet anyway.

parentingBYdummies said...

Speaking of swearing babies (in case you missed my Tweet last night), #1 said bloody hell last night. Laughed out loud b/c he got it from Harry Potter and had no idea that it was a bad word, he doesn't speak British, you know. Had to explain it to him. He was VERY surprised:)

marymac said...

ew, i am totally one of those humor mombloggers who posted a lame-ass whiny post today but Jesus, it's not like our readers pay us to read this stuff and we can't be funny every goddamn day right? ugh. i'm goin back to bed. also: i think 'bloody hell' is kind of charming.

Aunt Julie said...

The Landlord is one of my faves. I think Ferrell should do a sequel after Pearl grows up some. Would that be funny? SITS sent me by...and I'm having a giveaway where EVERYBODY wins, so please come on down!

Alicia said...

i love that video! have a better day!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I still giggled when I got to your blog. The face on your son made me laugh, too cute.

Now, I hear you about Bachelorette putting you in a better mood, being 7 months pregnant in 100* weather isn't soo bad today, cuz I get ice cream and the finale tonight lol! Talk about it tomorrow!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope things get better!

BlogBaby said...

RE: "I hate when I go to one of my favorite funny blogs and discover that the writer is all down in the diggity dumps, feeling sorry for herself, and making me experience the seven layers of hell with her."

Er...sorry. I can feel your not so subtle cyber stare in my direction with this comment.

In my defense though, Dumb Mom, wallowing in my own crap for awhile DOES eventually make ME feel better even if it makes YOU want to gouge your own eyes out.

So wallow away friend, you totally have my permission. Which, of course, was what you were looking for. Right?

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Lisa Anne said...

I love that landlord video. cracks me up! I hope things pick uyp very soon. It seems everyones down in the dumps these days!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I am sorry that you aren't doing well, my friend, but, can I just say that I LOVE this video. Pearl gets me every time. I must have watched it about a 1000 times. It never gets old.

And what the hell? Aren't I funny? You are starting to give me a complex.



Lee said...

I have to give you an award! Check it out at

Maureen said...

I hope things are going better! Though you're fun to read even when you're down. Thanks for all the links!

angie said...

You can't always be funny, and when you are not, we are still always here for you........hoping everything is resolved quickly, and we get to her the humor version very soon. Hugs!

Amy B. said...

Just for you, I'm training my baby how to say shit. I'll let you know how it goes...

Peterson Family said...

Just be yourself and if you are feeling funny that day it will come across. And if you are not you can keep posting Will Farrell videos, he always makes me laugh. (And Pearl is awesome!)

Ready to get my drink on....

Anonymous said...

*hugs* Everything will work out for the best.

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