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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm guilty, so shoot me

Nothing has happened, specifically, it's sorta just an underlying thing that haunts me daily as I gaze longingly at the Travel Channel (I really like Anthony Bourdain's show, not sure why), read through other people's blogs (and they're not all mom blogs b/c I kinda get sick of hearing about people just like me), and avoid playing Transformers, or chase, or pretty much everything (give me a break, I have like zero experience being Optimus Prime, I would totally rock at barbies, though).

It's mom guilt, the fat-constantly-judging-nagging-annoying-always-in-the-back-of-my-mind-can-I-get-one-effing-minute-alone elephant in the room, that I have been encouraged to admit to by Mama Kat (thank you for highlighting the fact that I suck).

So, here's my confession: I'm ready for summer to end and for school to start and for 66% of my band of brothers to be at school at least part time 3 days per week (I'll take what I can get at this point).

We are only nearing the end of week 2 of our summer vacation, and I find that I am looking forward to doing the school shopping (partly b/c I LOVE shopping, even when it's not for me). I'm cursing my decision to only do a couple of weeks of camp. And, I'm thinking about next year, when #2 will be at his least favorite place (aka preschool) for three (YES!) half days per week. And, I feel a little bad for longing for less togetherness (not a lot bad, but a little).

Worst part: summer hasn't even been horrible.

We've actually had some pretty fun days, and I have many more planned, but I'm tired of coming up with a daily, all encompassing schedule that keeps them from crying bored without involving the television too much.

I'm really just not that creative (plus I like TV).

I know they don't have to be entertained constantly, but they sure do a good job of acting like it.

I'm tired of hearing them complain that they are bored and they are too hot or too tired or too lonely (neighborhood kids are at camp) to play outside. And, it pulls at the one heart string I have left to watch #1 stand around outside kicking rocks while #2 naps (& napping is 100% nonnegotiable).

So, I feel guilty.

Not, all-encompassing-I-suck-so-bad guilty, just a little sorry-dudes-you'll-get-over-it-just-like-I-will guilty for wishing them busy.

Oh, and I'm SO over the play date thing.

Which I would feel guilty about if I weren't too busy being disgusted.

Which leads nicely to the thank you note of the week (best I could do for red, white & blue)...

Thank you, and you're welcome.

It reads: Dear Mom of kid my kid plays with, Thanks for suggesting we set up another play date for the kids. Unfortunately, due to recent events, we will have to decline further opportunities to host (but you are more than welcome to do the honors). And, just to give you something to work on for future events, you may want to discuss proper younger brother etiquette with your son. Specifically, it is rarely appropriate to lock a preschooler in the bathroom "for fun", and "tricking" him into getting you stuff is not really okay either. Furthermore, I, contrary to popular belief, do not run a restaurant, so when I serve PB&J and you send it back to "trade" for "turkey with one piece of orange cheese" you are setting yourself up for disappointment. You asked for it, so stop crying. Crying is not allowed. Hopefully once these issues are resolved we reconsider our position on this matter. Until then, our house is officially off limits. XOXO, Dumb Mom

Please note: Mom was not in attendance. Instead, this was the worst sort of play date arrangement, the drop and go. Participation in play dates of this nature is never advised or encouraged.


blueviolet said...

It's ok. We all feel guilty from time to time.

I'm not a huge play date fan either. It always ends up being more work for me!

lov said...

1. thanks for stopping by from sits (don't you just love sits!)

2. i so understand needing summer to be over....because as a teacher, i needed school to be over, i couldn't have had another day with my 18 little kindergarten friends if my life depened on it! boy of boy did i need this summer break! :) sometimes it is just easier not to have kids around when it is hot outside....the two don't mix....which is why i'm ever so thankful that school doesn't go on throughout the summer!

3. thanks so much for mentioning my button and header....
i make them with scrapblog...and boy oh boy do i love to make them, i spend way to much time making new ones (for me and friends)....but then again, it makes me i can't complain!

4. i love your pictures....
and the way you write!
so i'm totally going to follow you!!

5. happy fourth!

Foursons said...

Ugh. I HATE playdates! Whatever happened to bootin' the kids out the door and tellin' 'em to come back when the street lights came on?

Mira is triplet crown said...

I do know that we're missing something my parents had in the neighborhood playing in the street until dark thing. There was no need for playdates. I haven't even gotten to that stage yet but I wonder how much more work it is raising kids in a city vs the suburbs of my youth. Ach.

SugarandSpice said...

LOL!!! I love it! I hate those kind of play dates too! That note was hilarious, and if all of your playdates are going that way, I don't blame you for not wanting more! Love it! Stopping by from sits!

Alicia said...

play dates are the devil...but man my kids love them!! and i'm counting down the days until school starts!! GLORIOUS!

BlogBaby said...

I must admit I am terrified of play dates! I actually don't mind having the little monsters over to our house 'cuz I don't take no Guff from anyone but the thought of unleashing my own little rug rat on another unsuspecting mom makes me barf a little in my mouth.

That's what happens when YOU are the mother of the "the bad kid".

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Al.O. said...

Nice read.

check me out at

countryfriedmama said...

We are still too young for play-and-go (at least in my mind). It sounds HORRIBLE. I don't blame you for opting out.

Erin said...

Thank God my play dates still consist of the parents of said play date child still be in attendance!

Loved the card!

Orange Juice said...

I totally dig play dates because I only have one and that's time for me to get a breather in. Totally selfish. LOL

I'll confess to you I write a blog that appeals to a lot of homeschooling moms I am actually thinking about putting my son in preschool talk about being banished!

You are seriously funny I love when you write those letters. I especially love that you have write them!

Orange Juice said...

When I say play dates I mean only 1 other child that's near the same age as my son not little monsters that I want to rip to shreds or sibling madness. NO THANK YOU!

cat said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Gosh - you have your hands full with 3 boys. And I so agree - playdates need to be approached with a lot of tact and good manners.

Anonymous said...

Too bored, hand them a dust rag. Too hot, draw them a cool bath or turn on the sprinkles. Too lonely, point to the other siblings. Granted that was totally easier than said. As for that playdate, I'm amazed you didn't call the parent to get the kid out of there sooner.

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