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Monday, June 8, 2009

To party? Or, not to party?

That is the question.

Not that I don't like to party, because I totally do.

And, I even love to host parties (I like being appreciated and recognized as awesome).

But, Hubby does not.

Every time I suggest that we consider possibly thinking about maybe hosting a little get together for a birthday or a holiday he huffs and puffs and attempts to blow the house down, thereby rendering it unsuitable for party hosting.

I'm not sure what his beef is with parties exactly.

Obviously I do all of the planning, prepping, and general hosting of the party (you know, so all the glory is mine).

All he's required to do is smile, talk to his friends, and drink beer.

Is that hard?

So, I recently proposed that we host the 4th of July festivities at our place.

I even suggested we do a potluck type deal (totally against every fiber of my being since then others would be entitled to some of my much awaited glory) to reduce food cost.

But, with money saved, suggested we get one of those moon bounce thingys for the kids (and for me and BFF before and after the party) that you can get from Silicon Valley Party Rentals. They deliver it, set it up, and do all the work, so how hard can it be?

So, even though he hasn't totally agreed to this shin dig (he will, I know he will), I decided to check out my other options for backyard inflatable entertainment, and you would not believe some of the awesomeness you can have blown up these days.

I mean, let's forget about the rugrats for a moment. We can get a mechanical bull!


Antelope Valley Party Rentals has this gem for your backyard bucking party pleasure.

But, of course, he is categorically opposed to the inflatables. Something about not wanting to witness BFF & me jumping around in a drunken stupor and possibly breaking some kid's arm.

Okay Officer Killjoy, then what about black jack, craps, or poker tables?

We could get one from Northern California Party Rentals and then we could recoup the cost of having our friends around.

Oh? Is that against the law? Oh well, maybe we'll use "pretend" money.

Or, maybe we'll go with the monster slide.

It looks so freakin' FUN! Although, I'm not sure it will even fit in my yard.

What-Ever, Hubby, you better get on board because this is SO happening (if you agree, so say yes, okay? Please?)!

(Someone please tell me why we don't have this place in Maryland; just discovered you can only get these if you live in CA, Reno or Las Vegas,NV! For some reason when they said "we deliver" I thought they meant everywhere. Idiot! Well, that blows; Maryland doesn't have any fun stuff. Guess I'll have to try this place instead.)


ck said...

We got one of those moon bounces for my daughter's 4th birthday. It only fit about 8 kids (because it was indoor) but they're still talking about it. And by "they" I'm referring to my friends who came over and jumped in it with me. It was kinda awesome.

TubOfLard said...

Moon bounce, moon bounce, moon bounce...

Shannon said...

Good luck with the husband! You are such. a. good. wife! I never ask, I just do! (at least when it comes to parties)! And he smiles. laughs. and drinks beer! :) He's the shy one, but does LOVE his annual Halloween bash!!!

TKW said...

We did an inflatable slide last summer that also was a water slide! Awesome!

That huge one is crazy looking!

I hate going to parties but I love throwing them. Is that weird?

Alicia said...

Holy crap women we are totally friends now! I looooved your comment and I was busting up laughing!! You are exactly like me. I looooooove parties! And I have to host. It's that simple! you should look at my cinco de mayo post....check out the dogs outfit!! Get the bull! I'll come if you get the bull!!

mira said...

Hey I have the same husband! He acts all put out the day of too when we're running around getting everything done but then he seems to be having the time of his life once it starts. I call it social anxiety. He just rolls his eyes. You know what else? I moved to CA from Frederick not less than 5 years ago so I coulda known you in person! Ah well.

KnitterMama said...

Amanda--Blown up things, beer, and good food--wow! This sounds like a deal that can not be passed up...

Kristin said...

Moon bounce. Yesssssssss! Give the hubs some scotch to get through it. Ah ha.

--Heather-- said...

You are too funny! I was laughing out loud! Thanks for stopping by!

BPOTW said...

Men are just little boys in big bodies!

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