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Thursday, June 25, 2009


So, Mamakat suggested we talk about interviews or jobs or something like that. And, since I do everything Mamakat says, I decided I'd oblige.

Besides, this ties in perfectly to my Thank You Thursday for the week, so yeah.

Actually, the two are only vaguely related, but you know, nothing like a good stretch:)

An interview?

Well, I haven't been on an interview for a job in a while (the note should adequately explain why).

I'd say my most memorable interview was when I was applying to graduate school (yes, believe it, you can be dumb and educated simultaneously, look at George Bush).

So, I got myself all dressed up in my bestes, most conservative, but still stylish and trendy suit. Drove myself up to the University of Maryland, College Park (go TERPS!) campus, and coolly (okay, was shaking like a leaf, 'cause I have a wee bit of social anxiety) went to greet the professor who was interviewing me.

Go to sit down in the chair directly across from her desk (where she was incidentally looking very prestigious and smart and stuff), and I somehow proceeded to get my foot caught in the strap of my purse, which was also caught on my chair.

Not sure of the exact course of events from there, but I know both myself and the chair wound up laying on our backs with our legs in the air.


The rest of the interview was a blur featuring me red faced and flustered, on the brink of tears as my unrealized dreams of furthering my education flashed before my eyes.

Pretty sure she just let me in out of pity.

She always did seem highly surprised when I gave insightful comments in class.

Go ahead, you can laugh, my skin is thick and I've suffered numerous embarrassments of this nature (let's just say I'm not what you'd call sure footed).

Now, for my education and interview related Thank You Note.

Incidentally, today's note card is brought to you by our friends over at Target. No, they did not send them to me, I bought them because I have not received any cards from all of the whimsical, cute boutiques I have visited lately and begged for cards from. Not sure what's up with that (hint!hint!).

This card, inspired by my recent experiences at a local park, is meant to serve as a helpful guide to daycare centers everywhere when seeking new hires. Something must be done.

Thank you, and you're welcome.

Card reads: Dear Local Daycare Center, Thank you for reassuring me that giving up my lucrative career to become a SAHM was the right choice. Recent events I witnessed while your group was at a local park on a field trip should frighten you as much as they do me. You may want to reevaluate your hiring policies ASAP. First, I urge you to seek employees with a good command of the English language and, despite what you may have heard, Ebonics is. Not. English. Second, all prospective hires should be addiction free. That includes excessive texting and/or iPod usage. Meaning, while supervising kids at the park, they need to WATCH THEM, not the screen of their favorite electronic device. And, finally, a dress code may be in order. If an applicant shows up to the interview in a mini and a halter top, you may want to go a different direction. Thanks for the help with this manner, you may give away my boys' spots for fall. XOXO, Dumb Mom


Shannon said...

I'm SO HAPPY I found a safe, nurturing environment (an in-home caregiver, another grandma for my kids to love)for my little ones when I worked part time when they were small - and NOW, their PRIVATE school is amazing! There are options for those of us who need two incomes! Because, YA, day care facilities can be very SCARY!

Doodles said...

I have to say just about everything I have read from you just makes my day a little brighter. You sense of humor completely nails it. Thank you for keeping me sane during the day.

CJ said...

I loved the interview story. I can be a super klutz, so I appreciated knowing I am not the only one.

(I'm sponsoring my first GIVEAWAY. Come visit for the details.)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Ebonics is not english? Oh.

TubOfLard said...

Your interview story never gets old. I laugh out loud everytime I hear it.

Mimi said...

Ok...I am the mother of PBD and I am extremely coordinated, athletic and all around sure-footed. So, how did I have this child who is a klutz extraordinaire? Don't know, but I found I loved every clumsy "incident" in her life. Believe me folks, this is a TRUE story, and I believe #1 is stumbling...I mean, following in her miss-steps.

Mira is triplet crown said...

You are hilarious. You are funnier than me. I think we've all had moments like your interview m'dear. You are not alone. Bad things do happen to smart good people. And good luck with those daycare employees. My guess is that their employers are just happy they show up for work.

SmartPumpkin'sMom said...

I like your hand-written Thank You notes. they are adorable!
Your description of the grad school interview is hilarious!

ck said...

I pulled my daughter out of a very similar daycare. Once my daughter got old enough to express the kinds of things she was "learning" it got overwhelming and upsetting really fast. I'm so grateful that I can stay home with them.

PS: Dear Mimi,

I think you should create a sub-blog. I would immediately add you to my reader.


Alicia said...

lol!! i love the card...why is it so friggin hard to find a good daycare?!

Jennifer said...

LOL! You are crazy! And I like it! ;-)

KnitterMama said...

HYSTERICAL (again) and I also do everything my Mamakat says...

Foursons said...

Well said! And maybe the falling out of your chair actually got you into grad school. You definetly had a memorable interview!

Sophia's Mom said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I was actually reading yours when you stopped by mine! You might be next weeks featured blog. I know you love Pajams and Coffee. I have seen your comments.I think I might refer to you as a "closeted potty mouth". jajaja

Is that ok?

Cafe Mocha Momma said...

Thanks for giving me one more reason why I am grateful to be a SAHM! I think that your insightful note was a perfect and diplopmatic way of handling that situation.

On the other hand, Ebonics may not be "proper" American English, but neither is most of the drivel and shorthand found on the internet, twitter, and text messaging. Perhaps more of us are more bilingual than we think :o)

parentingBYdummies said...

Yep, the Ebonics comment... Kinda expected that as a former English teacher in Oakland (you know, the Ebonics capitol of the world). My opinion is pretty developed on this one, so please email me if you'd like to know more:)

Anonymous said...

I worked at a daycare facility for two weeks at the tender age of 18, quitting because there was no way to rustle the little ones. I see nothing has changed.
Thank God for your Thankful Thursdays. I love them.

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