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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Thirties

So, this Friday is a big day @ Casa de Dummies.

The fearless leader (that would be me, people), is celebrating a birthday.

I'm turning the big 3-1.

Some people think that turning 30 is monumental, I'd like to posit that it's actually the thirty first year when all hell breaks loose.

'Cause at 30, I felt like I was still a lot closer to the twenties. You know, 'cause I just left them.

Now, I'm officially in my thirties. I'm not just 30; I'm in my thirties. Totally different.

Anyway, in an effort to shift the focus away from my oldness and onto my awesomeness, I'm having a giveaway. Make that giveaways!

That's right, I'm giving you gifts on precisely the day that I should be expecting them for myself!

Hold your applause, people.

The issue is, what to give?

Ok. I've decided.

Or, it's been decided for me.

I will be hosting my first ever sponsored giveaway!

It is with a fantastic company called UPrinting.

They do all kinds of awesome stuff like business cards, postcards, and poster printing.

Online poster printing? Awesome, right?

You know how I love pictures, so how awesome is this?!

So, I am offering a free 16x20 poster print to 2 lucky people!

That means you can take one of your awesome pics like this...

Or, this...

And blow it up big for your wall.

Please refrain from blowing up pics like this, though because that is just mean (for the record, he's not picking his nose)!

To enter, you must do at least 1 of these things (double chances for doing both):

1. Leave a comment here telling me how you would use your free print. A link to your photo of choice would be perfect.


2. Write a post on your blog linking back to moi and

I know you are wondering why we are celebrating my birthday on the 13th, when it's not until the 15th.

Well, little miss nosy pants, we are not actually celebrating the day I was born, we are instead celebrating my mom's birth experience, because she had the unfortunate circumstance to be in labor with me for more than 40 hours (good things come to those who wait, while screaming in pain).

That deserves a little celebration (give it up for Mimi).

Contest starts now (day her water broke), and ends Monday, 5/18/09 (day she took home the awesome gift that was me).

Good luck!

P.S. Shipping is included if you live in USA or Canada, all other countries have to pay for it (sorry, they made me say that part).


joanofalltrades said...

Wow Mimi--40 hours! This is why I am terrified of childbirth. How about a round of applause. Happy labor birthday to you! If I won the contest I would probably use it to blow up my wedding pic. Can't link it cuz hubby is paranoid. Sorry :(

Kris of Stonecafecreations said...

I would print a picture of my boys, I love them so much and to blow their picture up would be so much fun! :D

Jennifer said...


I think your mom should automatically win this contest.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday eve eve!!! The 30's are the new 20's so we are all good to go! I'm going to enter the contest...I would definitely use it to make a poster of the kids when I get my new camera!!

Shari @A Psych Mommy said...

Happy birthday! And OMG, 40 hours? Now THAT is love. Let's see, to make this an official contest entry, too, I will say that I would make a print of my son to display for his upcoming first birthday (which technically isn't until September, but you know, you have to plan these things early!

Execumama said...

I hope you didn't give your mom any drama after that grand entrance! I'm telling my mom this story bright n early tomorrow, so she can stop whining about her measly 22 hours w/ me. Happy soon-to-be birthday anyway! I'm also 31, and you're right; it's TOTALLY different than a year ago when we weren't officially in our 30's.
As for the contest, I'd print this picture of my Lovies, and have it on a large wall our sunroom, b/c after all, they are our Lights.

KnitterMama said...

Wow--you are 31~. That means I am really REALLY old. Happy Bday!!!!! Great job Mimi!!

Shannon said...

No worries... at this point you can just conveniently forget your age and when people are rude enough to ask, you get to say, "thirty something!" In my case, I really do forget my age! I do know I'm in my thirties and literally have to count from my birth year! So.... with my free print, I think I might print this picture of my little girl walking in the dandelions b(or have a couple others in mind)... it has been my most popular shot on my favorite photo sharing site - Zooomr! (and the link might not work??? if not, so sorry!)

Shawn said...

Oh...I'd probably get my boys blown up. Ha, that sounds funny.

I'm facing 46 in a few months and I'm not looking forward to it. 45 was was mid forties...46 takes the step into 'late 40s' which is like...over halfway of my life most likely and the getting old and feeble part.

I'm gonna need a lot of wine. I should start stockpiling now.

parentingBYdummies said...

joanofalltrades: don't worry, my Hubby is paranoid too! Thought he was the only one. So not mentioning there are others people like him out there, he might start thinking it's ok:)

parentingBYdummies said...

& Shannon, the link worked and the photo is very beautiful, would be a lovely choice if you win:)

otherworldlyone said...

40 hours...that terrifies me. I only had 5, and those were induced and drug hazed. Your mom is a trooper. Now on to...

Shameless marketing:

AND picture link (haven't decided which yet, but if I win I'll take suggestions, all of them look great to me. =0):

What will I do with it? My office is, at this point in time, bare and in serious need of decorating. Why buy a piece of framed art when I can have something entirely original...and pretty darn cute, I might add! said...

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