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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wow, Mama K. How did you know that a woman on the eve of her 31st birthday, would love nothing more than to reflect on her life in a way that would highlight exactly how old she really is? You naughty little minx:)

I remember when...

I could enjoy this without having to divvy it up amongst a small band of crumb snatchers.

And, if you're thinking that there are plenty to share, then you really don't know me at all.

Sleeping in meant I would miss all of Good Morning America. Now it means, that I am rolling out of bed about five minutes before it starts.

Music was actually good. You could enjoy good beats along with good lyrics, not one or the other, or quite possibly neither. For example, in 1989, Paula Abdul was so freakin' AWESOME! She had more than one song on the Billboard top ten. Nowadays, not so much.

I got my first email address which I only checked like twice a week. Now I have 5 and I check each of them hourly. I'm a little obsessed, I know.

Catching up with a friend meant you had to hear her voice and/or see her face. Now it means neither. You can text her, shoot her and email, and/or leave a comment on her blog. A little creepy, but so functional. Honestly, I have some friends that, were it not for these major technological advances, I would not know if they were even alive. Sad, but true.

Eating this

did not mean I'd have to spend an extra 2 hours doing this.

It simply meant I would be happy and sticky for a few glorious minutes.

My favorite thing to do after dinner was roller skate. Now my favorite thing to do after dinner is unbutton my pants (you know, for extra breathing room), and hurry to the bathroom to wash and rinse the dudes so that they can be in bed by the time Heroes starts.

I could pull off a body suit and stirrup leggings with ease. Now, please don't even consider asking me to imagine myself in a body suit and/or leggings; it is a scary, scary thought. Honestly, I don't even think I'd be able to bend over enough to buckle a body suit. I'd have to tuck it into the stirrup pants and hope for the best. Not a good look.

A fun night out meant going to the mall, dinner at Burger King, talking through a movie, and prank calling boys. A fun night out now means skipping the mall, dinner at Burger King, sleeping through a movie, and being home in time to tuck in the boys.

And, lastly, I'm going to leave you with somethings to look up.

I'm sure you remember when dances had names, and you could actually do them(or at least you knew what they were even if you weren't coordinated enough, brave enough, or cool enough to actually pull them off)? You know, the electric slide, the cabbage patch, the robot, that kinda thing.

But, how many of you can Walk it Out, Crank That, or do the Stanky Legg?

Feel free to join me in this feeling old thing.


Kimberly said...

LOL As a 31-year-old mama I can relate to everything you wrote here! I love it! Email is a tiresome obsession and I miss the days when "I remember before Internet, before Google..." I wonder what our children will remember and miss when they are 31!
Great post, I like how you wrote it :)

ck said...

I'm sorry...I'm still stuck on those cupcakes...

Which, honestly, before I turned 31 I don't think I would've enjoyed as much. Because I wouldn't have allowed myself to eat one whenever the hell I felt like it. Now, well, forget it. Pass the cooooo-kieeee please. I need one immediately. (And one for later.)

Anonymous said...

Love the flashback!

otherworldlyone said...


The Stanky Leg. Seriously. That song bothers me on so many levels. So, of course, I don't know how to do the dance myself...but I did see a drunk girl doing it outside a bar. So not attractive.

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

I am only 41 and I don't know those dances!!! or maybe I do... and just didn't know the names...

Life with Kaishon said...

You are so funny : ). I love the chocolates. Delectable!

Dee said...

ohhhhh to be 31 again...or even to be 41 again! LOL

now i really feel old! lol

Random Life Particle said...

Ohh.. I now feel so Old at 33! When did 31 pass by?

Shawn said...

LMAO!! I used to wear body suits with really cute mini skirts. That visual of not fastening it and tucking it into stirrup pants...I think I snorted some of my diet Dr. Pepper down the wrong pipe!

Ya crack me up woman!

bearer of three said...

lol...great..well im 5 years shy of 30...and i already have to watch what i eat..lollollol..this is funny!!!

ps...thank you so much for coming by and reading my blog i love new readers....

Jen said...

I remember this stuff too. Nice post.

Melissa said...

HaHa, the bodysuit. I remember hearing some comedian calling it the adult onsie lol. I think I was like 13 or 14 when those were cool, so I never experienced the ridiculousness of trying to get busy with a guy while wearing one.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Paula Abdul was so awesome. Thanks for the blast from the past.

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Your blog title intrigued me and and I had to stop by. You're a regular riot. Love the bodysuit image. Very funny!

Mimi said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog & helping to make my SITS day special!

Shari @ A Psych Mommy said...

Those cupcakes look awesome! And then the chocolate--I'm a bit obsessed with sweets so that's all I could focus on--I think I need help

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