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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Awe-Summm

So, I'm always willing to accept a little recognition for being awesome, but I'm not too good at following directions, learning new things (like this whole awarding people business, where do they even come from?), or recognizing that others are awesome too (not because I don't notice, I just forget to inform them that I think they rock).

But, I'm gonna try. So, let me first say thanks to the two people who gave me my first two awards (Rae Ann@Critical Mass and Katy@Parenting by Google). And, let me also inform you that I am unlikely to award others correctly so please forgive me, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

Apparently, as a stipulation for being deemed Awe-Summm by Rae Ann I have to prove it by sharing with you all 7 reasons why I am awesome.


There are way more than 7 so I'll just rattle a couple off for you and then you can fill in the rest:)

I am Awe-Summm because:

1. My kids are so dang cute it's almost unnatural. And, no, smarty pants, they are not adopted.

2. I can change a diaper with my feet. I may lack empirical evidence to support this claim, but I am 99.9% certain that it can be done, since I am 100% sure that I can change it while he's standing, while he's sleeping on his stomach, while I am talking on the phone, texting, and sending an email, while cooking, while nursing, one handed, with a mitten on, I can keep going if you're still unconvinced.

3. My kids are convinced that I have super human hearing, x-ray vision, and the strength of ten men. They are correct.

4. I can smile and remain calm in the midst of an embarrassing crisis. For example, when #2 announced that it smells like crap at the bus stop this morning, I smiled and said, "You are right, sir, it smells like crab, doesn't it?" The other moms went for the okie doke (thank goodness b/c their initial gasps and big eyes did not bode well for my social future).

5. I know a crap load of awesome bloggers who totally deserve this award more than me so I'm gonna list them here and you are gonna go read their blogs, but then you're gonna come back to me b/c I need all the friends I can get:)

7 people more Awe-Summm than me.

1. Bad Mommy Moments
2. Two Under 2. Whew!
3. Mommy with a Penis
4. the world according to me
5. A Psych Mommy
6. Lost in Suburban Bliss
7. Faemom


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I think you are pretty awwe-summ!!

Cassie said...

YAY, congrats on your award!! and you do have abnormally beautiful baby boys...sooo handsome!!!!

Totally Awe-Summmmmmm!!!!!!

Ladies Parts said...

Wow I love your blog... really loving that song... who sings it? "when I get older"?
We have an attempt at a funny blog but in video form... take a peek if you have time... more to come. You family is gorgeous

parentingBYdummies said...

Lots of questions about the song. It's by a guy named K'naan and it's called Waving Flag. It's truly one of the dudes most favorite jams, they always sing it while swinging their highest at the park. Of course they only know a few words in the chorus, "When I get older, I will be stronger," and they yell it over and over and over again. Cute, but now those 8 words are CONSTANTLY in my mind:)

ck said...

Thank you for the awe-summm compliment, but no way am I more awe-summm than you!

ck said...


Gibby said...

Congrats to you, because your blog rocks! Totally deserve it. And thanks for sharing it with me.

P.S. I love this song, too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are pretty awe-summm. Let's finish of the list"
6. You have awe-summ writing ability.\
7. You have awe-summ music-picking ability as eveidence of that cool song.
8. You have real talent in photography.
Wait it that more than seven, I guess you were right.
Oh, and thank you for the nod. Nothing like more homework ;-)

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