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Monday, May 11, 2009

My 15 Minutes

Mother's Day was about 15 minutes of awesomeness (perfect, because that's way more than I get on a regular day).

I got exactly what I wanted (and none of the crap I didn't want. Way to go Hubby!), homemade(actually school made)-with-extra-love cards, and a brand-new-fit-everything camera bag. Yes!

About the camera bag. It was exactly what I wanted/needed because up till now I was using a diaper bag as a makeshift camera bag to tote all of my equipment to shoots. It was a fancy looking diaper bag so my clients probably didn't know, but I knew, and it bugged me.

My lovely new bag fits all of my camera related supplies, including the barely ever used flash, nicely.

And, it's a back pack. Which works magnificently because my hands are usually full toting all of my props and paperwork to my shoots.

Hubby knows me so well.

About the homemade-with-extra-love-cards. #1's teacher allowed her students to fill out one of those mom survey sheets as well. His was beautiful, and touching, and sweet, and funny, just like he is.

It was also quite informative.

I learned that he likes it when I get dressed up in dresses with big skirts, and that I am my prettiest when I go on dates to the movies with his dad.

I learned that I demonstrate my love the best when I let him play the Wii (guess I'll have to say yes to that more often, lest he think I don't love him).

And, I learned that he is about as observant as a baby goat. He wrote that I have blue eyes. Blue eyes? Has he ever even seen me? Maybe he'd like for me to have blue eyes, but I do not. They are brown. Very dark brown.

His inability to recall a prominent physical feature, one that has been staring into his own eyes since the moment he arrived on this planet, has combined with a number of other traits and incidents to make me not only a better mother, but a better wife.

I have grown to appreciate that, while he may not always be putting 100% effort into it, even on his best days I can only expect so much of Hubby in certain departments.

The fact that he only listens to the first part of what I say, and then infers (often inaccurately) the rest, is to be expected and planned for.

The fact that he doesn't remember to do simple things like move his shoes from behind the front door (seems obvious; apparently it is not), or close the baby gate (how many times does the kid have to escape?) is annoying, but predictable.

The fact that he doesn't notice that I lost a few pounds (not that I have), purchased new shoes (this one actually works in my favor), or redone my highlights is not intentionally hurtful, but a testament to his species.

My boys have taught me that, by nature, men are less observant, slower learners, moderately insensitive, forgetful, impulsive, predictable, and self absorbed.

Fortunately, I have also had the pleasure to experience that they are fun, adventuresome, curious, eager to please (or at least eager to be appreciated), willing to learn (as long as they don't think a girl is teaching), and desperately in love with their mommas.

Lucky for me.

Luckier for Hubby. Our three little dudes have allowed me to be impervious to his insensitivity, forgiving about his repeated oversights, and outwardly appreciative of his accomplishments (particularly the minor ones, like hanging up his jacket).

I'm so grateful I'm a mom to boys. I'd love to make $122,732 doing it, but free works too.

And, a little pink every now and then is nice, too:)


ck said...

That's pretty hilarious.

You are one funny lady.

With the loveliest shade of blue eyes.

And if it makes you feel better, my daughter, while a little more observant, uses her powers to observe that she wishes I'd wear dresses. She has gone as far as to name the one dress I own after the one occasion I wore it. Often her cards express her deep desire that I wear it more often. She regularly "zaps" me a "new dress" with her magic wand.

I'm sorry to report that her wand is broken.

Brittany said...

LOL Hope you had an amazing day!

Dee said...

it's always so nice to know that when somone knows you better than you think and they seem to know exactly what it is that you or want and yet they have to find a way to give it to you when you least expect it. One thing they can't give you your wonderful sense of humor!

Safe hugz!

Mommyof2girlz said...

Stopping by from MBC Follow Me Club to follow and say hello. Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day :)

Rae Ann said...

Just think! Maybe your dudes can be the next step in male evolution with the ability to put down the seat and get their drawers into the hamper!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Sounds like you've got the boys all figured out. Now if I can only do the same.

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