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Monday, March 2, 2009

Books for Boys

Sam's Potty, by Barbro Lindgren, has made it into the club.

I am not currently in the throws of potty training (2 down, 1 to go), but if I were I think I'd love this book even more than I do. Although, my dudes have never been too swayed by the expereinces of characters in print. They always take the "good for him" approach when I try to use the stories to influence their actions. They never seem to connect that they too can sit on the potty, or be brave, or tie their own shoes, or be responsible (kind, tolerant, or forgiving) big brothers. But I digress.

The illustrations provided by Eva Eriksson are unbeleiveably cute. Despite their simplicity and repetitiveness (whole book takes place in bathroom, of course), Sam and Doggie are quite expressive.

The best part about my boy Sam and his conquest of the porcelain god is his effort to get Doggie to give it a go. And, to give Doggie some props, he (or she) is pretty darn tolerant of little Sam and his "experiment." Our doggie would not have been down for that. Which explains a lot about why our doggie is no longer a member of the family (future post alert).

And, if nothing else, I was won over by Sam's tirade against his nemesis as it distinctly reminds me of #2's approach to pretty much everything; yell first, ask questions later.

Eventually, little Sam is defeated by the commode, much to Doggie's (and probably Mom's) satisfaction. But not before he and Doggie have quite the adventure. It seems to me that Doggie has earned his keep this week and Mommy should give Doggie a very yummy treat and some much deserved alone time.

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