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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is hard!

Recently I have found myself thinking these words as I sit in front of my computer, eyes bulging out of my head, as I gaze at my computer and anxiously click on the growing number of blogs I'm responsible for. I originally started doing this as one element of my photography business, but then I decided to start this parenting blog (or non parenting blog?) and things have begun to get out of hand. I now have little time to check the discussion boards of the 40+ (just counting very active ones) flickr groups that I belong to, my life as a blogger stalker has all but disappeared, and my DVR currently only has 4% available recording space left. Oh, and my house is a wreck, my kids are wearing questionably clean clothing, and for dinner last night we had grilled cheese sandwiches. I have got to get control of this situation! Now, to ice my horribly baked cake, my parents just left on their 10 day European vacation. Great for them, bad for me (& kids), b/c Mimi is a major element of the Keep Mommy Together Team. She comes over at least twice a week to help out, ie play with kids, so that I can catch up on tasks that have gone by the wayside, like showering, and combing out my hair. Ten days without a shower is a very long time. Anyway, point is that I am going to have to get my priorities in order, which means that I will be cutting back on my blogging in order to free up space on my DVR. Instead of posting on here daily, I will be linking to the newspaper blog that I run also. Don't worry b/c they require "exclusivity" there will be no overlapping stories. So if you want to know what the dummies and the dudes are up to when I'm not blogging away on this site, you'll have to check over there.

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