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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Scared

I guess I should have called this blog parenting a 3 year old by dummies. Anyway, here goes. I have recently (within the last year) taken up running. Okay, not running, I guess it's more like jogging, or super fast foot shuffling, or something, whatever. Not important. What is important is that on one of my less planned out ventures into super fast foot shuffling I geared up (it was FREEZING, and apparently icy) and hit the street. No, I literally hit the street. I slipped on ice, tore my pants, bloodied my knee, and limped home (not too far since it happened in my driveway!) crying like a baby. Needless to say it was a traumatizing experience for the entire dummy household. Fast forward a few weeks. I had a friend over with her little boy for a play date where I was recounting my harrowing tale of icy super fast foot shuffling. She (appropriately) was laughing hysterically while the runts played nearby. At a momentary lull in the laughter #2 felt it was the perfect time to inform her through clenched teeth that "It's not funny, it's serious". She tried to straighten up and explain that in retrospect the incident was a bit comical, but it was too late. He silently threw daggers at her with his eyes obviously uninterested in her meager attempts to back pedal. As he skulked into the play room casting evil spells her way all she could say was, "I'm scared of him now." You should be, my friend. You should be.

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