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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

You know what I love?


It is seriously like one of my favorite snacks.

Right up there with chocolate covered almonds (which come in a half gallon jar from Costco which is enough to make me physically sick from over consumption).

The only way I don't like popcorn is when it costs $10!

$10 popcorn is not my friend.

But, when paired with a fancy schmansy essentially-useless-because-it-matches-nothing-and-fits-nowheresouvenir bucket, endless refills (that go unused b/c seriously, who need 3lbs of popcorn in one sitting?), and ice dancing geniuses, it's kinda awesome!

That's right. I said it. Ice dancing geniuses. A phenomenon that can only be found in a few places, one of which is Disney on Ice!

Last Wednesday, the dudes and I had the pleasure of gettin' Disney wit it at the Disney on Ice: Celebrations production showing at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore.

It was a blast (just like I said it would be) that was totally worth staying out until 10pm on a school night for and having to literally drag their virtually lifeless bodies from their beds in the am just in time to not catch the bus.

But, since my standards of awesomeness are drastically different from those of my what's-cool-to-kids aficionados, I asked the dudes to weigh in on this post and share with everyone what they enjoyed the very most about their date with Disney.

#1: Loved the Halloween celebration the most because, "all of the bad guys were there". Thought the princesses were okay, but "mostly just for girls". Really enjoyed the parts with Mickey because, "that guy is just soooo funny!".

#2: Liked the Christmas part (strange because in order to beat the psychotic Baltimore crowd out to the parking lot, we left in the middle of this performance) the best. Thought princess Tiana from the upcoming film, The Princess and the Frog, was "just so pretty and cute". And, he wasn't even phased by the fact that a couple of the ice skate clad heroes bit it during their performance, stating that, "he didn't fall, he just rolled across the ground", obviously a huge difference.

Think your little ones might enjoy a taste of happiness on ice?

There are still plenty of opportunities to catch the performance.

Check here to find out when they will glide into a venue near you.

Luckily, they are finishing their stint in Baltimore, because I tell you I'm convinced that that place is the scariest city on earth.

I hate to bash my home state (not really, but sorta), but I just can't seem to take a foray into the city without having a near death experience.

Even at a production put on by the happiest people on earth, lady-beside-us thought it was necessary to inform lady-behind-us that she was going to kill her.


A death threat?

At Disney?

What kind of a strange horror flick am I living in?

What kind of behaviour would solicit such harsh words?

Well, apparently it was all because kid-of-lady-behind-us inadvertently kicked back-of-lady-beside-us repeatedly throughout the first half of the show during which lady-behind-us failed to apologize to lady-beside-us with enough sincerity to appease her and her mildly assulted neck.


And, during the cuss fest and subsequent near attempted murder my dudes were covered in nervous sweat from shear fear.

Fear for their lives, not to mention the fact that should violence erupt they probably would never know if Minnie found her prince.

And what did I do?

I Waited for the crazy lady to move her freak show along, that's what. Because, all trash talking aside, I'm no match for a 200lb-psycho-baby-mama-in-a-pink-pleather coat. I'm just not.

I'm all hard when it comes to bringing the pain on eternal-mini-van-driving-suburbanite-moms-of-4 whose kids verbally (or physically as the case may be) assault my dudes, but I'm just not down with getting my a@* handed to me to the tune of bipity-boppity-boo.

No thanks.

Lucky for me, my nervous smile and my curly headed dudes were visually appealing to her and she excused herself without further incident (or injury to my person).

It was nuts, but the ice show...that was great.


Unknown Mami said...

Wow! Popcorn, ice, and drama.

ck said...

I check my comments too when faced with a pink pleather coat. Those things are scary.

ShellSpann said...

I remember going to Disney on Ice as a kid and I really want to take my kids soon :)

Crystalin Dunn said...

You know what I love? Seriously funny posts like this one! LOL! Girl, I must admit I am not even tempted to go see Disney on Ice, despite having 4 kids, but I might consider just to go with you and get your play-by-play commentary. Thanks for the laugh.

Lolli said...

I'm kinda sad I missed Disney on Ice, especially since you were there, but I just didn't have it in me to drag 5 kids out there on my own.

But for the record, I like popcorn, too. Although I do prefer homemade with plenty of butter.

kys said...

What is wrong with people that they can't behave during a kids' show????

BlogBaby said...

Great now I have the tune of bipity-boppity-boo stuck in MY head.

Thanks for that.

I'd have been happier if you had just taken the a$$ whipping for the team. Sheeesh woman. ;)

BlogBaby's BabyMama

Miss Dot said...

Oh my goodness what an experience. You're so funny! I love the way you tell your stories. I simply have to follow you now!

blueviolet said...

Disney is supposed to bring out the magic in people!

Anonymous said...

10 bucks of popcorn. Was it heavenly?
I wondered what I would do. Before kids, I would get in her face for acting that way in front of children. With kids, I'm a little meeker because someone has to drive these kids home.

piecemeal people said...

Where in MD do you live? We just moved from the Baltimore area (to Maine) in August and I agree...scary. Big part of the reason for the move.

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