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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Most of you (aside from my newest friends, "Hi new friends, don't leave, stay, we have fun here!" imagine me waving hysterically), are used to my standard Thursday Thank Yous/Mama Kat posts.

In an effort to not disappoint the masses (and by masses I mean the 15 or so people who read this disjointed mess of mine on a daily basis), I will continue in that tradition today.

With one minor change.

I'm gonna really mean it this week. This person honest-to-goodness-really-and-truly-no-doubt-about-it-100-percent deserves to be thanked, again, and again, and again.

So, without further ado. I'm sending this one out to someone we all know and love: Mimi!

Today is her birthday. And, I'm not gonna disclose her age, but you can imagine, if I'm 25 (and I totally am), she's what, maybe 38 (ignore what that implies about her character)?

She pretty much looks exactly like this today, minus the unnecessarily large glasses, the mini-afro, and the hideous sweater vest.

See! Still as beautiful (I'd argue even more so since there have been marked improvements in hairstyle and overall fashion sense) as ever.

Regardless of her real age (or mine for that matter), she is a timeless beauty, a diamond in the rough, a gift from above, the one human being with whom I'd struggle to have made it through so much without.

So, Mimi, Mom, thank you.

Thank you for loving me and my little band of brothers so intensely and unconditionally. Your support and devotion astound me daily, and I pray that my boys will one day feel that I was even one tenth of the mom that you are to me (and at times to them).

Since you are the only one who appreciates these, enjoy!

Thank you and your welcome. Oh, and Mama Kat (Mistress of Writer's Workshop), guess what? I made this. Boo-yah, baby!

Card Reads: (Poem on top) Roses are red, tires are black. If you weren't my mom, I'm sure I'd be wack. I wouldn't be funny, or remotely cool. I'm certain that all, I would be is a fool. I'm glad you're my mom, what more can I say? Other than have, a happy birthday! (Words on bottom) Thanks a ton for only laughing a little (after you make sure I'm okay) when I fall down, and for always laughing the hardest when I say something funny. You are my biggest fan, and everyone needs a fan (preferably not of the psychotic-wear-your-skin-'cause-it-smells-purdy variety), right?! I love you. XOXO, Dumb Mom

All gifts can be forwarded directly to Casa de Dummies where they will be thoroughly inspected for appropriateness. Thanks!


Aria said...

LOL My post for Writer's Workshop started with a happy birthday too... Hope Mimi's is fantastic!

Lolli said...

Happy birthday to Mimi!! She's fantastic, and looking GREAT for 38!

ck said...

Happy Birthday, Mimi!

(And don't listen to her, you look HOT in that sweater vest. In fact, you should knit matching ones for your grandsons and make them wear them in public. That'll teach your daughter to run her mouth on your birthday!)

confused homemaker said...

Happy Birthday Mimi! And hey sweater vests are cool;)

lov said...

oh happy birthday mimi! and i agree, she is beautiful!

rheanne said...

How gorgeous is that mom of yours? Happy Birthday to Mimi! Years from now when you are 38, I hope you get lovely homemade cards from your boys.

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Happy Birthday Mimi!

She looks fantastic!

Mira is triplet crown said...

wow, you are so lucky to have a great mom! Happy birthday Mimi! She even commented on my blog once! What an honor.

Kathy B! said...

Happy Birthday, Mimi!!

PBD you are one lucky lady. Your mom seems like a firecracker and that's some awesome DNA to inherit :)

Shannon said...

you have no idea just how blessed you are to have such a dedicated, loving mom! :) Enjoy every minute with her! :)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Happy Bday to Mimi!!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

She is beautiful! Happy Birthday. Also, your "ha" to mama kat made me giggle.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post to your mom! How sweet and funny! Your mom is awesome. I really loved chatting with her at the Maryland Mom Bloggers event last month.

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Erin said...

The pic is adorable and Mimi is and will always be beautiful!

Mimi said...

Ahhhhh, I'm so touched, I love you Sweetie. For being such a great kid that you made it easy to be a good mom. For allowing me to watch you grow and shine and bless our family with your beautiful spirit. For marrying an intellegent, funny, loving and kind man who generously allows me to intrude into your home, your lives and will let me spend time with those sweet little boys anytime I want. For being the daughter, mother and woman that I am most proud of in the whole world...Thank you.

Mimi said...

AND...let me tell you, I have read about and met some pretty amazing women though your blog. You all work so hard and share so much, I wish in my early years of parenting we had had such fantastic peer support as you all have found here. Keep it up.

Booklover1212 said...

Visiting from Mama Kat's blog!

Happy Birthday to Mimi and what a cute birthday greeting!!

~ Jennifer

Unknown Mami said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos Mimi!

Execumama said...

Aaaaw, sweet post. Happy birthday, Mimi!

Aleta said...

Lol - What a great post and yes, Mimi is beautiful! Happy Birthday!

Alicia said...

love it! happy birthday to mimi!! that card was perfect :)

Anonymous said...

Happy late Birthday, Mimi! You raised a great daughter, whom I am sure the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Faith- Inspired Designs by Faith said...

I found your blog on SITS and just had to follow! Happy Friday too. I'm offering blog makeovers if your interested check out my blog for details!


Patrice said...

Mimi, happy birthday! You look gorgeous at 38.

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