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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Bday, BFF!

So, today is BFF's actual birth day, and my littlest man wanted to be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE YOU!

We "celebrated" last night (and by celebrated I mean we stuffed ourselves sick and called it a night at 10:30 pm).

That's right we fell victim to food.

We were sabotaged by an ugly little creature I like to call eyes-bigger-than-stomach-which-is-ridiculously-big syndrome.

It's an ugly, relentless disease for which there is no cure.

We spent most of the night driving around in the car, lost, frustrated, and starving.

We tried to go here, but we wound up here instead.

So, instead of getting this, I would up with something like this.

Which was okay, but not the awesome goodness about which I had been dreaming for weeks.

But, it wasn't my birthday anyway, so it was fine.

Point is that I had all these lovely plans that were rearranged, redone, and overthrown by the fact that my hungry-hungry-hippo-gut could not fathom the idea of eating a light meal in order to save space for sweets and alcohol.

Instead, BFF and I shoved an entire appetizer (which was full entree sized) of nachos down our throats and then followed that with a full meal for each of us.

We were so stuffed that we spent about 30 minutes sitting on a bench in front of the restaurant trying to decide if we were gonna throw up a little to relieve pressure, or if we would be arrested for vagrancy if we took a short nap on the bench.

I never imagined the day that my idea of a good time would involve eating myself sick (drinking myself sick, yes, good times) and spending the evening trying to sleep on a bench like a hobo.

Guess we really are getting old.

At least we're doing it together.

Hope today's festivities are more satisfying for ya, home girl.

And, we can make up for tonight's lack of alcohol-induced-crazy-on-the-bar-dancing fun in October when we go to Vegas for SITScation.

Can I get a woot?!


Alicia said...


TubOfLard said...

Thank you! And yes, my friend, we are indeed getting old.

Had a great time even though there was no overindulgence of alcohol, bar top dancing or dance battles with strangers. The best part is that we can sit on a bench deciding whether we should throw up a little and still have a blast.

Love ya!

Watch out Vegas we're gonna have some pent-up crazy for ya!

thatgirlblogs said...


visiting from.... SITS.

lov said...

woot...and happy birthday!

Mira is triplet crown said...

Erp...that sounds familiar. I guess I'm old too....

JennyMac said...

So cute. Love the glasses! Stopping by from SITS. Have a great Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Sounds like a fun night even with the "ugh, I think I should throw up" feeling. Like my buddy says, "Stand back, I'm a profressional." And he really does mean eating.

Execumama said...

Woot, Woot!!!

The Redhead Riter said...

Love the glasses that fit "perfectly" LOL

Visiting from SITS.

Becca said...

Happy Birthday to the BFF!

Kristin said...

He's workin' those specs!

Anonymous said...

We better make up for this overindulgence with bottles, dance offs (2) and swinging from chandeliers! Plus I could never leave our last words as " you suck sucker". What say you two wild women... Woot woot pre-october

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