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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Bachelorette: A Look Back

At the losers.

I love the reunion show.

You know, it's the one where they show all the stuff the contestants (that's what they really are, right?) said "in confidence" to the camera (which is like a huge oxymoron) while stinkin' drunk. And then, all the contestants ('cause it's just as bad if not worse when the contestants are women) act all awkward as they try to explain-defend-and-cover-their-totally-exposed-asses or, pretend that they are really the shiznitz (think Juan trying to stir up crap w/Dave in the presence of security) and meant every inappropriate word they said.

It's awful and hilarious all at once.

I seriously sat there with my mouth open for portions of it.

Let's start with David (you know, the one dripping swagger from his pores). David and his man code was way too much for Jill to handle. But, I am not totally against having my rear end complimented (probably just me, though, since it hasn't happened in say, at least 10 years), any way I can get it. And, a little groping might be nice, too.

And, Juan. Don't know why all the audience ladies were clapping for him tonight (possibly his obviously rehearsed responses to events/people he has had plenty of time to reflect on). Could be it's because they felt a connection to him since he. Is. A. Woman.

My boy Jake. I like him and I think he got a bad rep just because of the way he looks. I sympathize with him (since it happens to me all the time) for being judged by the way he looks. It's hard for people like us, who look perfect, because people automatically think we think we are perfect. In my case, it's true, but apparently in his case, it's not. He has some issues (and I do too honestly, the first one being that I don't look perfect, but secretly wish I did) to work out, like getting over a chick with whom he spent about 48 hours, but managed to fall desperately in love with.

Wes. Wes. Wes. Still a douche, but apparently he's also a punk since he didn't bother to show up. And, I'm just curious about whether this actually helped his career, since pretty much everyone who saw the show thinks he (and that played out song) is wiggity wack.

Best part of the night was watching drunken Ed do his thing.


I have a thing for happy drunks.

They are fun (you can have those testosterone-infused-dying-to-punch-someone dorks that seem to populate college bars).

Oh, and seeing Michael again. My sweet, sweet Michael. He didn't say much, but he really doesn't have to, does he?

And (this is the last best part, I swear) the outtakes. I love outtakes anyway, but those were pretty good. Gives me something to look forward to in the future. I can imagine that my house full of boys is going to be perpetually laced with the rancid smell of farts.

Yeah for me!

Down to two. Who is it gonna be?


The Redhead Riter said...

:o) Wishing you a fantastically wonderful Tuesday!

Kathy B! said...

Kiptyn (or however the heck he spells it)

Kathy B! said...

Okay, you need to link your email to your comments (in profile section) so that I can respond to you. I love that that's your mom! My mom lurks around in the blogs on my sidebar, but she won't leave comments :)

Courtney D said...

I've never watched an episode- but this post has made me want to go back and see the whole season! Too Cute... All of them! Oh, and you!

Ms Perfect said...

I'm so out of the loop because I don't follow this show. Ah well. lol BTW I'm all for arranged marriages! LOL LOL

TubOfLard said...

I know, I didn't get it either. To me, your ass is hot is a compliment. One that I would be more than happy to receive. I'll admit that he did take it a little too far after that but seriously, Jillian knows her ass is hot too.

Michael was looking very good last night as was my boy Jesse.

I've always liked Kiptyn but not sure if she'll pick him.

Keyona said...

I really need to re-evaluate the shows I watch on tv. Apparently I'm missing out.

angie said...

I don't really watch TV. BUT. I don't need to with your commentary. Seriously. Do this for all the shows, OK? :) I LOVED this.

Jennifer said...

I don't watch this show, but the top one is cuter.

Lee said...

It's going to be Reid! He comes back, which is why he wasn't there and she is going to go with him. At least I hope so! Neurotic cutey that he is! And if she doesn't, I might have to dump hubby and go get me some of that!

The Main Ladybug said...

I HONESTYLY DON'T KNOW who she will pick, but there was absence of a ring on her hand last night (but that's probably a requirement by the network)! I'm not sure Ed is exactly THE one for her, but what do I know!!

Come over to my place for TUTU Tuesday!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update, I missed the show and was completely bumbed!

otherworldlyone said...

If it's not Kiptyn...she's a nut.

Though, you're right. The outtakes were hilarious...and Ed drunk was the best.

Anonymous said...

haha you're hilarious! thanks for the comment!
I never liked recaps either, I started doing them for my friend who always misses the shows lol
I can't believe your recap is as long as it was considering it was a rip off of a show lol good job!


Debbie said...

I admit that I don't watch this show. However, last night I did see Dating in the Dark. Now that was interesting.

thatdesigngal said...

Ah, I think that I am going to go with Ed, but I like Kipton too. Hmmm...glad I'm not making that decision. I did get a kick out of last night. The farting outtakes, really?


Anonymous said...

Great post hope you have a super day!

Rhonda said...

My only connection to this show is through other blogger's commentaries. And I love them all!!

So, for me, only knowing through others eyes, Ed seems to be the one that Jillian is falling for. But he sounds kind of lame. so I would hope for the other one.

thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I had a fabulous time reading all my comments!!

Helene said...

I haven't been following it very well this season. I didn't really care for Jillian....don't know why.

I did happen to catch the episode last night though and I laughed out loud when the guys talked about "pulling a Mesnick"....that was hysterical. That will go down in history!

That's Who I Am said...

I love the Bachelorette! Last night was pretty interesting. Who do you think she will pick? I like both of them. I wonder who is going to unexpectingly show up at the season finale cause it sure looks like someone is going to do that:)

ck said...

Maybe it's me, or maybe it's because I don't watch the show, but all of those guys look exactly the same to me.

Kristin said...

Reid on the back slope?

Alicia said...

i'm so behind on my commenting!! i love the fart segment! the peperoni....girl that freaked me out...yuck! and i can't wait for next week!!!

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